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Updated October 12, 2013 - 11:11 PM EDT
US Grabs Pak Taliban Leader, Foiling Peace Talks
  US, Growing Impatient, Likely to Miss Deadline on Afghan Deal
Syria Rebels Accused of Alawite Village Massacre
  US-Backed Rebels Urged to Break With al-Qaeda Over Alleged Abuses
  Media Analysts in Syria Debate Have Ties to Defense Contractors
Libya PM: Kidnapping Was Rivals' Coup Attempt
  Western Allies Have Little Chance of Influencing Libya
  US Judge Denies Request to Appoint Lawyer for Captured Al-Liby
Court: NSA Can Keep Collecting Your Phone Data
  Skype Under Investigation in Luxembourg Over Link to NSA
  Snowden Says He Has No Regrets
Israeli Claim of Iran ICBM Exploits Biased US Intel
  Iran Govt Pushes Reforms, But Hardliner Objections Remain
  Will Iran Go Big in Geneva?
  The Politics of Bill De Blasio's Iran Watchlist
US Arms Halt to Egypt Largely 'Symbolic'
Report: War on Leaks Has Chilling Effect on Press
Al-Qaeda Chief: Moderate Islamists to Blame for Setbacks
Obama's Unprecedented Leaks Investigations and Secrecy  by Kevin Gosztola
Suspending Egypt's Military Aid: Too Little, Too Late  by Dalibor Rohac
The NSA Gets Negligible Intel From Americans' Metadata. So End Collection  by Yochai Benkler
After the Shutdown, Don't Exempt the Pentagon  by William Hartung
The Age of Easy Leaks  by Jesse Walker
Echoes of China Opening in Iran Detente: It's the Interests, Stupid!  by Leon Hadar

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The CIA's New Top Spy
Chemical Arms Watchdog Wins Nobel Peace Prize
Snowden, Father in 'Emotional' Meeting
UK Detention Powers Unlawful, Say MPs, Peers
Laptops Snowden Took to Hong Kong, Russia Were a 'Diversion'
CIA Says It Did Not Have Early Suspicions About Snowden
Spying on Everyone
Feds Begged Washington Post Reporter Not to Name Companies in Prism, Because It Worried They'd Stop Cooperating
NSA Staff Whining That President Obama Isn't Defending Them Enough
Edward Snowden Email Provider Lavabit Appeals Against State Intrusion
Try as It Might, Anti-Surveillance Group Can't Avoid Washington

Hillary Clinton: We Need to Talk Sensibly About Spying

New Details Emerge About How Four US Military Members Died in Afghanistan
Karzai's Brothers to Offer Him Role if Elected
Afghanistan Seeks Reduction in Cost of Tracking Containers
Court Remands Musharraf for 14 Days
Pakistani Army Chief Says India Terror Allegations 'Provocative'
Car Suicide Bomb Kills Two Soldiers in South Waziristan
Pakistani Girl, a Global Heroine After an Attack, Has Critics at Home
China Criticizes US for Giving Tacit Backing to Philippines in Sea Dispute
China Eyes Pakistan as Regional Partner
Spain Probes Hu Jintao 'Genocide' in Tibet Court Case
Google Malaysia Taken Offline by Pakistani Hackers
Myanmar Farmers Find Little Relief From Land Grabs
Egypt Soldiers Wounded in Sinai Bombings
Egypt Islamists Rally After Calling Off Tahrir Demo
Al-Qaeda Leader Urges Egypt's Islamists to Unite to Rid the Country of Military Rule
Egypt Boat Capsize: 12 Migrants Die Off Alexandria
Car Bomb at Swedish Consulate in Libya, No Casualties Reported
Gadhafi-Era Spy Chief Al-Senussi to Be Tried in Libya
No Kenya Mall Attackers Bodies Have Yet Been Found, Official Says; Real Names Not Yet Known
Kenya Charges Man With Terrorist Plot, Links Him to Mall Attack
Anger Lingers in Sudan After a Crackdown
UN Alarmed at Threat of Polio Spreading Through Sudan's South Kordofan and Blue Nile States
Sudanese Face Grim Eid Amid Grief, Hardship
Tunisia Islamists Ready to Hand Over Power, See Spring Election
African Union Seeks Beefed Up Somalia Force to Fight Shebab
France Wants Action on Central Africa 'Sectarian Poison'
African Union Condemns 'Unfair' ICC
Shell Nigeria Declares Force Majeure on Exports of Bonny Light Crude, Blames Oil Thefts
Syrian Jets Attack Neighborhood Near Chemical Weapons Sites
In Syria, Displaced Arabs Seek Kurdish Protection
Nobel Peace Prize Angers Syrian Rebels
Syrian Official: OPCW Nobel Win Underscores Assad Regime's 'Credibility'
From Jail to Jihad: Former Prisoners Fight in Syrian Insurgency
Rep. Gohmert: McCain 'Supported al-Qaeda'
Wheat Starts to Reach Syria as Frozen Funds Unlocked
France Will Stay 'Tough' on Iran, Hollande Soothes Netanyahu
Iran Official Slams Censorship Policy
Iran Cancels Anti-Zionism Conference
'Death to America' Chants Challenge Iran President's Diplomacy
Settler Rampage Forces Palestinian School Lockdown
Israeli Officials Say Egypt Peace Treaty Is Paramount Amid US Decision to Cut Cairo Aid
Abbas Considers Appeal to UN Over 'Temple Mount Violations'
Attacks in the West Bank: Signs of a Brewing Intifada?
Palestinians Held After Israeli Man Killed in West Bank
23 Killed in Iraq Attacks
Civilian Jailed for Possessing a Tank From the Saddam Hussein Regime
UN Rights Commissioner Urges Iraq to Halt Executions
Suicide Bomber Targets Yemen Southern Separatists
Yemen Officials Say Army Colonel Killed in Attack
Lebanon Charges 12 Over Bomb, Assassination Plots
Mosque and School Spark New Feud Between Turkey and Greece
UK Soldier Charged With Sex Offenses Against 11 Females
US Ship Detained by Venezuela in Guyana Disputed Waters
Officers Arrest Venezuela Radio Journalist Minutes After He Criticizes Them on Air
US Military
Pentagon Begins to Make Peace With Sequestration
Air Force General in Charge of ICBMs to Be Fired
Top Pentagon Nominee Pushes Back on Limited Interrogation of Al-Qaeda Leader
Tensions Soar With F-35 Jets Proposal
Missing Airmen From Vietnam War Accounted For
Two WWII Marines Missing in Action Accounted For
Weekend Reviews
Paranoia Will Destroy Ya
The Brothers Is a Fantastic Book
The Blood Telegram: Nixon, Kissinger, and a Forgotten Genocide by Gary J. Bass
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