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Updated November 7, 2013 - 11:27 PM EST
FBI Monitored 6 Years: Docs Show
  ACLU Releases Records in Freedom of Press Lawsuit
  'They Can't Keep This Stuff Secret. Nothing Is Secret Anymore'
  Senate Intel Committee Approves Spending Bill
  Al Gore: Snowden 'Revealed Evidence' of Crimes Against Constitution
Saudi Arabia's Shadow War in Syria
  UN Envoy: Rebels to Blame for Delay in Syria Peace Talks
US to Offer Iran 'Limited' Sanctions Relief
  Netanyahu Warns Kerry Against Any Iran Deal
  US, Iran Try to Narrow Gaps on Nuclear Deal
Netanyahu: Lack of Progress Palestinians' Fault
  Swiss Study Says Polonium Found in Arafat's Bones
  Cleared of Corruption Charges, New FM Lieberman Eyes Role of PM
US to Spend Billions 'Modernizing' Tactical Nukes
  Hagel: Troop Cuts Could Shift Budget Toward Cyberwar
US Complicity in Afghan Disappearances/Killings
BBC: Saudi Nuclear Weapons 'On Order' From Pakistan
US Ordered to Hand Over Files on Conditions at Guantánamo
America's Lead Iran Negotiator Misrepresents US Policy to Congress  by Flynt & Hillary Mann Leverett
Iran Talks: Do We Want a Deal or a War?  by Trita Parsi
Anti-Greenwald Hypocrisy: Is the New York Times a 'Terrorist,' Too?  by Trevor Timm
End Runs Around the Constitution  by Andrew P. Napolitano
Why Everyone Scorns the TSA  by James Bovard
The NSA Has Pissed Off the Entire World – Will the Supreme Court Intervene?  by Bill Blum

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If the CIA Can't Find Its Own Secrets, Snowden Didn't Stand a Chance
NATO War Games Worry Moscow
Saudis Unconvinced by Kerry's Show of US Goodwill
US Holds Talks About Yemen Detention Center for Guantanamo Inmates
Third Navy Official Arrested in Bribery Probe
Hyping the Number of Deaths From Terrorism
Spying on Americans
NSA Funding Bill Earmarks Extra Money for Internal Witch Hunts
Holder: Snowden Leaks Triggered 'A Healthy Conversation' About NSA Spying
Intel Inspector General Rebuffs Congress on Surveillance Probe
Apple Urges US Government to Lift Gag Order on NSA Requests for Users' Data
Apple Puts Dead Man's Switch About Not Receiving PATRIOT Act Requests in Its Transparency Report
Former NSA Codebreaker: I Tried to Tell People About Government Spying
Rep. Amash Condemns NSA Spying, Offers Bipartisan Solution at Town Hall Meeting
ACLU and Yale Clinic Seek Secret Court Opinions Authorizing NSA's Bulk Collection of Americans' Records
Sen. Wyden Adds Name to Leahy NSA Bill
Collect It All: America's Surveillance State
Web Creator : Encryption Cracking by Spy Agencies 'Appalling and Foolish'
Senator Pushes for Protection From (Private) Drones' Prying Eyes
Spying on Everyone
Germany Wants Snowden to Give Evidence in Moscow, Not Berlin
British Official: Edward Snowden Articles 'Could Be Acts of Terror'
Greenwald's Partner Takes Airport Detention to UK High Court
Google Engineer Accuses British Spy Agency of 'Subversion of Judicial Process'
Dutch Civil Society Groups Sue Government Over NSA Data Sharing
David Miranda Lawyers Argue That Heathrow Detention Was Unlawful
UK Spy Chiefs to Be Quizzed in Public for First Time, on Snowden
Sarah Harrison Joins Other Edward Snowden Files 'Exiles' in Berlin
Taliban Kill 7 Abducted Afghan Soldiers in Zabul Province
Over $5 Million Stolen From Afghan Finance Ministry
