Our government is watching everyone, these dark days, but they’re paying special attention to Antiwar.com.

Last year, we discovered the FBI had launched a “preliminary investigation” of Antiwar.com and its principals based purely on the “danger” represented by our opposition to US foreign policy. They decided our webmaster and our leading columnist could very well be “agents of a foreign power” – because we spoke out against the Iraq war.

That this is outrageous almost goes without saying, but we are fighting back. We are demanding the US government back off – and apologize. Of course, as the enforcement arm of the Warfare State, the FBI is naturally going to come after us: what’s shocking is the blatantly illegal manner in which they did so and are probably still doing so.

The Warfare State knows who their real enemies are: but do you know who your real friends are?

A friend in need is a friend indeed – and we need your help to fight this brazen state repression. We’re fighting to restore constitutional government in America – but we need your tax-deductible donation to do it. Please, make your contribution today!

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Updated November 13, 2013 - 11:28 PM EST
White House: Iran Sanctions Bills a 'March to War'
  House Leadership Still Backs Iran Sanctions, Senate Split
  US Backtracks: Iran Not to Blame for Lack of Deal
  Are Iran and the US Headed Towards a 'Heroic Agreement'?
IAEA Ready to Verify Any Nuclear Deal With Iran
  Despite Netanyahu, Many Israelis Believe Diplomacy Can Work
  Israel to Lobby US Congress Over Looming Iran Deal
Palestinian Peace Talks Delegation Resigns
  Israel Announces Then Halts Plan for 24,000 New Settlement Homes
  US-Israel Split Widens After Settlement 'Blindside'
Syrian Kurds Plan Autonomous Government
  Albanians Protest Effort to Make Syria Chemical Disposal Their Problem
US Won't Cooperate in Afghan War Crimes Probe
  Afghan Companies With Insurgent Ties Still Receive US Contracts
Senate to Start Intel Review, But Will It Change Anything?
US May Ignore Its Own Rules, Give Cash to Corrupt Regimes
Spying Concerns Driving Writers to Self-Censor, Study Finds
Obama’s Refusal to Respect Iran’s Rights Leaves America on Path to War  by Flynt & Hillary Mann Leverett
Who's an Iran Expert? The Hawks Have Their Say  by Peter Hart
Time to Thank Edward Snowden  by Robert Kuttner
Peace: The Best Gift for a Veteran  by Scott McPherson
Iran: Don't Let the Naysayers Prevail  by Jonathan Steele
Can the Pentagon Be Tamed?  by Dini Merz

