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Updated October 29, 2013 - 11:25 PM EDT
WH Rebuts Feinstein: Won't Stop Spying on Allies
  NSA Scandals Grow, But White House Appears Ambivalent
  Key Lawmakers Turn Against NSA, Back Reform Bill
  Feinstein Pushes to Legalize the Surveillance State
  NSA Staff Angry at Obama's Attempts to Distance Himself
UK PM Says Likely to Stop Media on Spy Leaks
  Spain Warns US of Breakdown in Trust After New NSA Revelations
  UN Will Censure Illegal Spying, But Not US
  NSA Oversight Dismissed as 'Illusory' as Global Anger Intensifies
Civilian Drone Strike Victims Appear in Congress
  Watch Today's Hearing in Congress
  Apparent US Drone Strike Kills Two Somalis
Oversight of Afghan Aid Will Get Worse After 2014
  Officials: Afghan Spy Agency Sought Alliance With Pakistani Taliban
  Afghan Villagers Stone to Death Alleged Bomber
Iraqis Scared to Leave Homes as Violence Soars
Syrian Troops Retake Christian Town from al-Qaeda
Israeli Attacks on Palestinian Olive Groves Kept Top Secret
Obama Considered Keeping bin Laden Raid Secret: Ex-Official
Get Angela's Number: The Indiscreet Charm of the NSA  by Amy Davidson
Is the Security State Mainly Looking Out for Us, or for Itself?  by Jay Stanley
The Banal Justification for Directing the US Surveillance State at World Leaders  by Kevin Gosztola
Brave New World  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Toppling a Bad Regime Liberates a Country – but Let's Not Go There  by Patrick Cockburn
An Exceptionally Arrogant Defense of NSA Spying on Foreigners  by Conor Friedersdorf

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Drone Operator Rewarded for Higher Kill Numbers
Rights Commission Finds 'Systematic Violation of Human Rights' at Gitmo
Hollande Most Unpopular French President on Record: Poll
Britney Spears Music Used to Scare Off Somali Pirates
British Army Criticized for Recruiting 16-Year-Olds
Spying on Everyone
US Official Blames Shutdown for Failure to Explain NSA Spying
Carney: Obama Has 'Full Confidence' in NSA Director, Staff
Rep. Justin Amash: Sensenbrenner Bill Is Best Chance to Limit NSA Spying
NSA Bills Set Up a Choice in Congress: End Bulk Collection of Phone Records or Endorse It
NSA Review Panel to Present Obama With Dossier on Surveillance Reforms
Glenn Greenwald: Spying Not About Terror
Dick Cheney on Surveillance: 'You Never Know What You're Going to Need'
Global Reaction
Obama: No Comment on Foreign Leader Surveillance
Dianne Feinstein: 'I Am Totally Opposed' to NSA Surveillance of US Allies
Senator Feinstein's Fraudulent Response to Revelations of NSA Spying on US Allies
Spain Summons US Ambassador Over Spying
Glenn Greenwald Urges Germany to Protect Snowden
European Officials Want to Limit NSA Spying
The War at Home
Benghazi Witnesses Grilled in Secret on Capitol Hill
British Man Accused of Hacking Into US Government Systems
Political Case Brought Against Palestinian Organizer in Chicago for Immigration Fraud
US Military
Construction Starts on US Base in Romania
Romania Works on US Missile Shield at Deveselu Base
Bulky US Troops Turn to Liposuction to Pass Fat Test
New Zealand Balks at Possible F-35 Buy
Pentagon Weighs Future of Its Inscrutable Nonagenarian Futurist, Andrew Marshall
Egypt Sends Delegation to Russia, Rejects US Pressure: Politicians
Tear Gas Fired to Disperse Pro-Morsi Demo in Egypt
Egyptian Satirist to Be Investigated Over Program
Three Egyptian Policemen Killed by Mansoura Gunmen
Egypt Islamists Turn to Campus Protests After Crackdown
North Africa
Algeria Arrests Militant Support Network
Tunisia's Ambassador in Libya Denies Home-Made Bomb Hurled at Outer Courtyard of Embassy
African Union Warns Contested Abyei Vote 'Threat to Peace'
Bashir Pledges to Resolve Abyei Dispute
