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Updated November 1, 2013 - 11:25 PM EDT
Drone Kills 25, Including Pakistani Taliban Leader
  Pak Political Leader Will Cut NATO Supply Routes Over Drone Strikes
Feinstein Bill Codifies, Extends Mass Surveillance
  Senate Panel Backs Bill That Would Allows Data Collection to Continue
  US Tries to Deal With 'Blowback' Over Surveillance of Allies
  NSA Chief Blames Diplomats for Surveillance Requests
  John Kerry Admits: Some US Surveillance Has Gone Too Far
In 2013, Every American Paid $574 to the NSA
  NSA Scandals Bolster State Privacy Laws
White House: Israel Attacked Syria Airbase
  Deadline Met: Syria Destroys Chemical Weapons Equipment
  Senate Hawks Slam Obama's Syria Policy
Forget Sanctions: House Hawks Push for Iran War
  Iran Meeting With Western Officials Ends Quietly
  Biden, Power Seek to Reassure on Iran Talks, Urge Sanctions Delay
Iraq PM Blames Regional Unrest for Qaeda Surge
  48 Killed, 89 Wounded as PM Is in US Begging for Help
Shooter Opens Fire at Los Angeles Int'l Airport
Palestinian Negotiator: Reports Wrong, I Didn't Resign
Amnesty: Partial Halt of Egypt Military Aid Not Good Enough
NSA 'Improvement' Bill Wouldn't End Mass Data Collection  by Adi Robertson
Why Whistleblowers Are Crucial for Democracy  by Linden MacIntyre
The Rising Resistance to Obama's Drone Wars  by Amy Goodman
Propaganda and Ignorance in Reporting on Iran  by Nima Shirazi
On Leaving the Guardian  by Glenn Greenwald
A Journalist With a Mission  by Roger Cohen

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Putin Repeals Orders on Missile Shield Cooperation With NATO
CIA Operatives to Testify at Classified Benghazi Hearing
House Intel Chair: 'You Can't Have Your Privacy Violated if You Don't Know Your Privacy Is Violated'
German MP Meets Snowden, Says He Is Willing to Come to Germany for Inquiry
How Three News Outlets Collaborated on NSA Files
Iran Hopes for 'Early' Understanding in Nuclear Talks
Iran's Artists Warn US and European Sanctions Are Affecting Their Work
American UN Ambassador: We Won't Cut 'Bad Deal' With Iran
'Chances of Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline Project Very Remote'
Key US Senators Strongly Criticize Obama's Syria Policy
Watchdog: More Than 120,000 Killed in Syria War
Hundreds of Syrian Refugees 'Denied Entry Into Jordan'
Kidnapped Polish Journalist Escapes From Captors
Alawite Leader Summoned in Relation to Tripoli Bombing Case
Berri Rejects Dumping Syrian Chemical Arms in Lebanon
Israeli Forces Shot Dead a 20-Year-Old Palestinian Man 'in Cold Blood' During West Bank Raid
Israeli Sources Deny Palestinian Killed by Army Fire
Settlers Pepper-Spray Soldiers, Israeli Military Leaves Bat Ayin
Palestinians Say Hamas Man Killed, Another Wounded by Israeli Shelling in Gaza
Israel Backtracks on Defense Spending Cuts
Foxman: Perceived US Weakness Endangering Israel, American Jews
48 Killed, 89 Wounded as PM Is in US Begging for Help
Iraqi PM: Terror 'Found a Second Chance' in Iraq
Iran Secret Weapons Shipments to Syria on US Agenda During Maliki Visit
On Massacre Anniversary Muslims Urge Christians to Stay in Iraq
Middle East
Death Toll in Attack on Salafi-Held Town in Yemen Rises to 24
Four Turkey MPs Wear Headscarves in Parliament
Middle East Crises Draw Kerry Back to the Region
Ousted General in Egypt Is Back, as Islamists' Foe
Egyptian Islamists Call for Daily Protests Before Morsi Trial
Egyptian Newspaper Slams Military Trial of Its Reporter
Tunisia Tightens Security After Tourist Spot Attacks
Tunisia Resorts Tense but Tourists Shrug Off Attacks
Mali Coup Leader Summoned Before Judge: Police
Battle-Scarred Mali Begins Multi-Million-Dollar Rebuild
Abyei Opts to Join South Sudan in Unofficial Referendum
DR Congo Army in 'Last Phase' Push Against M23 Rebels
Somali President Visits Key Breakaway Southern Port
Ethiopian Opposition Alleges Killings, Abuse
Mozambicans March for Peace
Algeria Says Morocco Decision to Recall Envoy Unjustified
Zimbabwe Court Says Robert Mugabe 'Insult Law' Invalid
Niger Aims to Prevent Sahara Deaths With Travel Curb
Colombia Defense Minister Says Troop Cuts After Peace 'Big Mistake'
US, Mexico Unearth New 'Sophisticated' Border Drug Tunnel
Spying on Americans
Feinstein's NSA Figleaf Bill: Text
Tech Companies Urge Lawmakers to Reform NSA Programs
Pennsylvania Legislature: Investigate the NSA
More NSA Leakers Followed Snowden's Footsteps, Whistleblower Lawyer Says
Rand Paul: NSA May Spy on Obama
2013 US National Intel Budget Cut From $52.7 Bill to $49.0 Billion Because of Sequester
Former Facebook Lawyer Calls Latest NSA Revelations 'Shocking'
Spying on the World
Obama Halted NSA Spying on IMF and World Bank Headquarters
Australia Participated in NSA Program, Document Says
Asian Nations Angry Over US Embassy Spy Reports
US Envoy to Germany Says No Laws Broken in Spy Affair
NSA Files – British MPs Debate Oversight of the Intelligence Services
Finland Says It Was Target of 'Massive' Digital Spying
British Tory MP Dominic Raab Defends Guardian Against MI5 Criticism
NSA Giving 'A Lot of Thought' to Privacy Rights of Overseas Citizens – Top Lawyer
NSA Surveillance Revelations Hobble AT&T's Attempts at a European Expansion
German Journalists Urged to Shun Google and Yahoo
The War at Home
While Drone Victims Testified, Obama Met With Drones Manufacturer Lockheed Martin
Homeland Security Workers Routinely Boost Pay With Unearned Overtime, Report Says
Senators Question Security Clearance Process
Government Sues Company That Handled Snowden Vetting
Chelsea Manning Willing to Take Gender Identity Fight to Court
US Military
Are the Marines Faking the Reliability Record of Its $79 Million Superplane?
Army Releases September 2013 Suicide Information
Pentagon's F-35 Office Eyes Possible Change in Testing Approach
Future Aid to Afghanistan Unlikely Without Security Deal: US Envoy
6 Alleged Fighters Killed in Afghan Airstrike
Five Civilians Caught in Crossfire of Taliban-Police Clash in Herat
Five Killed in US Drone Attack in Pakistan
Pakistan-Taliban Dialogue 'Has Started': Nawaz Sharif
Government Document Identifies 20 People Killed in Pakistan in a 2009 Drone Strike
PTI to Begin Taliban Talks if Govt Didn't: Imran
Uighurs Scorn China Tiananmen 'Terrorist' Claim
Tiananmen Crash: Xinjiang Security Tightened
Three Killed in Fresh Violence in India's Muzaffarnagar
Khmer Rouge Trial Ends With Defendants Denying Charges
OSCE Warns of Intimidation in North Kosovo Ahead of Vote
Bosnia Digging Up What Could Be Biggest Mass Grave
Russian Court Closes Website Over Pussy Riot Video
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