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Updated December 20, 2013 - 11:16 PM EST
Obama: NSA Bulk Collection May Be Unnecessary
  NSA Report Ups Pressure on Obama for Reforms
  NSA Review Panel Stops Short of Concrete Surveillance Reforms
  All Three Branches of Govt Agree: NSA Doesn’t Thwart Terrorism
  NSA Critics: Review Panel Report Gives 'Momentum' for Reform
New Iran Bill Sets Stage for Obama-Senate Battle
  Iran, Six World Powers Resume Expert Talks on Nuclear Deal
  US Should Empower Its Partner in Iran: Report
  Obama to Senate Dems: Iran Sanctions Bill Makes War More Likely
  Levinson's Family Says the FBI Sabotaged His Release From Iran
Hagel: China 'Irresponsible' on Naval Incident
  US Meddling Is Making China More Aggressive
Senate Passes $630 Billion Pentagon Bill
Pakistan Military Raids Kill 36, Mostly Civilians
Pilgrims Attacked in Iraq; 73 Killed, 121 Wounded
Targeted by Islamists, Secular Rebels Flee Syria
Egypt Junta Losing the Battle in Sinai Offensive
Amnesty: 1,000 Killed in 2 Days in Central African Republic
Mandela Received Arms Training From Mossad in Ethiopia
The Red Wedding  by Adam Baron
Karzai, Stand Tall Against US Pressure to Sign the Troop Deal  by Robert Naiman
Abu Zubaydah's Diaries Reveal Our Overestimation of the Enemy  by Terry McDermott
Why Neo-Isolationism Is Soaring  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Snowden and Snooping  by Chas Freeman
The Sordid Roots of the National-Security State  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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Saudi Arabia to Face Court Claims Over 9/11 Attacks
UN Calls for Drone Strikes to Comply With Int'l Laws
UK 'Was Inappropriately Involved in Rendition'
MI5 and MI6 Face Questions Over Torture of Suspects
Webcam Security: Never Leave It Uncovered if You Aren't Using It
NSA Actions and Reactions
President's Review Group Suggests NSA Currently Acts as a Domestic Security Service
Republicans Demand Consequences for 'Willful Lie' by Intelligence Chief
Congressmen Seek Probe Into Clapper's False Testimony on NSA
Rand Paul: Intelligence Director Should Resign
Silicon Valley Scores Victory Against the Surveillance State
Former NSA Boss Michael Hayden Can't Stop Talking
How the Grinch Stole Your Metadata, and Other Christmas Tales
Louisiana Pension Fund Sues IBM Over Links to NSA Spying Program
The Israeli Programs That Help the NSA Organize Its Intel Data
The War at Home
Judge Smacks Obama Secrecy in Unique FOIA Case
Drone Warfare Protest at CIA Follows Strike on Yemen Civilians
TSA Precheck Formally Expands to Members of the Military at More Than 100 Airports
Swedish Embassy Bomb Threat Closes DC Streets During Rush
Israeli-American Gets 25 Years in Taliban Weapons Sting
US Military
US Army Was Overcharged on Afghan Radio Parts, Audit Finds
How Pentagon Fumbled Buying Most Costly Weapon in History
Air Force Disciplines Nuke General for Alcohol Binge
India Urges US to Drop Charges Against Diplomat
Devyani Khobragade Row: India Demands US Apology
US Attorney Vows to Pursue Case Against Indian Diplomat at Center of US India Row
South Korea to Repatriate China's Korean War Soldiers
Rodman in North Korea to Arrange Basketball Match
Policewoman, Pregnant Teacher Hanged in Southern Afghanistan
Doctor Abductions Hurt Pakistan's Patients
Anti-Pakistan Protests Continue in Bangladesh
Thai Protesters March to Oust PM, Postpone Election
Rights Groups Criticize Turkmenistan Elections
Pussy Riot Members Freed From Prison
Putin To Pardon Jailed Former Oil Tycoon Khodorkovsky
McCain Blames Obama for Russia's 'Newfound Assertiveness'
Putin on Obama: 'I Envy Him Because He Can Do Something Like This and Get Away With It'
Yanukovych Tells West to Keep Out of Ukraine Crisis
Buoyed by Russia Deal, Ukraine's Leader Tries to Reassert His Authority
Putin Says Deal With Ukraine Was a Good-Will Gesture
MPs Take Over Inquiry Into Use of Scottish Airports for CIA Flights
EU Leaders Agree to Increase Military Cooperation
Senate Committee Chairs Warn Iran Sanctions Bill Would Kill Talks
White House Threatens Veto if Congress Passes New Iran Sanctions
Iran Deal Removes Need for US Missile Shield, Russia Says
Russia Seeks Solution to Guarantee Iran Nuclear Right
State Dept. Says Senate Sanctions Bill 'Defies Logic'
What's the Deal With Iran (Infographic)
'You Can't Make Sound Policy by Disregarding Reality': Flynt Leverett on the Syria Conflict
Russia Blocks UN Statement Against Syria
Leader of al-Qaeda-Run Nusra Front Predicts Victory Over Syria's Assad
Former Assad Official Makdissi Backs 'Third Way' for Syria's Silent Majority
Iran and Russia Helping Syrian Aid Effort: European Officials
Pilgrims Attacked Again in Iraq; 73 Killed, 121 Wounded
Three Suicide Bomb Attacks Target Shia Pilgrims in Iraq
Night Raids on Kurdistan Mosques to Catch Islamist Recruits for Syria
Second Incident in 24 Hours: Israeli Force Kills Palestinian During Operation in West Bank
EU Support for Labeling Settlement Products Continuing to Grow, Envoy Says
Jailed MPs: in Turkey, There Is a Separate Law for Kurds
Turkey Corruption Raids: Istanbul Police Chief Fired
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Jailed 15 Years for 'Qaeda Recruiting': Report
Authorities Move Against Rights Group in Egypt
Central African Republic
Central African Republic Atrocities Escalate Amid Rampaging Rival Militias
Samantha Power Arrives in Central African Republic in Bid to Untangle Humanitarian Crisis
South Sudan
Obama Deploys Small Military Group to South Sudan
UN Says Base in South Sudan Attacked, Lives Reported Lost
Indian UN Peacekeepers Killed in South Sudan Attack
South Sudan Rebels Take Bor Town After 'Coup Attempt'
Fears of Civil War as Violence Spreads in South Sudan
Americans, British Evacuated From South Sudan as Violence Spreads
France Faces Revival of Mali Militants
Australia Provincial Parliament Locked Down Over Security Scare
Honduras Fires Top Cop Dogged by Death Squad Claim
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