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Journalist Warns of 'Post-Deployment Crime Waves'
Senior Navy Civilians Probed in Scheme to Defraud Military for $1.6 Million
McCain Denies Calling on NSA's Alexander to Resign
Snowden Spent Entire Savings on Food, Rent: Russian Lawyer
Spying on Americans
Phone Dragnet Did Not (and May Still Not) Meet the PATRIOT Act's Minimization Requirements
ACLU to Law Enforcement: Tell US How You Get Users' Search History, Data
Propublica Motion Seeks Release of Court Rulings on NSA Spying
After 30 Years of Silence, the Original NSA Whistleblower Looks Back
Spying on Everyone
Germans Rejected: US Unlikely to Offer 'No-Spy' Agreement
Germany Warns of Possible Threat to US Facilities in Spying Scandal
UK Counter-Terror Chief, Pressed for Evidence Leaks Damaged Spying Capabilities, Refused
Brazil and Germany Proposed UN Resolution Against Mass Surveillance
Europe Loses Trust in Obama
Discussion of Snowden Revelations With Guardian Reporters
The War at Home
Code Pink Projects Drone Movie on DHS Nominee's House
Judge to Sentence US Border Cops Who Made Smugglers Eat Pot
Boston Marathon Suspect Wants Jail Restrictions Eased
CIA Rendition Provider Global Aviation Files for Bankruptcy Again
Top AP Photographer Slams White House for 'Propaganda' Photography Practices
US Military
On Losing a Veteran Son to a Broken System
Impatient Congress Presses Ahead on Military Sexual-Assault Law
New York National Guard Drone Crashes in Lake Ontario
Trial Begins for Air Force Sexual Assault Officer Accused of Groping
Pro-Morsi Students, Police, Residents Clash at Egyptian University
Egypt Court Rules Post-Morsi State of Emergency Ended
Egypt's Christians Close Ranks as Kidnappings Spike
Egyptian Football Star Apologizes for 'Rabaa' Salute
Libya's Deepening Post-War Agonies
Oil Is Tearing Libya Apart
In Challenge, Former Rebels in Libya Form Own Oil Company
Two US Sailors Seized Off Nigeria Coast Are Released
US to Name Nigeria's Boko Haram as Terrorist Group: Sources
Boko Haram Militants 'Nigeria's Problem' for Now, Say Analysts
UN Security Council OKs African Troop Surge in Somalia to Break Stalemate Against Al-Shabab
PM: Sudan Polio Vaccination Blocked by Govt and Rebels
Algeria: Born in Protest, a Soccer Team Hailed by the People and the Government
Three Eritrean Officers Defect to Saudi Arabia
UN Security Council to Vote This Week on Delay of Kenya Trials: Rwanda
UK Home Secretary Plans New Powers to Make British Terror Suspects Stateless
After Three Weeks, Russia Finally Says What It's Doing With Pussy Riot's Nadya
In Other News
China, Russia, Cuba Win UN Rights Council Seats
International Space Station Attacked by 'Virus Epidemics'
With Iran Nuclear Deal Missed, World Powers Rush Back to Talks
Kerry Says Additional Sanctions on Iran Now Would Be a Mistake
Security Insiders: Congress Should Not Levy More Sanctions on Iran During Negotiations
On State Television, Iran's Foreign Minister Defends Nuclear Negotiations
Russia Denies Iran to Blame for Nuclear Talks Failure
Iran's Low-Key Reaction to Bugging of Supreme Leader
Iran to Let UN Inspect Arak Reactor Next Month
UK Moves Closer to Iranian Embassy Reopening as Envoys Named
French MP Invokes Munich 1938 in Warning Against Iran Deal
Private Donors' Funds Add Wild Card to War in Syria
Fierce Clashes Erupt South of Damascus
Australian Suspected of Carrying Out Suicide Bombing in Syria Is Actually Alive and Well in Turkey
In Aleppo I Only Survive by Looking Syrian
PLO in Damascus Talks on Ending Refugee Camp Siege
As Son Heads to Syrian Front, Family in Germany Plots Kidnapping to Bring Him Back
Israel Orders Destruction of Village Olive Grove in Retaliation for Alleged Stone Throwing
30 Percent of Vital Medicines 'At Zero Supply' in Gaza, Says Doctor
Soldier's Remarks Give Insight Into Israel's Cyber Intel Practices
Fearing Palestinian Violence, West Bank Settlers Demand Segregated Busing
Israeli Forces Fire Tear Gas at 2 Schools in Beit Ummar
France Yields to Pressure, Hollande to Address Knesset
Palestinian UN Envoy: Settlement Construction Proves Israel Prefers to Stay an Occupying Power
Hamas Calls Dissident Group a Foreign 'Conspiracy' After Day for 'Revolt' Comes and Goes
'Pro-Syrian' Lebanese Sunni Cleric Shot Dead in Tripoli
Syria War Leads to Rise of Kidnappings in Lebanon
Black Market in Lebanon: Syrian Refugees Selling Organs to Survive
18 Killed, 9 Wounded in Shootings and Bombings Across Iraq
Sadr Confirms: 'No for Granting Maliki 3rd Term'
Middle East
Yemen Jails Crew Over Arms Shipment 'From Iran'
Jordan Dailies Strike in Protest at State 'Interference'
Obama: US Troops in Afghanistan Trimmed to 34,000 This Winter
Taliban Warns Loya Jirga Against US-Afghan Pact
Pentagon Concerned About Afghan Air-Support
An Afghan Interpreter's Flight to America
Last Jew in Afghanistan Faces Ruin as Kebabs Fail to Sell
Army Hosts China in First Joint Field Exercise
Chinese Leader Gets More Sway on the Economy and Security
Pakistan-US Relations Deteriorate After Drone Strike
Nepal Opposition Supporters Held in Pre-Poll Violence
India Firm May Buy 6 Million Bbls Iran Oil if Govt Backs Insurers
Hunger for Drugs Brings Torture and Death to Mexico City
Colombia Unveils FARC Plot to Kill Ex-President Uribe
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