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Updated November 9, 2013 - 9:59 PM EST
Iran Talks End Without Deal, More Talks Nov. 20
  Congress Poised to Pounce on Iran Deal
Obama Aims to Calm Israeli Fury Over Iran Deal
  How Netanyahu Could Kill a Nuclear Deal With Iran
  Iran Deal Could Create Fierce Diplomatic Storm Between US and Israel
  Why Netanyahu Is So Enraged by a Deal with Iran
  Israel’s Nuclear Ambiguity Prodded
Assad Likely to Keep Power, Many Rebels Admit
  Confessions of a Syrian Activist: 'I Want Assad to Win'
Senate Panel Passes Bill Seeking Drone Data
  Pakistani Taliban Vows Nationwide Revenge Attacks
  US Drone Strikes Kill Five in Yemen
Afghan Troop Deaths Soar in Latest Report
  British Found Marine Guilty of Murder in Execution of Taliban Captive
  Afghan Review Panel to Release 80% of High-Security Detainees
Kerry: Why Do You Want to Build in What Will Be Palestine?
24 Killed, 84 Hurt in Iraq Attacks on Worshippers, Shoppers
Saudi Arabia and Israel Try To Derail Nuclear Negotiations With Iran by Terrorism  by Muhammad Sahimi
Governments Worldwide Buried in the Snowden Avalanche  by Jack Shafer
NSA Blowback Could Fracture Net, Unleash State Controls  by John Kampfner
NSA Blowback  by Philip Giraldi
The Surveillance State Puts US Elections at Risk of Manipulation  by Conor Friedersdorf
A 'Bad' Deal Was Always Better Than No Deal – We Should Be Thankful if We Get One  by Justin Logan

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Britain 'Violating' Assange's Human Rights: Ecuador
Bloomberg News Is Said to Curb Articles That Might Anger China
CBS Correspondent Apologizes for Report on Benghazi Attack
Navy Benches Intel Chiefs in Bribery Scandal ... Promises That More Heads Will Roll
Looking for Needles in a Federal Haystack
Spying on Everyone
The Intelligence Community's Wide Open, Unprotected Back Door to All Your Content
Brazil and Germany Introduce UN Resolution to Protect Internet Privacy From Eavesdroppers
US, Germany Discuss Intelligence Cooperation After Merkel Affair
Spying Fallout: German Trust in United States Plummets
US Popularity in Germany on a Steep Decline in Wake of Spy Scandal
Spain: US Ambassador Says NSA Acts Legally in Spain, Respects Citizens' Privacy, Spanish Law
How Telcos 'Collude' With the NSA and GCHQ
Surveillance Expert Tells Bill Moyers: Edward Snowden Is 'A True Hero and a Patriot'
Guardian Editor Alan Rusbridger to Face MPs Over Edward Snowden Intelligence Leaks
The War at Home
FBI Exploring New Facial and Behavioral Recognition From Surveillance Cameras
ESPN Guest Rails Against 'The Star-Spangled Banner' as 'War Anthem'
Simon & Schuster Pulling Benghazi Book
Investigation Launched Into Alleged Child Sexual Abuse at Fort Meade Center
Officials: Roadside Bombs Kill 12 in Restive South Afghanistan; 5 Women Among the Dead
From Bloody Corner of Helmand to UK Court Martial
Imran Accuses US of Derailing Peace Talks With TTP
Nawaz Says Govt Want to Hold Talks With Militants
In Pakistan, It's Not Just Soldiers With PTSD
Pakistan Creates Own PATRIOT Act to Deal With Terrorists; Human Rights Groups Worried
Policemen Killed in Kashmir Attack
'Anonymous' Hacks Singapore Prime Minister's Website
Asylum Seeker Boat: Australia Backs Down in Standoff With Indonesia
Cameron Defends Sri Lanka Visit in Face of Country's Poor Human Rights Record
Spain to Release Nine ETA Militants After Court Move
Ex-Policeman in Belfast Spots Bomb Under His Car; Was About to Drive Daughter to School
Europe Warned as Middle East Gears Up for Mass Vaccination After Syria Polio Outbreak
Miami Herald Reporter Detained in Venezuela
Vigilante Ranchers, Fruit Growers Kick Out Brutal Drug Cartel in Western Mexican State
Omar Khadr Set to Appeal War-Crime Convictions
Obama: US Should Be 'Creative and Thoughtful' in Cuba Policy
Netanyahu Angrily Denounces Possible Iran Nuclear Accord
Iran Tells West It Wants Oil, Banking Sanctions Considered Up Front
Japan Foreign Minister Heads for Iran
UN Nuclear Watchdog Chief to Visit Iran Next Week
Look at Opponents of Nuclear Deal-Making With Iran
Rouhani's Diplomatic Progress in Geneva Keeps Iran's Hardliners at Bay
Deal Seems Near on Iran Nuclear Program, but Experts Wonder About Uranium Stocks
US, Israel Lose Voting Rights at UNESCO Over Palestine Row
'Death to Arabs' Sprayed on Palestinian Kindergarten in Hebron
Palestinian Shot Dead by Israeli Troops in West Bank
Israel Detains 25 Palestinian Activists Over Facebook Posts
Palestinian Officials: Israel Only Suspect in Arafat Death
Palestinian Firebomb Attack Wounds Israeli Mother, Daughter
Israeli Data Reveal Drop in Motivation for Combat Duty
24 Killed, 84 Wounded in Iraq Bombings Targeting Worshippers, Shoppers
Iraq Executions at Their Highest in Post-Saddam Iraq
Iraqi Kurdistan Reiterates Objection to BP's Kirkuk Oil Deal
Lebanese Aviation Authority Denies Iranian Arms Smuggling
Lebanon Starts to Vaccinate 750,000 Against Polio After Syria Outbreak
Middle East
Red Cross Evacuates 44 Wounded From Yemen's Dammaj
Syria, Neighbors to Vaccinate 20 Million Children Against Polio
Egyptian Foreign Minister Sets Out Timetable for Elections
The Fate of Egypt's Jon Stewart
Islamists in Egypt Protest Over Female Detainees
North Africa
Libyan Instability Sparks Concern From NATO Allies
Politically Adrift, Algeria Clings to Its Old Ways
Army and Militants Clash in Conflict-Scarred Mali
Suspected Car Bomb Near Somali Hotel Kills at Least Six
Mozambique Confirms Fresh Clashes With Former Rebels
South Sudan Blames LRA for Deadly Attacks
Uganda Won't Hand Fleeing M23 Rebels to DR Congo
Weekend Reviews
Will Israel Go Fascist?
Imploding the Myth of Israel
Ann Jones' The Neverending War
Killing on Uncle Sam's Behalf
Enemies Within: AP Reporters Versus the State
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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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