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Nobody knew the US government is spying on its own citizens – not even our elected representatives.

There’s some question as to whether even the President knew about NSA spying on world leaders, including those of our closest allies.

Information scooped up by the NSA is being used in domestic criminal proceedings – but who knew that before Edward Snowden spilled the beans?

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Updated November 20, 2013 - 11:12 PM EST
US, Karzai OK Pact to Keep Troops in Afghanistan
  Afghans Demand Admission of US 'Errors'
  White House: No Apology for Occupation of Afghanistan
FISA Order Allowing NSA Surveillance Revealed
  FISA Docs Reveal Extent of NSA Disregard for Privacy Restrictions
  Unreviewable: Legal Challenges Against NSA Falter
  Judge: 'NSA Exceeded Scope of Authorized Acquisition Continuously'
Bombers Kill 26 Near Iran Embassy in Beirut
  Could Syria's Chemical Weapons Be Heading to Sea?
As Talks Resume, High Hopes for Iran Deal
  Posturing Goes Into High Gear on Eve of Iran Nuclear Talks
  Israel Growing Resigned to Iran Deal, But Will Still Oppose It
  Iranian-Americans Unite in Opposition to Sanctions
Inside the Mind of a Self-Styled Jihadi
  US Drone Strike Kills Three in Eastern Yemen
  State Dept Concludes Review of Drone Strikes, Offers Public Response
  Blackwater Founder Erik Prince: War on Terror Has Become Too Big
Baghdad Bombing Barrage: 66 Killed, 142 Hurt
Al-Shabaab Attacks Somali Police Compound: 28 Killed
Iran Has a Right to Enrich – and America Already Recognized It  by Muhammad Sahimi
The American Homeland Is the Planet  by Todd Miller
Attacking Iran Deal, Israel Can't Get Its Numbers Straight  by Ali Gharib
Israel's Policy of Erasure  by Saree Makdisi
The NSA's Global Threat to Free Speech  by Kenneth Roth
Voices From the Drone Summit  by Marjorie Cohn

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DC Drones Conference: 5 Big Takeaways
Netanyahu: Islam Is Like North Korea
Indonesia Downgrades Its Relationship With Australia
US-Funded Radio Free Europe Hit by Cyberattack
Sleeper Cell That Wasn't: How the FBI Got It Wrong
A Pro-Israel Hawk to Draft Kerry's Peace Plan?
Spying on Everyone
Declassified Documents: NSA Wanted to Collect Geolocation Data
Senators Say Bulk Collection Unnecessary to Fight Terrorism
The Snowden Leaks Gave a Senator the Chance to Openly Question the NSA
NSA Surveillance Lawsuit Tracker
National Think Tank Launches Attack on NSA
Two More Ways the Original Phone Dragnet Application Violated the Law
FISA Court: Vast Majority of Internet Communications Data NSA Collected Was Not Relevant to Counterterrorism
Spying on the World
Spy Copters, Lasers, and Break-In Teams: How the FBI Keeps Watch on Foreign Diplomats
German Lawmaker Asks UK Spy Agencies to Hand Over 'Spy' Files
Here's What We Know About European Collaboration With the NSA
Frankfurt: an American Military-Intel Metropolis
Munich Dumps Microsoft, Moves to Open Source for City Government
Australia: Xenophon Pushing for Details on Police Tapping of Parliamentarians' Phones
Spy Chief: Norway Spies on Phones Outside Country
NSA Surveillance Hinders Iceland's Attempts to Be a Haven for Free Speech
The War at Home
Hospital Delays Are Killing America's War Veterans
US Army PR Push: 'Average-Looking Women'
A Conversation With Jeremy Hammond, Sentenced to 10 Years
Report: Multiple Deployments May Raise Teen Suicide Risk
UN: 12,000 Afghan Taliban Casualties in 2013
Lawmaker: Afghans Wary of US Pact Concession
Taliban Denounce Bomb Blast That Killed Seven Siblings in Paktika Province
Pakistan Bomb: Seven Taliban Killed in North Waziristan
Shi'ite Professor, Driver Shot Dead in Pakistan Violence
Days Before Retirement, Kayani Shakes Top Brass
Husain Haqqani Criticizes US Aid for Pakistan Army
Voter Turnout in Nepal Is Heavy Despite Violence
Chinese Leaders Face Spain Arrest Warrant Over Tibet
Libyan Protesters Keep Pressure on Militias
Armed Militias Still on the Streets in Libya
Westgate Attackers 'Drove to Kenya, Trained in Somalia'
Gunmen Kill Ivory Coast Journalist
Call for Zimbabwe Diamond Sanctions to Be Lifted
Senators Press Obama for a Tougher Iran Nuclear Deal
Obama Pleads for Time on Iran
Iran Concession Over Right to Enrich Raises Hopes of Deal
Scowcroft, Brzezinski Urge Iran Accord
On Eve of Nuclear Talks, Iran and Israel Launch Efforts to Sway World Public Opinion
Iranian Lawmakers Demand Govt Stick to Nuclear Program
Iran's Gas Co. Declares Bankruptcy, State Agency Says
29 Organizations Warn Congress Against New Iran Sanctions
Iran State Media Rejects Reuters Investigation as 'Disinformation'
Kurds in Iran Wary About Restart of Armed Conflict by PJAK
Iran Calls for China's Support in Nuclear Talks
For First Time in a Decade: UK PM Phones Iranian President
UN General Assembly Tells Syria to Stop Blocking International Aid Convoys to Rebel Areas
Syria Troops Seize Strategic Town of Qara
Wanted: Offers to Destroy Syria's Chemical Arms
Increasingly Cut Off From the World, Gaza Battles Power Outages and Sewage Floods
Gazans in Double Border Trouble With Egypt and Israel
UN: Israel Settlement Building Hurting Peace Talks
Israel Targets Southern Gaza
Golani Soldiers Given Prison Terms for Abusing Palestinian
Likud May Give Netanyahu More Power Within Party
Another 7 Executions in Iraq, 12 Killed in Attacks
Baghdad Rejects Oil Revenues Mechanism Proposed by Turkey
Middle East
Video: Al Qaeda Affiliate Claims Iranian Embassy Attack in Beirut
Bahrain Opposition Leadership 'Systematically Targeted'
Turkey's Kurdish Opening
Brotherhood in UAE Channelled Millions to Egypt, Trial Hears
Yemen's Hadi Likely to Stay in Office Beyond End of Term
Egypt Unrest: Rival Groups Mark Anniversary of Clashes
Protesters Hit Egypt's Tahrir Square on Anniversary of Deaths
Egypt Arrests Four in Cairo's Tahrir Square, 12 Injured
Egypt's Military Commemorates 'Martyrs' It Gunned Down
Christians Get Little Protection From Egypt Junta, but They're Too Afraid to Complain
Egypt Sports Minister Defends Pro-Morsi Athletes' Bans
Russia Grants Bail to Nine Foreign Greenpeace Activists
Dying Asylum Seeker on Hunger Strike Must Stay in Custody, Says UK High Court
Bosnian Court Releases Serbs Convicted of Genocide Over Procedural Mistakes During Trial
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