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Updated January 13, 2014 - 11:24 PM EST
Obama: Interim Iran Deal Starts January 20
  Obama Vows to Veto Any Iran Sanctions Bills
  Obama and Rouhani Face Mounting Pressure Against Nuclear Deal
Al-Qaeda Executes Scores of Rivals in N. Syria
  Syrian Shelling in Rebel-Held Homs Kills at Least 20
  Little Hope, But Officials Insist Syria Talks Must Proceed
Maliki: Iraqi Army Won't Attack Fallujah
  Iraq FM: Fighting in Anbar Will Last As Long as Syria War
  General Survives Rare Bombing in Iraqi Kurdistan
  More Bombs for Baghdad, Clashes in Anbar; 59 Killed, 119 Wounded
Israel Rejects Effort to Limit Jerusalem Talks
  Israeli MP Praises God for Smiting Sharon Before He Could Leave WB
NSA Surveillance Rarely Useful, Study Shows
  Official 'Can't Prove Terrorists Changing Tactics Because of Snowden'
US Biological Weapons Tested on Crops in Okinawa in 1960s
We Have to Destroy Our Constitution To Save It  by Peter Van Buren & Tom Engelhardt
The Misuse of American Might, and the Price It Pays  by Andrew J. Bacevich
Top Ten Ways Ariel Sharon Ruined Israel and the Middle East  by Juan Cole
Defeat the Israel Lobby  by Justin Raimondo
Congress Defers to President on NSA Reform  by Ron Paul
In Gitmo, 'National Security' Rides Roughshod Over Human Rights  by Shaker Aamer

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US Senators Implore Obama to Rein in NSA Surveillance
McCain Seeks Congressional Probe Into 'Broken' NSA
Uganda Sends Troops Into South Sudan
He Bled for Egypt's Revolution. Now He Says 'It's Over.'
Senior Libyan Official Assassinated, First Since Gadhafi Era
Obama Says US to Give 'Modest Relief' on Iran Sanctions
Iran to Get First $550 Million of Blocked $4.2 Billion on February 1
Iran's Science Minister Spurs Dormant Student Movement
UN Watchdog Eyes Increased Iran Presence to Verify Nuclear Deal
More Bombs for Baghdad, Clashes in Anbar; 59 Killed, 119 Wounded
Obama Administration Official: Iraq's Nouri Al-Maliki Ready to Reach Out to Sunnis
Maliki Threatens to Cut Funds if Kurds Pipe Oil to Turkey
McCain: Send Petraeus Back to Iraq
William Hague Rejects Iraq 'Abuse' Complaint to ICC
NGO: 700 Killed in Two Weeks in Syria Rebel-Jihadist Battle
Top Envoys Insist Syria Peace Talks Must Proceed
Kerry: 'No Other Alternative' to Ending Violence in Syria
Middle East
Yemen Tribes Kill Six Soldiers, Tell Norway Firm to End Oil Work
UAE Troops Could Soon Be Trained in Counter-Terrorism by the US Marine Corps
Presidential Run Likely for Egypt's Top General
Egyptians Set to Vote on Army-Backed Post-Morsi Constitution
Central African Republic
'Score-Settling' in Central African Republic Kills 13
France Brokers Partial Truce in Central African Republic Capital
Central African Republic's Ex-Ruler Djotodia Seeks Exile in Benin a Day After Stepping Down
Nigerian Senator Says Military Bombs His Convoy
South Sudan Official: Rebels Damage Oil Facilities
President: Betray Rwanda, Face Consequences
Mali, Mauritania Ink Deal on Fight Against 'Terrorist Groups'
Ariel Sharon, Whose Political Career Was Unhindered by Civilian Massacres, Dies at 85
Israel Readies for Sharon's Funeral as Foreign Leaders Set to Arrive
Israeli, Arab Papers Miles Apart on Sharon's Legacy
Abbas Says He Won't Make Concessions on Jerusalem
Jordan Valley Settlements Hurt by Boycott Campaign
Ashton to Israel: Stop Settlement Building Now
Ex-Shin Bet Chief Flees Denmark Following Leftist Group's Complaint to Police
Israel to Spend Billions on Initiative to Bolster Jewish Identity in Diaspora
2 Killed, 21 Injured in Kabul Suicide Attack
Afghan Police, Often Derided, Face Another Drawback: Missing Pay
Afghan Girl's Family 'Forced Attack'
Rubio: Obama 'Emboldening' Taliban
Saving Relics, Afghans Defy the Taliban
McCain: Gates Should Have Delayed Book Until End of Afghan War
Six Killed in Attack on Pakistani PM's Aide
Pakistan Is New Front Line in War on Polio
Thai Protesters Move to Shut Down Bangkok to Force Out PM
US Envoy's Visit to Sri Lanka Delayed
Sheikh Hasina Sworn in as PM in Crisis-Hit Bangladesh
Ukraine Protests Draw 50,000 After Opposition Leader's Beating
Spanish Riots Leave 11 Police Injured; 40 Arrested
Guantánamo's 'Architect of 9/11' Has Care Worker Pen Pal in UK
6 Church Members Slain in Rural El Salvador
Firefight in Western Mexico as Vigilantes Advance
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