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Updated November 30, 2013 - 11:24 PM EST
Karzai Stands Firm, Won't Sign US Troop Deal
  US Commander Apologizes for Killing Afghan Child in Drone Strike
  When Most US Forces Leave Afghanistan, Contractors May Stay
Pakistan Protests Continue as US Drone Kills 3
  Oil Shippers Threaten to Cut Off Province Over Anti-Drone Protests
  Recent Drone Strikes Strain US Ties With Afghanistan and Pakistan
US: Tough Sanctions on Iran Remain Despite Deal
  Obama to Netanyahu: Tone Down Iran Trash Talk, Please
  State Dept Extends Iran Oil Waivers to China, India, and South Korea
Canadian Police Database Open to US Authorities: WikiLeaks
  Canadian Govt Refuses to Confirm US Surveillance of G20 in Canada
18 Shot in the Head in Baghdad, 7 More Beheaded in North
China Jets Follow US, Japan Warplanes in Airspace Dispute
Tired of Endless Talks, Palestinians Want to Push Recognition
NSA SEXINT Is the Abuse You've All Been Waiting For  by Jennifer Granick
Block the US-Afghan Security Agreement!  by Bob Dreyfuss
The Bloody Disaster of Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan Is Laid Bare  by Simon Jenkins
Why the 'Warthog' Matters  by Kelley Vlahos
Time to Talk About Israeli Nukes  by Micah Zenko
Playing Chicken in the East China Sea  by Gwynne Dyer

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Activists Sue to Pry Loose Government's Secret Study on CIA Interrogation
Prisoners Fight US Over Exit From Gitmo
For 20 Years, Nuke Launch Code at US Minuteman Silos Was 00000000
3 Canada Vets From Afghan War Found Dead in a Week
Spying on Everyone
Obama to Issue Statement of National Security Strategy Early Next Year
Sources: NSA, US Cyber Command Leadership Should Be Split Up, Officials Advocate
NSA-Grade Surveillance Software Being Sold to Oppressive Regimes, Report Finds
NATO Investigates Air Strike That Killed Afghan Child
Pakistan Leader in Kabul to Push Taliban Talks
Afghan Interpreters Who Fell in Love With US Soldiers Struggle in Visa Limbo
Thai Protesters Swarm Army Headquarters Compound
Thailand PM Rules Out Early Election
North Korea Says US Citizen Merrill E. Newman Is a Criminal, Arrested for Hostile Acts
New Enmity Between Japan and Korea Plays Out in Tokyo's Koreatown
New Pakistan Army Chief Takes Command
Middle East
At Least 15 Dead in Continuing Bangladesh Protests
Devices Fired Near US Military Base in Japan
US 'Concerned' Over Fresh Egypt Unrest
The Return of Egypt's Police State
For Egypt's New Rulers, Familiar Scapegoats
Egypt Blogger Alaa Abdul Fattah Arrested Over Protest
Tuaregs Declare Return to War Against Mali Army
DR Congo President Joseph Kabila Eyes End to War
Isolation Fuels Radicalization in Arid North Cameroon
Hezbollah Arms Suspect Gets Life in Nigeria, Two Others Freed
Benin Frees Nigerian Ex-Militant After Jonathan Intervenes
Ukraine Protests After Yanukovych EU Deal Rejection
Ukraine's Yanukovich Vetoes EU Push to Save Trade Deal
Sweden Parliament Votes to Limit Transparency Laws
No, the US Isn't Closing Its Vatican Embassy
Weekend Reviews
Neoconservatism Rebaptized
Kennedy Was No Conservative
1970s Film of Palestinian Struggle in Lebanon Restored
Preaching to the Choir; Reflections on Max Blumenthal's Goliath
Documentary Explores Israeli Attitudes to the Palestinian Nakba
Almost Thwarting Nixon's Dirtiest Trick
'The World Has Become America's Battlefield – and We Can Go Anywhere and Everywhere We Want'
US Considers Destroying Chemical Weapons on Ship to Avoid Diplomatic, Environmental Issues
Chemical Weapons Watchdog Rejects a Request by Syria to Convert Arms Sites
Dozens of Firms Interested in Destroying Syrian Chemicals: OPCW Sources
Mortar Near Umayyad Mosque Kills Three
Syrian Refugees Top 3 Million Mark, Says UN
UN: Syrian Refugee Children Face 'Catastrophic' Life in Exile
Out of Syria, Into a European Maze
Desperation of Syria's Hungry? or Just a Misunderstood Picture on Social Media? Shot of People Skinning Lion Goes Viral
Alawites Rally, Officials Slam Targeted Attacks
Tents, Refugees Crowd Lebanese Valley – Just Don't Call It a Camp
Iran: Implementation of Nuclear Deal Starting by Early January
Iran Will Not Enter Nuclear Negotiations That Include Israel
European Firms Size Up Iran's Post-Deal Potential
French Carmakers Poised for Scramble to Reclaim Iran
India Accelerates Iranian Port Project After US-Iran Thaw
Human Tragedy Unfolds as Gaza Runs on Empty
Israeli Officials Denounce Obama for Giving Iran Right to Enrich, Destroying Sanctions
Palestinian Negotiator: Peace Deal Still Possible
Germany and Britain Block Palestinian Bid to Join International Olive Trade Group
UN Chief Says Israeli Settlements 'Cause for Concern'
Israel Refuses to Give Dead Back to West Bank, Citing Security Concerns
'Turkey's Ban on Israeli Flights Could Bring Down El Al'
Report: Israel, US to Hold Joint Exercise in Spring
Teen Dies En Route to Hospital Amid Checkpoint Closure
Palestinian Man Succumbs to Rubber Bullet Wounds
Police Threaten Activists, Bus Companies as Anti-Prawer Protest Intensifies
What Happens When an Israeli Peace Activist Gets Hit in the Head With a Palestinian Rock
Brits Protest Israel Plan to Remove 70,000 Palestinian Bedouins
Middle East
52 Killed, 30 Wounded as Dumped Bodies Are Recovered Across Iraq
Turkey, Iraqi Kurdistan Sign Landmark Energy Contracts
Yemen President Slams Southern Split, Separatists Call Rallies
Jamaican Authorities Seize 3,300 Warheads
Parish Priest, Vicar Murdered in Mexico
Colombian FARC Rebels Say They Taxed Coca Growers
Several Thousand in Haiti March in 2 Protests
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