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Updated January 8, 2014 - 10:55 PM EST
Syria Rebels Attack Two Chemical Arms Sites
  34 al-Qaeda Fighters Executed by Rival Syrian Rebels
  Syrian al-Qaeda Factions Nearing Conflict With One Another
  Syria Rivals Agree Truce in Damascus District
Obama Wants to Repeal Iraq War Authorization
  Iraq Claims 25 al-Qaeda Killed in Anbar Airstrikes
  In Iraqi City Under Siege, More Support for Militants Than Officials
  Al-Qaeda Takeover the Least of Maliki's Anbar Problems
  White House Blasts Senate for Blocking Iraq Arms Sales
  Clashes, Bombs, Shootings in Iraq: 96 Killed, 98 Wounded
50 Senators Now Cosponsor Iran Sanctions Bill
  Iran President Defends Nuclear Talks From Hardline Critics
US Hopes for Israel 'Framework' Deal This Month
  Palestinian Villagers Briefly Detain Settlers in Failed Price Tag Attack
  Interior Minister: Arab Citizens Not an Object to Be Moved in Deal
Calif. Legislators Introduce Bill to Banish NSA
  Navy Mistakenly Sends FOIA Avoidance Plans to Reporter
Study: Afghans Don't Like Being Bombed
Activists Admit 1971 FBI Theft That Exposed Cointelpro
US Probes Yemenis' Charge That Drone Strike Hit Wedding
Why the US Wants To Stay In Afghanistan  by Jack A. Smith
Did Edward Snowden Break His Oath?  by Amy Davidson
Stop Allowing the Army To Copy the Marines’ Missions  by Ivan Eland
How to Fight the NSA – and Win  by Justin Raimondo
Special Ops Goes Global  by Nick Turse
US Foreign Policy Is a Shambles  by Sheldon Richman

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US Ambassador to Honduras Offers Tacit Support of Brutal Crackdown
Former Montana Governor Wants Snowden Clemency
Securing Sochi: Russia's Counter-Terrorism Fighters
US Army Takes on Its Own Toxic Leaders
Sailors Question Elimination of Danger Pay in Bahrain
Syrian Opposition Undecided on Geneva Peace Talks
Al-Qaeda Rebels Leave Mass Grave Behind as They Desert Base in Syria
UN Decides to Stop Updating Syria Death Toll
Saudis Back Syria Rebels Despite a Lack of Control
Stretched Thin, Syrian Extremists Are Pressured
Syria Ships Out First Batch of Chemical Weapons Materials
Qaeda Leader in Syria Seeks to Halt Rebel Infighting
Thousands of Syrians Cross Into Iraq as Border Reopens: UN
Clashes, Bombs, Shootings in Iraq: 96 Killed, 98 Wounded
US General: Not Time to Send American Troops Back to Iraq
Maliki's War on al-Qaeda Is Tainted by Sectarian Politics
Al-Sweady Inquiry: Body Removal Results 'Unfortunate'
Ya'alon Says Israel, PA Working to Extend Talks Beyond 9-Month Period
Kerry Gains Unlikely Backer of Framework Proposal: Avigdor Lieberman
Unilateral Palestinian Statehood – Real Threat or 'Big Bluff'?
Netanyahu: Israel Will Not Evacuate Hebron, Beit El as Part of Peace Deal
Pipe Bomb Thrown Near Bethlehem; One Wounded
Livni: Boycott 'Greatest Threat' Facing Israel
Children Killed by Israeli Soldiers 'Hiding' Near Schools, Says Human Rights Watch
Bennett: We Will Not Sit in a Government That Accepts Agreement Based on 1967 Lines
Israel to Name Arrow Facility for Late US Senator Inouye
Iran Sanctions Bill Opposed by Obama Gains Senate Backers
Iranian Stars Petition UN Over Medicine Shortages
Iran Tries to Reverse a Slumping Birth Rate
Turkish Government Fires 350 Police Officers
Turkish Corruption Probe Row Deepens
Turkey Clears Military Over Uludere Bombing Deaths
Tribes Attack Yemen Pipeline Twice in Two Days
Car Bombing Injures Intelligence Officer in Yemen's Aden
Gunmen Kill Yemen Police Officer in Aden
Hezbollah Has No Yakhont Missiles, Defense Minister Says
Haiti, Dominican Republic Meet to Discuss Disputes
NSA Actions and Reactions
Assessments of the Phone Dragnet Reveal How Much They're Keeping 'Secret'
NSA Exploring Alternatives to Holding Database of Domestic Phone Logs
Security Experts Boycott Security Conference Over NSA Ties
Obama to Meet With Intel Officials, Lawmakers Ahead of NSA Report
The War at Home
Amnesty International Calls on President Obama: Stop Evading Accountability for Potentially Unlawful Drone Killings
Gates: Obama Lost Faith in His Afghanistan Policy
Gates: Obama Wanted Criminal Investigation of Leaks to NYT
White House Rejects Criticisms in Gates' Memoir
Ohio Police: Man Stopped for Speeding Had 48 Bombs
3 Members of a Family Killed in Ghazni Roadside Blast
16 Militants Killed, 15 Injured in Afghan Operations
US Lists Crimes of Prisoners Slated for Release in Afghanistan
Six Pakistanis Killed Over Visit to Sufi Muslim Shrine
Fine French Food in the Heart of Pakistan, Just No Pakistanis Allowed
US Sending Extra Combat Unit to South Korea
Angry Dennis Rodman Defends North Korea Visit
South Korea Suspends Tear Gas Supplies to Bahrain
Bomb Thrown in Drive-By Attack on Cairo Police
Egypt TV Cleric in Qatar Urges Referendum Boycott
Egypt Police Seize Looted Artifacts
Visit With Jailed Al Jazeera Correspondent Finds Him Healthy, Haggard
South Sudan Peace Talks Begin
Sudan Backs Away From Statement on South Sudan Force
South Sudan Rejects Call to Free Rebels to Help End Fighting
South Sudan Rebel Taban Deng Eyes Full Reconciliation
Nigeria Gunmen Kill 30 in Plateau State Raid
DR Congo's Lubumbashi Hit by Fighting
Central African Republic Crisis: Aid Worker Fears Attack
Libya's Standoff With Eastern Oil Protesters Escalates
Zambia Opposition Leader Charged Over Potato Jibe Against President
80 WWII Shells Discovered on French Beach After Storm
4 Believed Dead in Possible US Military Helicopter Crash in UK
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