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Updated January 3, 2014 - 11:22 PM EST
Al-Qaeda Seizes Parts of Two Major Iraqi Cities
  Iraq Arrests Key Shi'ite Cleric Who Leads Militia
  42 Killed, 69 Wounded in Iraq Bombings, Shootings
One in Four Drone Deaths in Pakistan Are Civilian
  Pentagon Roadmap: Future Drones To Be Deadlier, More Independent
Red Herring: Israeli Military in Jordan Valley
  Daughter of Slain Palestinian Envoy Doubts Prague Bomb an Accident
NSA Seeks Super Computer to Crack Encryption
  A Description of the Penetrating Hard Targets Project
  Former Obama Official Agrees With Call for Snowden Clemency
  Views On Snowden: Are the Times A-Changin’?
'Chance of a Century': Int'l Investors Flock to Iran
China FM Slams US for Releasing Gitmo Uighurs
Six Killed in Car Bomb Near Hezbollah Beirut Office
Poor Saudi Arabia Unhappy With US Foreign Policy
Congress Don't Sabotage Our Chance to End Cold War With Iran  by Marc Joffe & Sheldon Richman
How Innocent Men Stopped Obama From Closing Gitmo  by Adam Serwer
2014: Failure of Palestinian Authority, BDS Success to Continue  by Ramzy Baroud
Demand An Unconditional Pardon for Snowden  by Justin Raimondo
The CIA's Lawyer: Waterboarding and Memory  by Steve Coll
In Benghazi, Could Anyone Be al-Qaeda?  by Amy Davidson

More Viewpoints

Hands Off Egypt and Syria
by John J. Mearsheimer
Poll: Americans Have Little Faith in Government
Russia Detains Hundreds After Volgograd Bombings
Military Propaganda Websites on Verge of Extinction
Greenwald Slams Obama 'Loyalist' Ruth Marcus
Skype Says User Data Safe in Syrian Elect. Army Hack
Who's at the Door? Oh, It's Gorbachev
The War at Home
FBI: Arson Attack on Chinese Consulate in San Francisco Was 'Intentional, Not Terrorism'
Marines Delay Female Fitness Plan After Half Fail
Troops in Colorado Reminded That Pot Still Off-Limits
Egypt Protests: Two Die in Violence in Alexandria
Revolution, Turmoil Impact on Pop Culture
Egypt's Latest Terror Suspect: The Popular Felt-And-Yarn Puppet Abla Fahitaa
Briton and New Zealander Shot Dead in Libya
Two Americans Detained by Libyan Army in Benghazi
South Sudan
Military: South Sudan Rebels Set Eyes on Capital
'Back From the Brink': South Sudan's Warring Rivals to Begin Peace Talks
South Sudan Fighting Continues Ahead of Ethiopia Talks
Central African Republic/Cameroon
Seven Die in Cameroon Clash Between Army and Central African Republic Gunmen
Central African Republic: Doctors Shut Down Most Services at Bangui Camp
Chief of DR Congo Troops Fighting Ugandan Rebels Killed
Diani Grenade Attack: Injuries in Kenyan Resort
Somali Islamists Claim Mogadishu Hotel Bombing
Rwandan Leader Accused in Killing of Ex-Spy Chief
Tunisia Arrests 4 Militants After Firefight
Panama Seeks International Help in Canal Fight
Elderly Palestinian Man Dies After Alleged Tear Gas Inhalation
Israel Tells Kerry Palestinians Not 'Committed to Peace'
Israel Official: Jordan Valley Must Remain Border
Israeli Forces Arrest 13 Palestinians in Bethleham Raid
Prague Embassy Staff 'Not Aware of Explosive Device' on Safe
Weapons Found at Prague Home of Dead Palestinian Envoy
42 Killed, 69 Wounded in Iraq Bombings, Shootings
Bombing in Northern Iraq City Kills at Least 19
Iraqi Kurdistan Oil Close to Reaching International Markets Via New Pipeline
Conservative Iran MP Indicted for Criticizing 2009 Election Arrests
Iran Commander Admits to Shooting at 2009 Protesters
Iran Foreign Minister to Visit Turkey Amid Corruption Probe
Middle East
US Ship to Depart Soon on Chemical Weapons Mission to Mediterranean
Turkey 'Coup Plot': Military Demands Retrial
Lebanon Working to Confirm ID of al-Qaeda Suspect
Female Officer Killed in Herat
McCain, Graham Press Karzai to Hold Off on Prisoner Release
Musharraf Misses Third Court Appearance After Alleged Heart Attack
Malaysia's Islamic Authorities Seize Bibles as Allah Row Deepens
Myanmar President Supports Changing Army-Drafted Constitution
Catalan President Calls on EU Leaders to Support Push for Independence
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Justin Raimondo
Demand An Unconditional Pardon for Edward Snowden

Philip Giraldi
Secret Reports Reveal All

Ivan Eland
Ignore Saudi and Israel Goading for Mideast Warmongering

Kelley B. Vlahos
2013: The Year Democracy Caught a Cold

Nebojsa Malic
Moments of Revelation

David R. Henderson
Rand’s Stand

Ran HaCohen
Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

Charles V. Peña
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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