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Updated December 5, 2013 - 10:57 PM EST
Yemen Defense Ministry Hospital Attacked, 52 Die
South Africa's Nelson Mandela Dies
NSA Tracking Cellphone Locations Worldwide
  How the NSA Is Tracking People Right Now
  Some NSA Opponents Want to 'Nullify' Surveillance With State Law
  Guardian May Face Terrorism Charges for Publishing Snowden Leaks
Syria Rebels Mull Rejoining Govt to Fight al-Qaeda
  Britain Courting Islamist Factions to Keep Syria War Going
  Is Obama Changing Tack on Syria?
  US Point Man for Syrian Rebels Is Sidelined, Powerless
The Lakkis Assassination and Israel's 'Kill List'
  Key Hezbollah Commander Assassinated in Beirut
‘Zero Option’ Is The Best Option in Afghanistan
  Army General Defends $36 Million Afghan Headquarters Gaffe
Rep. Hunter Calls for US to Nuke Iran
US Will Keep Future Gitmo Hunger Strikes Secret
Pentagon No Longer Bans Killing Civilians With Drones
Obama Reversal, Appears to Accept China Air Defense Zone
A Cheney Vet Takes Aim for the Next War  by Scott McConnell
Impossible Dialogue: The Choice in Yemen  by Ramzy Baroud
The Embarrassing Debate Over the 'War on Terror'  by Stephen M. Walt
Decoding the Summer of Snowden  by Julian Sanchez
Palestinians Lose Again  by Philip Giraldi
Abolish the TSA  by Glenn Reynolds

