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Updated January 19, 2014 - 11:04 PM EST
Obama's Speech, Annotated Version
  Obama Tells Germans Spying Won't Damage Ties
US Drone Strike on Nuristan Gathering Kills 9
  Taliban Says Kabul Attack Was Reprisal for Civilian Deaths in US Strike
Key Syria Rebels Spurn Talks, Small Group to Go
  Syrian Warplanes Bomb Aleppo, Killing 16: Activists
Numbers of Militants Increase in Fallujah
  US Troops May Return to Middle East to Train Iraqis
  Bombings Resume in Baghdad; 40 Killed, 94 Wounded
House Shelves Plans for Vote on Iran Sanctions
In Honduras, a Drug-War Mission Gone Wrong
January 17, 1893, US Illegally Overthrows Hawaiian Govt
Making Things Worse in the Middle East  by Fareed Zakaria
For America, Denial Is a River in Iraq  by JP Sottile
The NSA Speech: Obama Accepts the Logic of Staying Terrorized  by Conor Friedersdorf
Obama's NSA 'Reforms' Are Just PR  by Glenn Greenwald
Don't Derail Iran Nuclear Deal  by Gary Sick
60 Words and a War Without End  by Gregory D. Johnsen

More Viewpoints

Rotting in Prison for Hosting the Wrong House Guest?
When Do Nuclear Missteps Put Security in Jeopardy?
South Korea Jails Hundreds for Refusing Military Stints
'Living Suicide Bomb' Rejoins al-Qaeda After Saudi Deprogramming
NSA Actions and Reactions
Obama NSA Speech Lost in Translation
NSA Critics in Congress Sense Reform Momentum After Obama Speech
Democratic Rep. Horsford Goes After Obama's NSA Reforms: Move Toward 'Eliminating the Practice'
Washington State Bill Proposes Criminalizing Help to NSA, Turning Off Resources to Yakima Facility
Fact That US Intel Community So Readily Admits to Fantasies of Killing Ed Snowden Shows Why They Can't Be Trusted
Afghan Rocket Attack Kills 4 Soccer Players
Marines Deploy to Helmand as War in Afghanistan Winds Down
Afghan Attack Deadliest of War for Foreign Workers
Senior Police Officers Suspended Following Deadly Kabul Attack
Lebanese Owner Who Died Defending Kabul Restaurant
Deadly Attack at Kabul Restaurant Hints at Changing Climate for Foreigners
Three Killed in Attack on ASWJ Deputy Chief
Taliban Kill Three TV Station Staff in Karachi
Five People Gunned Down in Rawalpindi
Two Dead, Six Injured in Karachi Violence
Militants Bomb 2 Educational Institutions in Khyber
Pakistan: Two Killed in Nowshera
Boy Killed in Mortar Explosion Near Pakistan/India LOC
Karachi: Blast Injures 12 at Banaras Wedding
Gunmen Torch NATO Container in Mastung, Pakistan
China Decries US Spending Bill as Harming Its Interests
China's Media Accuse Uighur Scholar of Separatism
Militants Fire on Hindi-Speaking Bus Passengers, Five Dead in Assam
Gun Attack on Thai Anti-Govt Protesters Wounds 1
Myanmar Frees Scores of Child Soldiers From Armed Forces
Opposition: Australia Govt 'Too Willing to Risk Indonesia Ties'
A Mexican Militia, Battling Michoacan Drug Cartel, Has American Roots
Priests Take the Lead in Fierce Revolt Against Drug Gang in Mexico's Michoacan
Honduras Approves Shooting Down Suspected Drug Planes
FARC Appeals for Rebel Leader's Release From US Prison
9 Charged in 2000 Slaying of Haitian Journalist
The War at Home
Green Zones: A Map of the US Military's Golf Courses
Not Your Typical Police Car: Military Vehicles Put to New Use Back in US
Food Enters Syria's Main Palestinian Refugee Camp
Two British Men in Court on Syria Terrorism Charges
Rocket Fire Kills at Least 3 in Lebanon in Worrisome Sign of Syria Conflict's Spread
Saad Hariri: Culture of Impunity in Lebanon Must End Before I Return
Report: Kerry to Present Interim Peace Agreement at End of January
Israeli Bill to Outlaw the Word Nazi Sparks Ire
Israel Outlaws Peaceful Protest, Says Rights Group
Jerusalem Panel Urges Pressing Israel Over Settlements
Remains of 36 Palestinians Buried in Israel to Be Returned to PA
Bombings Resume in Baghdad; 40 Killed, 94 Wounded
Biden Pledges Support to Iraqi Leaders
Iraq Threatens Turk Boycott, Contract Cuts in Kurd Row
Preachers Via Mosques' Loudspeakers Call Citizens to Evacuate Residences in Fallujah
Army Shell Kills Yemen Woman, Daughters
Iran Diplomat Dead After Resisting Kidnap Attempt in Yemen
Middle East
UN Inspectors Arrive in Tehran to Kick Off Nuclear Deal
Turkish Police Break Up Violent Internet Protest
Egypt's New Constitution Gets 98% 'Yes' Vote
Egyptian Editor Backtracks After Saying 'Americans Will Be Killed in the Streets'
Libya Declares State of Emergency
2 Italians Kidnapped by Gunmen in Eastern Libya
South Sudan
Reports of a Ceasefire in South Sudan
Key Town of Bor Recaptured From Rebels, Mayor Says
Luxury and Farce but No Progress at South Sudan Peace Talks
Central African Republic
Group: Convoy Attack Kills 3 Children, 19 Adults in Central Africa
7 Militants Killed in Dagestan Counterterror Operation
Germans Increasingly Rejecting Blame for WWI
Americans Still Dying
Father of Baby Daughter, Wyoming Soldier Dies in Plane Crash in Afghanistan
Family Remembers Crossville (TN) Green Beret Killed by Small-Arms Fire in Afghanistan
Kailua (HI) Soldier Killed in Afghan Plane Crash Leaves Behind Son and Unborn Child
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