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Updated October 17, 2013 - 11:23 PM EDT
NSA's Extensive Involvement in Targeted Killings
  Obama Opposes Supreme Court Review of NSA Surveillance
  US Legal Shift May Open Door for Challenge to Secret Wiretaps
  MPs Set to Investigate Guardian's Involvement in Snowden Leaks
No Deal Yet, But Significant Progress in Iran Talks
  The Forgotten Story of Iran Air Flight 655
  Progress in Talks, But Congress Unlikely to Lift Iran Sanctions
  Israel and the Gulf Increasingly Nervous Over Iran-US Détente
  Iran's Deputy FM to Israeli Radio: 'Open New Horizons' With All Nations
Deadly Battles Between al-Qaeda, Syrian Kurds
  More Syrian Rebel Factions Disavow Pro-US Umbrella Group
  Inspectors Destroy Syrian Chemical Weapons Equipment
  Patriarch: One Third of Syria's Christians Have Fled Their Homes
Iraq Eid Attacks: 76 Killed, 229 Wounded
Aussie Forces Kill Young Boy, Father in Night Raid
US Setting Up Bases in Italy for Africa Raids
US to Sell Over $10 Billion in Arms to UAE, Saudi Arabia
This Chart Shows the Iraq War Was Worse Than We Think
Egypt FM: US Relations in 'Turmoil' Since Military Aid Cuts
Why Western Powers Ignore 'Nazi Germany' Analogy Over Iran  by Barbara Slavin
Dianne Feinstein Can't Come Up With One Good Defense of the NSA  by Hamilton Nolan
10 Reasons Not to Trust Claims National Security Is Being Threatened by Leaks  by Richard Norton-Taylor & Ian Cobain
Drones, the Media, and Malala's Message  by Peter Hart
The Unpersuasive Case for the NSA Call Dragnet's Effectiveness  by Julian Sanchez
World Bank Report Is a Message Against Israeli Occupation  by Jonathan Cook

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ATF's Solution for Leaking Secrets: A Firing Squad?
Progress on Guantánamo
White House Petitions Page Down, Rest of Website Fine
NY Times Reporter to Take Fight to the Supreme Court
GIs to Replace Contractors for Dining, Security Services
Turkey Blows Israel's Cover for Iranian Spy Ring
Spying on Everyone
Snowden Leaks: David Cameron Urges Committee to Investigate Guardian
NSA Chief, Top Deputy Expected to Depart Soon
Government Efforts to Keep Use of Surveillance Secret From Drug Defendants Challenged
Now the NSA Scandal Is Roiling the Heritage Foundation
Extent of Spies' Mass Surveillance to Be Investigated in UK Public Inquiry
Thanks to NSA, German E-Mail Providers See Flood of New Customers
Former Labor Minister Accuses Spies of Ignoring MPs Over Surveillance
Glenn Greenwald's New Venture
Jeremy Scahill, Laura Poitras Teaming Up With Glenn Greenwald on New Media Venture
Pierre Omidyar Ready to Spend $250 Million on Glenn Greenwald's News Startup
Why Pierre Omidyar Decided to Join Forces With Glenn Greenwald for a New Venture in News
Most Spare Parts Purchased by US for Afghan Army Disappear
Army CID Agent Killed in Afghanistan First to Die in Combat Since 1971
British Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
40% of Afghans Don't Know Who They'll Vote for President
US Soldier Honored After Afghan Battle Dispute
Number of Female Police Recruits in Kandahar Rising: Police Chief
Pakistan Bomber Kills 8, Including Local Official
British Lawmakers Attack Govt Timidity Over Sri Lanka
Egyptian Coup Leaders Hire US Lobbyist With Ties to Israel
James Lunn, Desert Faux
An Interview With Robert Becker, the American NGO Worker Detained in Egypt
Central African Republic
Central African Republic Group Reports New Deadly Attacks
France to Boost Troops in Central African Republic as Crisis Deepens
The Chaos in Benghazi Really Never Stops
UN Declares War on Al-Shabab
Thousands of Additional Troops Urged for Force in Somalia
Hawkish US Congress Holds Key to Easing Iran Sanctions
US and Iran 'Speaking Same Language' in Nuclear Talks
Any US Sanctions Relief on Iran Likely to Start Slowly
Former Israeli Intel Chief Says Deal Allowing Iran Civilian Uranium Enrichment Is 'Reasonable'
Sen. Rubio Pushes for More Iran Sanctions While US Hails 'Positive' Talks With Tehran
Russia Tepid About Results of Iran Nuclear Talks
Back Pain Tips Unite Diplomats at Iran Nuclear Talks
Turkey Returns Fire After Shelling From Al-Qaeda Linked Group in Syria
Minibus Blast Kills 21 in Southern Syria
Syria Army Hails Recapture of Rebel Town Near Damascus
Effort to Evacuate Syrian Civilians Is Thwarted by Shelling
With Risks Multiplying, Reporters Stay Out of Syria
Scattered by War, Syrians Struggle to Start Over
Photographs: The Historic Proportions of Syria's Refugee Crisis
Danish Ex-FM: Lieberman Was Ready to Quit Golan Heights for Syria Peace Deal
Lebanese Authorities Tie Attacks on Mosques to Pro-Assad Political Party
Hezbollah Claims to Have Captured Israeli Spy-Bird
Ongoing Attacks Across Iraq Leave 14 Dead
Iraq's al-Maliki to Meet With Obama November 1: White House
Iraq to Boost Oil Export Capacity to Grab Bigger Share of Asia
Forced to Live in a Tent, Palestinian Family Celebrates Eid Al-Adha
Israeli Army Taking Steps to Change Palestinian Child Arrest Policy
EU Report Accuses Turkish Police of Using Excessive Force to Quell Protests
Russian Opposition Leader Navalny Avoids Jail Time
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