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Updated January 16, 2014 - 11:19 PM EST
US Airstrike Kills Afghan Woman, 7 Children
  Pakistan Sectarian Killings Soar, Raising Fears of Regional Spillover
NSA Collects Millions of Text Messages Daily
  Obama's NSA Phone Plan: Let Congress Decide
  NSA's Push for Secrecy: Another Failing of Obama on Transparency
  'The Americans Lied': Trans-Atlantic 'No-Spy' Deal on the Rocks
The Truth About Israel's Secret Nuclear Arsenal
  UN Report: Settler Attacks on Palestinians Quadrupled in 2013
Al-Qaeda Takes More of Iraq's Anbar, Scores Die

Iraq's Bloody Day: 115 Killed, 145 Wounded

  Marines Investigate Photos Allegedly Showing Burning Bodies in Iraq
Al-Qaeda Car Bomb Kills 26 Rival Rebels in Syria
  New Analysis of Syria Chemical Attack Undercuts US Claims
  Western Spies Reach Out to Assad for Help Against al-Qaeda Rebels
US Drone Strike Kills Yemeni Farmer
The Hypocritical US Position on Cyber-Warfare
Israel Lobby Thwarted in Iran Sanctions Bid for Now
State Dept: Sanctions Against Ukraine 'On the Table'
World Report Bring the War on Terror to an End  by Elizabeth Beavers
Snowden Isn't the Only Truth Teller Who Deserves Clemency  by Michael Ratner
The NSA Leaks Are About Democracy, Not Just Privacy  by Conor Friedersdorf
Obama Backs Off Any Real NSA Reform  by Julian Sanchez
The 'Clash of Civilizations' That Never Was  by Leon Hadar
The War on Terror's Authoritarian Template  by Sahar Aziz

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How Did a German Man End Up Dead in US Drone Strike?
Iran and Bahrain: The New York Times' Uncritical Take
Gates: US Prevented South Korea Air Strike on North
Lawmakers to Stymie Plan to Shift Control of Drones From CIA to Pentagon
Arms Smuggling Tunnel Found Between Iraq, Syria
Pentagon Papers Leaker: Snowden a Hero of Mine
Spying on Everyone
Former Presiding Judge, John Bates, Makes Compelling Case to Eliminate FISA Court
Spy Court Judge: These Aren't the Reforms You're Looking For
NSA 'Reform' Measures Quietly Included in $1.1 Trillion Spending Bill
Why Isn't the Media Allowed to Talk to Guantanamo Detainees?
Seven Words You Won't Hear in Guantanamo
Al-Qaeda's Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Statement at Gitmo
The War at Home
34 Nuclear Missile Officers Implicated in Cheating Investigation
Nun Faces Up to 30 Years for Breaking Into Weapons Complex, Embarrassing the Feds
Navy's Second-Ranking Civilian Resigns Amid Criminal Investigation
Border-Patrol Drones Being Borrowed by Other Agencies More Often Than Previously Known
Missing Crew Member's Remains Found in Crashed US Navy Helicopter
Missing Australian Soldier: US Officials Hope He Turns Up for Flights Home
Senate Report: Attacks on US Compounds in Benghazi Could Have Been Prevented
Libya Separatist Group to Pursue Oil Exports
Central African Republic
France: Central Africa Republic Religious Hatred Was Underestimated
Nowhere to Go for South Sudanese in Central African Republic
UN Stresses Central African Republic Disaster Warning
DR Congo
Rebels Attack Town in Eastern DR Congo, UN Reports
UN Says Drone Crashes in DR Congo
Official: Politics Behind Deadly Nigeria Bombing
Nigerian Human Rights Council Probes Charges of Assassination, Presidential Hit Squad
Somali Militants Moving Into Kenya, Official Says
Uganda MPs Endorse Sending Troops to South Sudan
UN Cuts Rations for a Million Zimbabweans
5 Killed in Shootout in Russian Region of Dagestan
Spanish Protesters Riot in Madrid, 11 People Hurt
Why the DEA Let the World's Tech-Savviest Drug Cartel Do as It Pleased for 12 Years
Mexico Govt Faces Vigilante Monster It Created
In Brazil, an Illegal Settlement Is Dubbed 'New Palestine'
China Tested Hypersonic Missile Vehicle: US Officials
US Admiral: Chinese Inexperience a Factor in Warships' Near-Miss
Egypt Voters 'Overwhelmingly Back' Constitution
Legitimizing an Undemocratic Process in Egypt
Egyptian Police Detain AP Cameraman
Welcome to Egypt's Department of Morale Affairs
Saudi-Qatar Rivalry Divides Syrian Opposition
Kuwait Pledges $500m and US Pledges $300m to UN's Humanitarian Appeal for Syria
Syria's Assad Slams Saudi Ideology as 'Threat to World'
UN Chief Urges Syrian Opposition to Join Talks
Canadian Man Died in Fighting Near Aleppo
Major Newspapers Speak Out Against Iran Sanctions Bill
Feinstein's Denunciation of Kirk-Menendez Iran Act May Be Decisive
UN Nuclear Agency Board to Meet Next Week on Iran Deal
Iraq's Bloody Day: 115 Killed, 145 Wounded
Iraqi Army Retakes Western Town Seized by Gunmen
6 Iraqi Soldiers Call Families Asking to Be Rescued From Under the Rubble in Anbar
Sunni Politician: US Broke Iraq, Is Morally Obligated to Fix It
Netanyahu on Palestinian 'Right of Return': There Is No Room for Maneuver
Israeli Military Vehicles Enter Border Area in Southern Gaza
Children Burned With Cigarettes by Israeli Soldiers in Illegal Settlement
Washington Condemns 'Price Tag' Attack on Mosque
Jewish Settler Supporters Allegedly Set Fire to Part of West Bank Mosque
Helium Balloons Fly Over Israel to Protest Settler Attacks
US Plans to Sell V-22 Osprey Exclusively to Israel
Australia FM: Don't Call Settlements Illegal Under International Law
Middle East
With Afghan Drawdown Ongoing, US to Set Up Center in Bahrain to Continue Anti-Drug Efforts
Turkey Reassured That NATO Missile Shield Not Designed for Israel
Lebanese Forces Capture Second Leader of al-Qaeda-Linked Group
Poland to Speed Up Troop Withdrawal From Afghanistan
US Has Recent 'Proof of Life' Video of POW Bowe Bergdahl
Afghan Attorney General Drops Candidate Investigations
Afghanistan Seeks Help in Drugs Fight After Opium Crop Hits Record
US Official: Afghanistan Could Become 'Narco-Criminal State'
Atheist Afghan Granted Religious Asylum in UK
At Marine Outpost in Afghanistan, Conditions Grow More Austere by the Day
Thai PM Says Election Best Way to End Crisis
Intelligence Meet Breaks India-US Diplomatic Ice
Myanmar Military 'Using Rape as Weapon'
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