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Your Tax Dollars Not at Work: NORAD Says No Fighter Escorts for Santa
Americans More Opposed to Intervening Abroad Than in Last 50 Years
Poland Now Taking Heat for CIA Torture
Libyan Leaders Give McCain Award, Vote in Sharia Law
Pentagon to Cut Jobs, Contracts by $1 Billion
Detailed Poll Shows US Electorate Favors Iran Deal
Security Insiders Poll: World Struck 'Good Deal' With Iran
Selling the Nuclear Deal: Iran's Top Diplomat Pitches at Home
US Court Orders Iran to Pay $9 Million to Families of 1997 Jerusalem Terror Attack Victims
Iran's Zarif in United Arab Emirates on Charm Offensive
Rockets Kill 18 in Govt-Held Areas of Syria's Aleppo: NGO
Syria's Criminal Rebels
Iraqi Shia Defend Syria Shrines
Bad Security Could Delay Syria Weapons Transfer
Syria's Chemical Weapons to Be Shipped in Delicate US-Danish Operation
Assassinated Official Was Key Figure in Hezbollah Drone Program
Killing of Hezbollah Operative Bears Israeli Fingerprints
Syrian War Linked to Killing of Hezbollah Commander in Lebanon
Another Security Installation Targeted in Iraq; 24 Killed, 97 Wounded
Iraq Forces Storm Kirkuk Shopping Center
After Execution-Style Killings, Iraqis Await Worse
Poll on Deaths in Iraq Ignored by British Media
British Major Threw Laptop With Sensitive Iraq Photos From Ferry
Arab Leaders From Kirkuk Meet for Election Strategy Against Kurds
Iraq Army Drops Leaflets on Restive Mosul to Drum Up Support for Elections
Ex-Shin Bet Chief: Iranian Threat Dwarfed by Danger of Failed Peace Talks
Netanyahu's Aides: Ex-Shin Bet Chief Is 'Frustrated and Sanctimonious'
Kerry Arrives Again, With Palestinians Pessimistic, Israelis Keen on Focusing on Iran
Jerusalem Neighborhoods Brace for Large Wave of Home Demolitions
Israelis Back Netanyahu's Belligerence on Iran
Source: 14 EU Countries in Favor of Banning Settlements Products
Turkey Deports Over 1,000 'Jihadists' to European Countries
First Israeli Cabinet Minister Visits Turkey Since 2010: Officials
Four Killed as Yemen Tribesmen Block Oil Convoy
Yemen Bomb-Makers 'Working on New Devices'
Sudanese Detainee to Be Sent Home From Guantánamo
21 Bodies Found in Mass Grave Near Mali Capital: Officials
Central African Republic Militia Killed Children
Eritrea's Military Is Trafficking the Nation's Children, Report Says
Watch the Skies! UN Launches Its Own Drone Program
Journalist in DR Congo Detained, Accused of Planning to 'Sabotage' Presidential Visit
Ukraine Protesters Threaten Tighter Blockade Over Spurned EU Pact
Ukraine PM Warns Against 'Escalating Tensions'
Russia Calls for 'Stability and Order' in Ukraine as Protests Continue
US Military
Navy Fraud Case Prosecutors: Contractor Got More Work Despite Poor Performance
Yoda Still Standing: Office of Pentagon Futurist Andrew Marshall, 92, Survives Budget Ax
Japanese WWII Super-Submarine Discovered Off Coast of Hawaii
Stolen Cobalt-60 Found Abandoned in Mexico
Honduras Holds Off Presidential Vote Recount
54 Bodies Found in Common Graves in Peru
Spying on Everyone
Bill to Rein in NSA Spy Programs Nets More Than 100 Bipartisan Co-Sponsors
NSA Could Figure Out How Many Americans It's Spying On. It Just Doesn't Want To
Snowden and Greenwald: The Men Who Leaked the Secrets
Secure Smartphones: Has NSA Scandal Created a New Industry?
NSA Opponents Want to Cut Off Utah Facility From Water Supply
Australia Senate Debate Heats Up Over Individual's Right to Privacy
Tower Dumps Could Give Your Cell Data to Police
Libraries Fear 'Ravenous' NSA
This Is the MIT Surveillance Video That Undid Aaron Swartz
82 Years Before Snowden, There Was Herbert O. Yardley
'War on Terror'
DHS Stalls No-Fly List Trial by Putting Witness on No-Fly List
Waterboarding, Prolonged Stress Positions, Placed in a Box: CIA's Rendition of Two Terror Suspects in Polish Jail
New House Resolution Calls for Declassifying Secret Portion of 9/11 Report
Embarrassing the Govt Terrorism? British Politicians Think So.
US Aims to Blunt Terrorist Recruiting of English Speakers
US Delays Prison for Somali Man as Officials Tell of 'Intelligence Watershed'
UN Urged to End Paying Ransom to Terrorists
First UK Legal Challenge to CIA Drones Reaches Court of Appeal
UK Soldier Detained Under Terrorism Act Over 'Nail Bomb'
The War at Home
State Dept. Bought $180,000 in Liquor Before Shutdown
American Isolationism Just Hit a 50-Year High. Why That Matters
In London, Sen. Rubio Tries to Burnish Foreign Policy Credentials
A News Organization That Rejects the View From Nowhere
Lawyers for Ex-State Dept. Worker Stephen J. Kim Urge Holder to Drop Leak Charges
Canada Rocked by Rash of Soldier Suicides in One Week
Canada PM Orders New Draft of Arctic Seabed Claim to Include North Pole
Delaying Security Deal a Risk to Afghan Forces: US Military Chief
Wounded in Afghanistan, Soldiers Begin Healing in Germany
United Arab Emirates Begins Flights to Afghanistan
PTI Terms US Move a 'Tactical Success'
US Sees No Long-Term Impact of Pakistan Drone Blockades
Man Who Warned Congress About Pakistan Nukes Paid a Steep Price
Pakistan Demands India Pull Out Siachen Troops
Karachi Shi'ites Bury Murdered Leader
Four-Month Old Polio Victim Dies in Pakistan
India Expands Nuclear Weapons Site: Think Tank
Police Officer Shot Dead in Kashmir
Why China Needs Air Defense Identification Zone
China Justifies Its Air Defense Identification Zone
China's Yuan Swiftly Overtaking Euro in Trade
Biden Effort to Ease Japan-China Tension Renews Push for Asia 'Pivot'
Biden Urges Chinese to 'Challenge Government' on Visit
David Cameron Seeks Cyber-Security Talks With China
North Korea
South Korea Conducts Military Drill in China's ADIZ
Quiet N. Korea Party Apparatchik Rises, but Perhaps Not for Long
Thaksin's Homecoming Hopes Dashed as Thai Crisis Reignites
Thailand Sees Lull in Protests Ahead of King's Birthday
Report: Thailand Secretly Supplies Myanmar Refugees to Trafficking Rings
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Justin Raimondo
Long Live ‘Isolationism’!

Philip Giraldi
Palestinians Lose Again

Ivan Eland
The Real Reason Hawks Are Trying To Kill the Deal With Iran

Kelley B. Vlahos
Hamid Karzai: No Ordinary Puppet

Nebojsa Malic
An Unlikely Peace

David R. Henderson
Rand’s Stand

Ran HaCohen
Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

Charles V. Peña
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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