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Updated October 26, 2013 - 10:33 PM EDT
Anti-NSA Rally Draws Thousands to March in DC
  Rally Against Mass Surveillance Live Feed and Photos
21 Nations Behind UN Effort to Restrain NSA
  US Spying Worldwide May Come Under UN Scrutiny
  Legislation Curtailing NSA Domestic Spying to Be Introduced Tuesday
  Israel, Not US, Likely Behind Attempt to Hack French President
  UK: Leaked Memos Reveal Efforts to Keep Mass Surveillance Secret
US Dismisses UN Criticism, Insists Drones 'Just'
  Pakistan Drone Story Ignored Military Opposition to Strikes
Syria Mosque Bomb Kills 40, Including 7 Children
  Report: Syrian al-Qaeda Leader Killed
  Norway Turns Down Request to Destroy Syria's Chemical Weapons
  Syrian al-Qaeda Planning Car Bombings in Turkey
Afghan Contractors: Anatomy of a Failure
  $2.1 Million Per Soldier: US Costs in Afghanistan Soar
US Won't Ease Sanctions Early in Iran Negotiations
Armed Militias Rule Libya, Ready for Western Meddling
As Europe Erupts Over US Spying, NSA Chief Says Government Must Stop Media  by Glenn Greenwald
Who Is the Real Threat: Iran or Israel?  by Akbar Ganji
30 Years On: The Legacy of Reagan's Invasion of Grenada  by Stephen Kinzer
Spy Vs. Spy: Iran, Turkey, and Israel Edition  by Philip Giraldi
Clapper and Carney Get Slippery on Surveillance  by Andrew Rosenthal
Adelson and FDD Want to Nuke Iran, Diplomacy  by Ryan Costello

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Will Edward Snowden Testify Before Congress?
Watchdog Group Unveils Pentagon's 'Revolving Door' Database
Eric Schlosser on US Nuclear Weapons: 'People Are Getting Sloppy'
Coast Guard Seizes Journalist Records in Search
New Film Highlights Human Costs of Drone Warfare
US Lead Negotiator Calls for Delay in New Iran Sanctions as Nuclear Talks Continue
Kerry, Lew to Brief US Senators on Iran Nuclear Talks
Iran, Powers to Have Expert-Level Nuclear Talks in Vienna October 30-31
Are Western Sanctions Against Iran to Blame for Playwright's Death?
Iran Oil Exports to Plunge, No Dividend Yet From Easing Tensions
UN Nuclear Inspectors Hope to End Deadlock With Iran
US Charges Man With Seeking to Buy Missiles for Iran
GOP Megadonor's 'Nuke Iran' Comments Highlight Links to Influential Think Tank
Iraq Holiday Slaughter: 32 Killed and 55 Wounded
Al-Qaeda Detainee Accused of Coercing Children to Carry Out Attacks in Iraq
Iraq, Turkey Vow to Open 'New Chapter' in Relations
Middle East
Freed Politician, Thousands Protest in Bahrain
Yemen Intelligence Officer Gunned Down in Sana'a
UN Aid Chief Demands Security Council Action on Syria Aid Access
Palestinians Ask 50 Countries to Demand Commercial Sanctions on Settlements
9 Injured in Afghan Missile Attack in Waziristan, Officials Claim
Roadside Bombing Kills 6 Afghan Soldiers
US Priorities at Parwan: $60 Million Prison Built Quickly, $2.7 Million Courthouse Languished
Chinese Court Rejects Bo Xilai Appeal and Upholds Life Sentence
China: Don't Politicize Turkey Missile Deal
Pakistan Makes Call for End to US Drone Strikes at UN Committee
Kashmir: India Says Eight Civilians Injured in Pakistan Firing
Chinese Court Rejects Bo Xilai Appeal and Upholds Life Sentence
North Korea Repatriates South Korean Citizens at DMZ
3 Killed in Bangladesh as Opposition, Police Clash
North Africa
Top TV Satirist Back on Air in a Changed Egypt
Marathon Oil Struggles to Exit Libya as Unrest Grows
Nigerian Military: Air Strikes, Ground and Counterattacks Kill More Than 100 Insurgents
Nigerian Militants Raid Northern City of Damaturu
Official: Some Refugees Plan Attacks From Kenya
Questions Remain a Month After Westgate
Somali Al-Shabab Commander Ikrima Spent Time in UK
Rebels and Congo Army Clash; Rwanda Says It Was Shelled
West African Neighbors Pledge to Support Mali as Country Faces Resurgent Islamist Attacks
South Sudan Jails 10 Soldiers for Rights Abuses
UN Aid Official Sounds Alarm on Central African Republic
Spying on Everyone
Former NSA Chief: NSA and US Cyber Command Are Now 'Indistinguishable'
NSA Denies Website Was Attacked, Blames 'Internal Error' for Day-Long Outage
PATRIOT Act Author Pushes Legislation to Limit NSA Surveillance
Snowden Disputes Feinstein Claim That NSA Spying Isn't 'Surveillance'
Lavabit 'Fatally Undermined' by US Request for Encryption Keys, ACLU Says
Brazil Seeks UN Resolution to Guarantee Internet Privacy Amid Anger Over US Surveillance
'Nobody Believes You': AP Reporter Stuns State Dept Spokeswoman
Inside Former NSA Chief Michael Hayden's 'Interview' With an Amtrak Live-Tweeter
Documents: State Department Lacks Basic Cybersecurity
Keith Alexander: Armageddon for Thee but Not for Me
Spying on Allies
Germany and France Warn NSA Spying Fallout Jeopardizes Fight Against Terror
German Spy Chiefs to Head to US for Talks
Merkel to Seek 'No Spy Deal' Within EU as Well as With US
US Spying on Merkel Sparks Scorn and Bugged-Phone Jokes in Germany
German Telecom Wants Germany-Only Internet Because of the NSA Debacle
International Rights Body to Press US on Surveillance, Snowden
NSA's Intern Inquiry About the Elysée Hacking: Israel Behind Cyber-Attack on French
9/11 Suspects' Lawyers: Declassify Rendition, Detention, and Interrogation Program Details
Guantanamo Lawyers Want to Photograph Scars of Waterboarded 9/11 'Mastermind'
For Europe's Roma, Discrimination and Abuse Remain the Norm
UK Mosque Bomber Pavlo Lapshyn Given Life for Murder
US Military
Pentagon Agency Creating Digital Map of the World
21 Members of Arizona National Guard Indicted for Stealing $1.4 Million
Ex-Marine Sentenced to More Than 5 Years for Fraud
New Court Ruling Another Obstacle in Genocide Prosecution of Guatemala's Rios Montt
29 Years Later, Cuba Hijacker Wants to Go Home
Weekend Reviews
New Film Highlights the Human Cost of Drone Warfare
The Myth of the Better War
What Role Did Honor Play in the Outbreak of the First World War?
Raking the Coals: Islamophobia, Surveillance-Targeting, and the NYPD's Secret Spying Unit
NYPD Surveillance Scrutinized the Law Abiding, Missed Real Terrorists
Eric Schlosser, Bard of Folly
The Fifth Estate: Fails in Truth & Drama
Terror: The Hidden Source: How America's War on Terror Became a Global War on Tribal Islam
Meet 'The Brothers' Who Shaped US Policy, Inside and Out
Brothers Grim Left Legacy of Mischief
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As in Iraq, Completely Withdraw US Forces from Afghanistan

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Ode to Miriam Carey, Post-9/11 Harbinger

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

Charles V. Peña
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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