Officials: Few Afghans Registered for 2014 Vote
US Trashes, Sells Its Unwanted Gear in Afghanistan
Human Rights Watch: Investigate 18 Afghan Deaths in Custody
Pakistan Ex-Ruler Pervez Musharraf Released
In Fractured Nepal, Plans for National Elections Provide a Series of Subplots
'Myamar Embassy Bomber' Goes on Trial in Indonesia
Kosovo to Repeat Vote in Serb North, Defying Hardliners
Terror Suspects Held Under TPIMS Orders to Be Freed in Weeks
Spain Tells UN No Rethink on Post-Franco Amnesty
Third Victim of CIA Torture in Poland Granted Victim Status, as European Court of Human Rights Prepares to Hear Evidence
US Hijacker William Potts Returns From Cuba
FARC Rebels and Colombian Government Reach Deal Over Political Participation
Nicaragua President Ortega Proposes Removing Constitution's Ban on Consecutive Terms
Seeing New Opportunity, Obama Lobbies on Key Gitmo Vote
Australia Guantanamo Ex-Detainee David Hicks Files Appeal
US Sees Potential for 2-Phase Iran Nuclear Deal
Powers Seek 'First-Step' Nuclear Deal With Iran in Geneva Talks
Israel: Not Seen but Very Much Heard at Iran Nuclear Talks
Seven Former EU Ambassadors to Iran: 'It's Time to Abandon Posturing on Iran'
Most Iranians Say Sanctions Hurting Their Livelihoods
Iran's Zarif Charms Paris With Smiles, Optimism, and a Rug
Gunmen Shoot Dead Iran Prosecutor in Unruly Southeast
Mortar Shell Hits Vatican Embassy in Damascus
Bombings in Damascus, Southern Syrian City Kill 16
Russians Meet With an Uncle of Assad in an Effort to Jump-Start Peace Talks
KFC Closes Last Remaining Branch in Syria Amid War's Economic and Supply Problems
Assad Compares Syria War to Algeria Conflict
Grappling With Troubled Peace Process, Kerry Urges Israeli Settlement Limits
Swiss Forensic Report on Arafat's Death
Everything You Should Know About Polonium, Which May Have Killed Arafat
UN Halts Work on Gaza Projects Due to Israeli Ban on Building Materials
Research Dispute Puts EU-Israel Ties Under Severe Strain
Palestinian-American Student Denied Entry to Israel After Being Told, 'There Is No Such Thing as Palestine'
Former Intelligence Chief Speaks of Mavi Marmara 'Mistakes'
Lebanon Accuses Israel of Erecting Border Surveillance Posts
US Presents Lebanese Army With Cessna Aircraft
Tanker Bombing Among Attacks That Left 22 Dead, 68 Wounded in Iraq
Iraq Vows to Work With Bp on Controversial Oil Field
NATO's Top Commander Questions Turkish Missile Deal With China
Israel: No New Turkish Envoy Without Reciprocation
Rights Groups Condemn Life Sentences for Three Turkish Journalists
Egypt Court Rejects Muslim Brotherhood Ban Appeal
Sniper Kills Egypt Soldier in Sinai
Car Bombing Kills Libyan Army Officer
Libya Warns Against Buying Oil From Militias
The War at Home
Congo's FDLR Rebels Now in UN Peacekeepers' Sights
After Congo Rebels End Fight, Residents Fear Return of Hostilities, Other Armed Groups
Four Killed in Bomb Blast as Ethiopia Raises Security Alert
'Al-Qaeda Killed' French Reporters Dupont and Verlon in Mali
Nigerian President Battling Islamic Uprising Asks to Extend Emergency Rule for 6 Months
The War at Home
Nuclear Arsenal: US to Turn Old Bombs Into All-Purpose Weapons
NY Judge Renews 'Order of Protection' Barring Drone Protesters From Air Base
Foreign Service Officer Pleads Guilty in Visa Fraud-Bribery Scandal
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