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Updated December 2, 2013 - 11:10 PM EST
Karzai: US Cutting Supplies Over Security Pact
  Afghans Describe Relatives' Deaths in Recent US Drone Strike
  September US Drone Strikes Killed 14 Afghan Civilians
Senate Hawks: Iran Sanctions Are 'Insurance'
  Netanyahu Orders Mossad to Find 'Violations' to Discredit Iran Deal
  US Official: Netanyahu 'Desperate' in Opposition to Iran Deal
Who Is Watching the Watch Lists?
  Britain Targets Guardian Over Snowden Intelligence Leaks
  French Intelligence Involved in NSA Spying in France, Monde Says
Report: Over 120 Salafists Killed in North Yemen
Egypt Retains Military Trials for Civilians in New Constitution
Baghdad: UN in Iraq Worried About Uptick in Bodies Found
Syrian Barrel Bomb Strikes Kill 50 in Northern Rebel Town
Israel's Plan to Resettle Bedouins Prompts Global Protests
46 Killed, 70 Wounded Across Iraq; Bomber Attacks Funeral
Iran Gets Short End of the Geneva Deal  by Eric Margolis
Iran Writes to Its Persian Gulf Neighbors  by The Leveretts & Javad Zarif
The NSA's Porn Surveillance Program: Not Safe for Democracy  by Conor Friedersdorf
You Cannot Negotiate With Iran?  by Ron Paul
The Boys Who Cried 'Munich'  by Matt Welch
How the New York Times Silences Palestinians  by Ali Abunimah

More Viewpoints

Tripoli Death Toll Rises to 12 as Clashes Persist
Olmert: Netanyahu Tried to Interfere in US Elections
Boko Haram Kills 17, Sets Houses Ablaze
US Weighs Cost of Letting Afghanistan Go Its Own Way
Govt's Secret Plan to Shut Off Cellphones and Internet
Feinstein, Rogers: United States 'Not Safer Today'
Israel's Plan to Forcibly Resettle Negev Bedouins Prompts Global Protests
Olmert: PM Has 'Declared War on the US Government'
Qaeda Offshoot Claims West Bank Foothold After Killings
Video: Israel Police Brutalize 12-Year-Old Amid Anti-Prawer Protests
Hamas Cancels Anniversary Rally Over Gaza Economic Woes
Life in Gaza: 'We Wake Up to Terrifying Sonic Booms and Try to Sleep While Israelis Are Shelling'
Irish Defense Force Peacekeepers Come Under Fire in Syria
US Ship Readied for Possible Chemical Arms Destruction
US, Russia Should Hold Geneva Talks for Israeli-Palestinian Peace, Says Negotiator
Thai Protesters Step Up Action, PM Forced to Leave Building
Thailand Protest Leader Gives PM 'Two-Day Ultimatum'
Thai Protests Turn Volatile as at Least 3 Are Shot Dead
Ukrainians Stage Mass Rally Against Yanukovich's U-Turn on Europe
Pro-EU Protesters Chase Police From Central Kiev
Anti-Govt Mass Rally in Ukraine Turns Violent
Canadian Police Arrest Man on Suspicion of Spying for China
Thousands Take to the Streets in Honduras to Protest Election Result
Mexican Bishop Takes on Cultish Cartel in Drug War Battleground State
PM Says He Has No Evidence Australian Spies Have Acted Outside Law
The War at Home
US Terrorism Program Challenged: Former Stanford Doctoral Student Fights 'No Fly' Lists in Trial
Police Bust Drone Dropping Contraband Into Georgia Prison Yard
For Trendy Iran Youths, 'Death to USA' Is So 1979
Nuclear Chief: Iran Needs More Nuclear Power Plants
Former NSA/CIA Chief: 'We Have Accepted Iran Nuclear Enrichment'
Iran Redeploys 2 Warships
Iranian Press Freedoms Grow for Still-Wary Journalists
Iran's Hard-Liners Keep Their Criticism of Nuclear Pact to Themselves
Corker 'Very Discouraged' After Iran Deal
Netanyahu: I Will Not 'Shut Up' When Israel's Interests Are at Stake
Iran Envoy Meets Kuwaiti Emir in Latest Outreach
Iran's Zarif to Visit Saudi Arabia to Allay Concerns Over Nuclear Deal
Iranian Report: Israel, Saudis Plotting New Computer Worm to Sabotage Our Nuclear Program
46 Killed, 70 Wounded Across Iraq; Bomber Attacks Sahwa Funeral
Iraq Cafe Owners Take Classes on How to Stop a Suicide Bomber
Hagel Voices US Concern Over New Egyptian Law Limiting Protest
Egypt Police Clear Protesters; Constitution Agreed
Tahrir Square Clashes as Constitution Changes Agreed
In Egypt, University Campuses Emerge as the Latest Battleground
US Plan for New Libyan Force Faces Obstacles
Dozens Demonstrate Against Salafi Militia in Eastern Libya
Libya's Army Tells Militias, Protesters to Free Up Oil Ports
Libya Municipal Council Polls Kick Off
Al-Qaeda: US Committed 'Crime of Piracy' by Kidnapping Abu Anas Al-Liby
DR Congo
Congolese President Says Fight Against Rebels Not Over
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