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Updated January 20, 2014 - 11:29 PM EST
Obama: NSA Debate Was 'Not Worth' the Leaks
  Sen. Leahy Unimpressed With Obama Speech, Will Push Reforms
US Complains, So UN Uninvites Iran to Syria Talks
  Major Syria Rebels Spurn Geneva 2, but Small Faction Will Attend
  Al-Qaeda Urges Rival Syrian Rebels to Stop Infighting
Afghan Officials Blame Pakistan for Kabul Attack
  Karzai Reiterates Demands for US to End Air Strikes
  Taliban Kills 20 Pakistani Soldiers in Bannu Convoy Attack
Interim Iran Nuclear Deal Goes Into Effect
  The CIA's Role in the Iran Nuclear Deal
Iraqi Army, Tribes Attack al-Qaeda in Ramadi
  Jordan to Host US Training of Iraqi Troops
  Anbar Clashes, Baghdad Bombings: 73 Killed, 111 Wounded
Desert Gives al-Qaeda Refuge After Mali Defeat
It's About Blackmail, Not National Security  by Alfred McCoy & Tom Engelhardt
Obama NSA Speech: Pretty Words, No Real Change  by Peter Van Buren
Eisenhower's Farewell Speech More Prescient Than Ever  by Stephen C. Webster
Down Mexico Way  by Justin Raimondo
Kerry's Geneva II Delusions  by Daniel McAdams
Secret-Law Alert: Congress Tries to Hide Its Drone Policy  by Conor Friedersdorf

More Viewpoints

Spend Smarter, Not More
by Lt. Gen. Robert Gard Jr. (ret.)
& Brig. Gen. John Johns (ret.)
Okinawa City Re-Elects Anti-US Airbase Mayor
Threat Surfaces as US Lawmakers Fret Over Olympics Security
Seven Militants Killed in Southern Russia: Official
The Minnesota Starvation Experiment
Robert Gates Said He Wanted to Recruit Bob Woodward for the CIA
Spying on Everyone
Rep. Mike Rogers Investigates Whether Russia Behind Snowden's Leaks
Actions Must Follow Obama's Words on NSA, Germans Say
Former CIA Official Admits to 'Very Minor' NSA Abuses
Lawmakers Say Obama Surveillance Idea Won't Work
Obama Surveillance Proposal Will Change Little: Assange
Obama Embracing Surveillance Structure of George W. Bush, Hayden Says
Syria Says Interfax Assad Comments on Not Giving Up Power Inaccurate
After Deadly Siege, Food Trickles Into Syria Refugee Camp
In Syria, Former Official Says, 'Nobody Is Winning'
Minister: French Teens Go to Syria for Jihad
A Look at the Deal Between Iran, World Powers
How Rouhani Triumphed: Iranian Election Could Spell Trouble for Hardliners
Iran Aims to Attract More Gulf Tourists
In Gaza, a Slow-Burning Escalation Courtesy of a Weakened Hamas
Bennett Says His Goal Is to 'Torpedo' Any Agreement With the Palestinians
Two Gazans Hurt as Israeli Strike Targets Islamic Jihad
Region Boiling, Israel Takes Up Castle Strategy
Ya'alon Again Knocks US Policy, Without Getting Personal
Israeli Company to Unveil Laser Defense
Palestinian Center for Human Rights Condemns Israeli Assassination Attempt in Gaza
31 Killed, 58 Wounded in Iraq Attacks; Clashes Ramp Up in Anbar
Ordinary Iraqis Blame Politicians for Rising Sectarian Conflicts
Eight Iraqi Police and Tribesmen Killed Fighting al-Qaeda
Iraq Again Uses Sunni Tribesman in Militant War
Iraq Can't Finance Budget Deficit Without Kurdish Oil Revenues, Says Legislator
Turkey Purges Officials in Bid to Quash Corruption Probes
Turkish Economic Success Falls Victim to Political Turmoil
Yemen: Police Chief Assassinated
Afghan Police Claim Five Pakistani Militants Killed in Drone Strike
Roadside Blast Kills 3 Civilians, Injures 4 Others in Helmand
Kabul Restaurant Attack Throws Aid Work Into Peril
Police Face Security Breach Probe After Kabul Attack
Afghans Show Solidarity After Attack on Restaurant
End of an Era in Kabul: Taliban Attack on Cherished Restaurant Shatters Illusion of Oasis
Iran Condemns Friday Terrorist Attack in Afghan Capital
Prisoner GI's Dad Launches White House Petition to Free Son
28 Wounded in Blasts at Bangkok Protest Site
Thailand Reels From Bombings as Political Violence Escalates
East Asia
Japan PM Calls for 'Frank' Talks With China, South Korea
China Starts Building Second Aircraft Carrier: Media
Egyptian Army Says Top Sinai Militant Dead
Egypt Says Twitter Post by Liberal Was Crime
Fourth Trial Called for Mohammed Morsi
Libya Security Chief Killed in Clashes With Gangs
South Korean Trade Official Kidnapped in Libya
Central African Republic
22 Central African Rep. Muslims Killed in Sectarian Fighting
Bodies Burnt in Street in Central African Republic
Church Shelters Muslims From Central African Killing
France Confident of EU Troop Support in Central African Rep.
15 Dead, Hundreds Flee Nigeria Homes After Attacks
South Sudan Recaptures Town From Rebels
The War at Home
Man Tortured for Britain Finds Asylum – in the US
Veterans' Justice: A Separate Court System Pops Up for Returning Vets
PTSD Is Now a 'Cultural Phenomena' in US, Authors Say
Ukraine Protests Turn Into Fiery Street Battles
Jihadists Construct the Atomium Bomb: YouTube Video Threat to Belgium Tourist Attraction
Vigilantes Hold Mexico Town, Tenuously, After Driving Out Cartel
Mexico Says It Nabbed Cartel Leader in Michoacan
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Obama Should Be Careful of the Slippery Slope Back Into Iraq

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War in Afghanistan: The Jig Is Up

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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