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Updated January 2, 2014 - 11:26 PM EST
10,000 Killed in Iraq in 2013, Worst Since 2007
  Maliki Orders More Troops to Protesting Cities
  Sunni Militants Storm Iraq Police Stations to Free Prisoners
  Iraqi Kurdish Troops Sent to Disputed Region
  Clashes in Iraq Intensify: 47 Killed, 60 Wounded
Settlements On Hold Until Kerry Leaves Israel
  Israel Offers to Trade Land, 300,000 Arabs to PA for Settlement Blocs
  Israeli Econ Minister: Peace Deal Means End to Coalition Govt
  Palestinian Ambassador in Prague Killed in Blast
Syria Warplanes Bomb Inside Lebanon, 1 Killed
  Hezbollah Commander: Syrian Islamists at War 'Against Humanity'
  Lebanon Arrests Saudi Leader of al-Qaeda-Linked Group
US Aims to Stop Afghans From Freeing Detainees
How Zionist Extremists Helped Create UK's Surveillance State
Sunni Monarchs Back YouTube Hate Preachers  by Patrick Cockburn
Obama Claims the NSA Has Never Abused Its Authority. That's False  by Trevor Timm
We Just Lost Afghanistan Because We're Not Earth's Special Snowflake  by Adam Weinstein
Secret Reports Reveal All  by Philip Giraldi
Edward Snowden, Whistle-Blower  New York Times
From Courts to Congress, NSA Spying Will Not Be Stopped in Washington DC  by Michael Boldin

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Stop the Wars, Pope Says in New Year Appeal
Nations Jockey for Arctic Position, US Not in Lead
Putin Visits Bomb-Hit Volgograd
US Citizens Rank Israel 6th on List of Favorite Countries
The Obama as Civil Libertarian Propaganda Rolls Out
Syria Opposition Says Jihadists 'Serve Regime Interests'
Syria Conflict Pits Shia Against Sunni as Hezbollah Says This Is 'War We Must Win'
Israel Put Palestinian Children in Outdoor Cages During Winter Storm
Gaza: Hamas Lawmakers Approve Large Budget Deficit
Lieberman: Israel Must Give Kerry's Peace Efforts a Chance
Specter of Settlers' Return Looms Over West Bank Neighborhood
Kerry Seeks 'Framework' for Israeli-Palestinian Peace
Israel and the Palestinians Sharpened Their Rhetoric as John Kerry Headed to the Region
Ariel Sharon, Former PM of Israel, Is Said to Be Near Death
Clashes in Iraq Intensify: 47 Killed, 60 Wounded
Iraqi Militia That Kidnapped and Killed British Hostages to Contest Elections
US Museums Display 'Bizarre' Belongings of Saddam Hussein
Iran Conservatives Gain Influence on Nuclear Panel
The Invisible Man: Bill Burns and the Secret Iran Talks
Erdogan Rallies Turks to Thwart 'Plot' Against Nation's Success
Sixth Turkish Politician Resigns Over Corruption Scandal
15,000 Nationalists March in Kiev
Zapatista Rebels Mark 20 Years but Continue to Battle Same Problems
The War at Home
Court Upholds Willy-Nilly Gadget Searches Along US Border
Iraq War Vet Makes Colorado's First Pot Purchase
ACLU Sues on Behalf of Ann Arbor Man Over 'WARSUX' License Plate
Jihad Jane: Despite Cooperation, US Seeks 'Decades' in Prison
WikiLeaks' Julian Assange Calls on Computer Hackers to Unite Against NSA Surveillance
Aid Groups Vow to Stay as NATO Exits Afghanistan
In Afghanistan, Jan. 1 Is Everyone's Birthday
Afghan Firing Ranges a Deadly Temptation for Metal Scavengers
Quetta: Two Dead, 31 Injured in Pilgrim Bus Bombing
Pakistan Asks Taliban to Respond Positively to Peace Overtures
Pakistan's Musharraf No Show in Court; Bomb Found
Japan Minister Follows Abe to War Shrine, Pouring Salt on Wound for China
Egypt Police Tear-Gas Pro-Morsi Students
Puppet Ad Draws Terror Accusations
South Sudan
South Sudan Rebels Seize Regional Capital Ahead of Talks
South Sudan City Is 'War Zone' Despite Peace Efforts
South Sudan Declares Emergency in Two States: Govt Tweet
Mogadishu Hotel Targeted by Bombs, at Least 11 Killed
Inter-Religious Violence Kills Three in Central African Republic's Capital
Libya: Over One Million Register for Constitutional Elections on Final Registration Day
Mali Dismisses Candidates for Fraud in Elections
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