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Updated December 21, 2013 - 11:07 PM EST
Senate to Bypass Committees, Rush Iran Bill
Three US Military Aircraft Hit in S. Sudan, 4 Hurt
Obama: NSA Surveillance May Be Unnecessary
  NSA Paid Encryption Firm $10 Million to Create Backdoors for Them
  NSA Stopped No Terror Attacks, Says White House Panel Member
  NSA Targeted Charities, Germans, Israeli PM, and EU Chief
  How US Spying Cost Boeing Multibillion-Dollar Jet Contract
Yemen Deaths Raise Scrutiny of Drone Policy
  Anonymous US Officials Lie About Drone Attack on Wedding in Yemen
2013: Death Toll More Than Doubles in Iraq
Syria Peace Talks Crumbling: Rebels, Iran May Not Attend
Pakistan Passes New Resolution Against Drone Strikes
'Zero Dark Thirty' Leak Investigators Under Probe for Leaks
‘Humanitarian Intervention’ in Central African Republic
Washington's Wedding Album From Hell  by Tom Engelhardt
And the Budget Winner Is – the Defense Sector  by Andrew Cockburn
Mission Accomplished? Our Afghanistan Intervention Is a Disaster  by Seumas Milne
CIA's 'Colossal Flop'  by Philip Giraldi
Edward Snowden Is a Patriot  by Anthony D. Romero
NSA Spying Was Never About Terrorism, It Is About Economic Spying  by Sonya Sandage

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Drone Survival Guide
When Mommy and Daddy Both Deploy
Libyan Told He Cannot Pursue Rendition Claim in Case It Harms UK Interests
Appeals-Court Panel Reverses Itself on Saudi 9/11 Lawsuit
UN Votes to Protect Online Privacy; Snowden Leaks Credited
NSA Actions and Reactions
Govt Drops Objection to Publishing Secret Opinion
Pressure Builds to Crack Down on NSA Spying
Obama: Snowden Leaks Caused 'Unnecessary Damage'
Obama Promises 'Firm Statement' on NSA Reform in January
Friendly Fire: How British Snoops Monitor Germany, Israel, and the EU
Verizon: US Company to Publish Data Requests
The NSA Review Group Ganders at Metadata
Rep. Peter King: NSA Spy Programs 'Highly Constitutional'
NSA Fallout in Europe Boosts Alternatives to Google
Latest Snowden Revelations Spark Anger at European Commission
Responding to Reports It Spied on Israel, White House Says 'All Countries Collect Intelligence'
The War at Home
You'll Never Guess Where This FBI Agent Left a Secret Interrogation Manual
Bipartisan Military Whistleblower Protection Act Passes Congress
Air Force Removed General Over Drunken Behavior in Moscow
Contracting Overhaul Is Promised for Navy
Missing POW's Remains Returned to His Widow 63 Years After His Death
Half of Gitmo Detainees May Soon Be Gone
Sudanese Guantánamo Detainee Says He Was Tortured
9/11 Case Stalls for Mental Competency Hearing
Cole Bombing Suspect Loses Gitmo Challenge
Pentagon Selling Gobs of Afghanistan Gear to the Highest Bidders
India Begins Training Afghan Commandos as Ties Deepen
Pakistan Protests May Make US Fly War Cargo Out
Musharraf Defends Actions in Interview
Musharraf's Lawyers Seek World Intervention Over Treason Trial
Lahore Police Arrest Three Alleged Terrorists
Dominos Pizza Attacked as India, US Fail to Cool Diplomat Row
India Maids Speak Out on Diplomat's Arrest
North Korea Fax Threatens to 'Strike South Korea Mercilessly'
Rodman Holds Tryouts for Pyongyang Exhibition Game
South Korea Unlikely to Finalize Lockheed F-35 Order Until Summer '14
China Revives Mao-Era Self-Criticism, but This Kind Bruises Few Egos
Monk Sets Himself on Fire in Tibet to Protest China's Rule
Manila Philippines Airport Shooting: Gunmen Kill Four, Including Mayor
Weekend Reviews
How Israel Sank Into the Quagmire of Apartheid
The American Conservative's 2013 Reading List
Goliath: The Book That May Delegitimize Israel’s Apartheid State
US Writers Must Take a Stand on NSA Surveillance
Voices From Afghanistan
Playing Both Sides: America's Great Game, by Hugh Wilford
Why Palestine Solidarity Movement Should Challenge America's Legacy of Conquest
A Nascent CIA in the 1940s and 1950s Helped Shape the Middle East, Author Says
Story of a Death Foretold: The Coup Against Salvador Allende by Oscar Guardiola-Rivera
Gaza's Streets Remain Flooded a Week After Storm
Palestinians Accuse Israel of Escalating Violence to Scupper Peace Talks
Under Pressure, PLO Tries to Limit Damage From Abbas Attack on Israel Boycott
Palestinian Killed During Skirmish on Gaza Border
Lieberman to Chinese FM: Israel Is Serious About Peace
Meet the American Hedge Fund Billionaire Who Could Start a 'Holy War' in the Middle East
Behind the Scenes of Israel's Governing Coalition, a Theater of the Absurd
Revealed From Archive: Israel's Secret Plan to Resettle Arab Refugees
Iran Nuclear Talks Extended
Senate Bill Threatens Nuclear Deal, Analysts Say
Divide Deepens Among Democrats on Iran
Obama Facing Hill Rebellion on Iran Sanctions
Obama Urges Congress to Resist New Iran Sanctions
Rouhani Takes on Revolutionary Guards in Iran Power Test
US Blocks Iran Presence at Syria Peace Talks
Brahimi Says He Could Work Around Iranian Absence From Syria Talks
Spain to Hold Syria Opposition Talks in January
US Caution Over Syria Talks Prompts Opposition Doubts
Syria Opposition Demands Release of Assyrian Dissident
Syrian Chemical Weapon Arsenal Destruction Timetable Gets UK Boost
Iraqi Market Bombed; 42 Killed, 41 Wounded
Iraq Suffers Disastrous Year With Key Mediator Absent
Turkish Prime Minister Faces Biggest Threat of His Rule
Turkey Corruption Inquiry: More Senior Police 'Fired'
Middle East
Attackers Blow Up Yemen Oil Pipeline Again
Hezbollah Chief Vows to 'Punish' Israel Over Killing of Key Aide
Two Egyptian Soldiers and Three Militants Killed in Sinai Battle: Army
Libyan Military Colonel Assassinated
Libya Militias Fleeing Cities, Leaving Chaos
South Sudan on Precipice of Civil War, Obama Warns
South Sudan's Military Loses Control of Town as Fighting Spreads
UN Sends Helicopters to Evacuate Staff From South Sudan Base
Refugees Flock to UN Shelters as South Sudan Violence Spreads
Sudan Fears Spread of South Sudan Conflict Will Affect Oil Flows
Central African Republic
Violence in the Central African Republic Escalates as President's Family Flees Country
Fragile Lull Is Shattered by Clashes in the Central African Republic
France Finds Itself Alone Again in Central Africa
EU Stands by 'Family Member' Ukraine
Grimsby Mosque Attackers Jailed for Six Years
Bosnia Court Jails Islamist for 45 Years Over Bomb Attack
Khodorkovsky Arrives in Germany After Putin Pardon
Cuba to Eliminate Currency Pegged to Dollar
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