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Updated January 11, 2014 - 11:23 PM EST
WH: Senators Should Admit They Want Iran War
  Iran Deal Text Finalized, Waiting for Final Approval
  Sens. Paul, Flake 'Won't Rule Out' Backing Iran Sanctions
  White House Ups Ante on Sanctions Bill as More Senators Sign On
US Marines Shoot and Kill 4-Year-Old Afghan Boy
  Gates: US Tried to Oust Karzai in 'Failed Putsch'
  Gates Conceals Real Story of 'Gaming' Obama on Afghan War
500 Killed in First Week of Syrian Rebel Infighting
  41 Palestinians Die From Hunger, Shortages in Syria Refugee Camp
Tribes Negotiating to Take Fallujah From Qaeda
  Bewildered Fallujah Residents Flee Feared Iraq Army Assault
US Secretly Deployed Troops to Somalia in Oct.
NSA Makes Final Push to Retain Most Powers
Israel Announces Another 1,400 Settlement Units
Embarrassing AF Revelation Caps Hagel's Nuclear Tour
Quetta Assassinations Fuel Fears of Taliban Power Dispute
I Helped Destroy Falluja in 2004. I Won't Be Complicit Again  by Ross Caputi
Does Tea Party Hero Mike Lee Really Want a War With Iran?  by Robert Naiman
Counterterrorism and the Totalitarian Temptation  by Conor Friedersdorf
The Army's Asia Pivot  by Andrew J. Bacevich
The Pipe Dream of NSA Reformers  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Edward Snowdens of the Past Reveal Themselves in a Still-Snooped World  by J.D. Tuccille

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Terror Charges Faced by Oklahoma Fossil Fuel Protesters 'Outrageous'
First Gitmo Parole Board Clears 'Forever Prisoner' for Eventual Transfer
US Terror Designation of 3 Ansar Al Shariah Branches Skirts Some Key Questions
FBI Director James Comey 'Confused' by Those Calling Snowden a Whistleblower
Spying on Everyone
Obama to Unveil NSA Reforms on Jan. 17
Obama Used Espionage Act More Than All Previous Administrations
No NSA Fears as Tech Hawks Data-Hungry Devices
After Meeting, Senate Dems Renew Call for NSA Reform
TSA Expands Reach With New Anti-Terror Regs
How New Mexico's Sen. Heinrich Came to Be NSA Critic
South Sudan
US Weighs Targeted Sanctions Against South Sudan
US Warns South Sudan's Democracy at Risk
South Sudan Troops 'Recapture Key Oil City of Bentiu'
Mali Frees Hunger-Striking Soldiers: Lawyer
Displaced Fearful of Returning Home a Year on From Crisis
Northern Africa
3 Killed as Islamists Rally in Egypt Ahead Vote
Christians in Libya Cast Anxious Eye at Religious Freedom
Kenya Planes Kill Somali Militants From Al-Shabab
Central African Leader's Exit Sets Off Rejoicing in the Streets
Nigeria to Free 167 Held in Boko Haram Raids
Death of Colonel Who Inspired Hope in Congo
Aircraft Crash in Afghanistan Kills 2 Coalition Troops, Civilian
Taliban Talks Going Nowhere Despite Secret Meets
3 TTP Suspects, Alleged Rapist Killed in Encounter
Gunmen Kill 2 Workers at Sufi Shrine in Pakistan
Musharraf Has Become a Headache for Sharif: Report
'Escalating Protests May Trigger Thailand Coup'
Thai Insurgents Extend Their Reach
Thailand Plays Down Coup Talk Ahead of City 'Shutdown' by Protesters
Thailand Protests: Six Injured in Clashes
US Withdraws Diplomat After India Expulsion Demand
US Embassy Won't Change Sri Lanka Twitter Post
Global Activists Oppose Plan for Replacement Air Base on Okinawa
Japan and China Criticize Each Other's Africa Policies
Philippines, Vietnam Condemn China's Fishing Law
Tajikistan Opposition Figure Gets 26 Years
Cuba: US 'Very Open' to New Relationship
Guatemala Prez Drops Complaint Against Journalist
Venezuelan Heating Oil a No-Show in US This Year
In Other News
White House, in Gates's Telling, Restrained Clinton
UN Whistle-Blower Case Shows Accountability Limits
Weekend Reviews
They've Always Been Watching You
Manufacturing Terrorists
The Secret History of the Vietnam War
Hollywood Figures Spied for CIA, Book Asserts
US Officials: Iran Will Not Attend Syria Peace Talks
Rouhani Says Syria Talks Will Fail Without Iran
Turkish Police Seize Buses Carrying Weapons Near Syria Border
Official: Hundreds Face Imminent Death in Yarmouk Camp
Russia Tells US It Will Continue Backing Assad
Israeli Youths Help Syrians Fight Winter Chills
Sardinia Does Not Want to Host Syrian Chemical Weapons Transfer: Governor
19 Killed, 36 Wounded, Mostly in Anbar
Anbar Fighting Sends Refugees Fleeing to Kurdistan
Iraqi Troops Clash With Al-Qaeda Militants in West
Tribes, Police Seize Parts of Iraq City From Militants
Iran, Russia Negotiating Big Oil-For-Goods Deal
Beware of Pushing Iran Too Far, Says UK Politician
Iran's Rouhani, Israel's Netanyahu Due at Davos Meeting
Why Every American Should Take Their Next Vacation in Iran
Lapid: Israel's Economy Will Suffer if Peace Talks Fail
Senior IDF Officer's Jeep Vandalized as He Visits Settlers
West Bank Soldiers: We Guard Settlers; They Spit US in the Face
Israel Settler Plans 'Message' to Kerry Not to Return: Erakat
Smuggled Sperm Brings Baby Joy to Gaza Prisoner's Family
The Fate of a Palestinian Investor Who Called for Abbas' Resignation
Israeli Vandals Fell Fruit Trees in Revenge Attack on Arabs
Tens of Thousands of Refugees March in Jerusalem, Demand Asylum Status
British Student Deported From Israel Because His Social Media Posts 'Posed a Security Threat'
Israeli Forces Release 9 Detained Palestinian Children and 1 Youth
Yemen Activists Hold Silent Vigil Against Drone Strikes
In Yemen, US Embassy Confiscating Some Passports, ACLU Warns
Al Qaeda-Linked Militants in Yemen Free South Africans
3 Soldiers Injured in Clashes in Lebanon's Tripoli
US Warns Americans Over Security at Sochi Olympics
Russia: Suspects in Bombing Arrested
Ukraine Ex-Minister Lutsenko Hurt in Clashes in Kiev
US Military
Report: Suicide Rate Spikes Among Young Veterans
Families of SEAL Team 6 Disaster Are Now Suing Iran for $600 Million
Ten US Air Force Officers Investigated Over Drugs
Coast Guard: Search for Missing Sailor Called Off
Workers Tearing Down Army Chemical Site in Utah
Marine Was Accidentally Killed in March by Bulldozer as He Slept
Soldier Who Died in Korean War POW Camp Finally Comes Home
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