Bashir Talks 'Reform' After Party Dissidents Split
Sudan President Says 58 to Be Tried Over Protests
DR Congo
DR Congo Soldiers Recapture Rumangabo From M23 Rebels
US Quietly Intensifies Effort to Help African Troops Capture Infamous Warlord Kony
South Africa's ANC Demands US Terrorist List Apology
Al-Shabaab Rebuilds Forces in Somalia as African Union Campaign Stalls
35 Bodies 'in Army Uniform' at Nigeria Morgue After Islamist Raid
Prosecutors Want Kenyatta at Full ICC Trial
Ex-Rebels Accuse Mozambique Police of Beating Its Members
Four Men and One Woman Charged in Scotland With Terror-Related Offenses
UK Judge Rejects Media Request to Release Footage of Alleged Execution in Afghanistan
Mexico Beefs Up Security After Attacks on State Energy Firms
5 Dead, Blackouts After Mexican Vigilante Groups Confront Cartel in Its Michoacan Stronghold
Chemical Weapons Inspectors in Syria Miss Minor Deadline
Beleaguered Syrian Christians Fear Future, Increasingly Targeted by Jihadis
Saudi Religious Leader Urges Youths Not to Fight in Syria
Stray Shell From Syria Kills Man in Turkey: Sources
Syrian Refugees Flood Neighboring States Amid Carnage — but Few Settling in US
Iran Says Offers Ideas to End Rift With UN Nuclear Watchdog
Anti-American Billboards Will Return, Say Iran's Hard-Liners
Iran Outlines Plan to Win Back Western Oil Interest: Report
Israel's Premier Tells Visiting Nigerian President That Nuclear Armed Iran Threatens Africa
Jewish Support for US Iran Strike Drops, American Jewish Committee Survey Shows
Two Die in Northern Lebanon in Spillover From Syria War
Lebanon Charges 14 for Making Car Bombs
Syria's Arms Will Not Be Buried in Lebanon: Khoury
Lebanon Suffers Under the Strain of a Refugee Crisis Now Out of Control
US Leaders Speak
Obama, Netanyahu Discuss Iran, Middle East Talks by Phone
Israel Vows to Attend UN Rights Review
Israeli Leader Faces Uproar Over Prisoner Release
Bennett: Palestinian State a Mistake
Israel Arrests Hamas Members in West Bank
Abbas Vows to Continue Efforts to Release All Palestinian Prisoners
Bombs, Clashes Kill 27 Iraqis, Wound 28 More
Iraq Oil Exports Plunge to 19-Month Low
Middle East
Yemen Police Halt Fireworks Causing Rumors of US Embassy Attack
Homemade Bomb Targets Police Patrol in Bahrain
Call for Arab States to Re-Evaluate Relationship With Oil
Turkey Asks US to Extend Pricing on Raytheon Missile Bid: Sources
PM Abbott Visits Afghanistan to Declare Australia's War Over
The American Quagmire in Afghanistan by the Numbers
11 Insurgents Surrender, Join Peace Process in Nangarhar
Qayyum Karzai: I Will Be the Calmer Karzai if I Become Afghan President
Afghanistan's Karzai and Pakistan's Sharif in UK Talks
Kashmir: India Says Soldier Killed in Pakistan Firing
India Bombings: Outlawed Islamist Group Blamed for Fatal Blasts
Taliban Terror Fears Grow for Pakistanis
Nawaz, Fazl Discuss Taliban Talks, JUI-F Inclusion in Govt
North Korea
Former US Envoys Urge Nuclear Talks With North Korea
New Construction Seen at North Korea Missile Site
Panamanian Official Says 32 of 35 Crewmen on Seized North Korean Ship Will Be Sent Home
Abe Warns China on Island Spat as Japan Dispatches Jets
China Probes Xinjiang Connection to Tiananmen Car Deaths
Further Deaths in Bangladesh Opposition Strike Violence
Philippines Election Day: 500 Guns, 191 Knives, 68 Grenades
Colombia Rebels Say US 'Decisive' in American's Release
Russian Bombers Fly to Venezuela as Part of Military Exercise
Cuba Official Says Number of Cuban Travelers Rises 35 Percent With Elimination of Exit Permit
Protests Turn Violent Again in Brazil After Police Shooting; Buses, Trucks Burned on Highway
12-Year-Old Canadian Boy Admits to Hacking Police and Government Sites for Anonymous
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