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Updated January 22, 2014 - 11:21 PM EST
Major Rebel Faction Withdraws From Syria Talks
  Al-Qaeda Slaughters on Syria's Killing Fields
  Syrian Kurds Declare Autonomous Region in Northeast
Lebanon Sunni Seeks Unity Govt With Hezbollah
  Syrian Islamist Suicide Car Bomb Kills 4 in Shi'ite Suburb of Beirut
Iraq to Make Provinces for Turkomen, Christians
  Iraq Security Force Abuses Compound Violence
24 Shi'ite Pilgrims Die in Pakistan Bus Bombing
  Pakistani Troops Pound Waziristan Village, Killing 40
US Withholding FISA Orders on Bulk Collection
  Legislators in 6 States Want to Pull the Plug on NSA – Some Literally
Israel Threatens Hamas as They Try to Contain Rocket Fire
Nuclear Deal Aside, West Still Hostile Toward Iran
Russia Includes Abkhazia in Olympic Zone, Angering Georgia
Obama Won't Repeal AUMF, Stays On ‘Perpetual War Footing’
Recognizing Israel as Jewish State Is Like Saying US Is a White State  by Juan Cole
Gates' Memoir Illustrates How Militaristic US Society Has Become  by Ivan Eland
The Blind Alley of J Street and Liberal American Zionism  by Abba A. Solomon & Norman Solomon
Sean Wilentz – Court Historian, NSA Shill, and Lickspittle 'Liberal'  by Justin Raimondo
The Golden Age of Journalism?  by Tom Engelhardt
Truman's Forgotten Concerns About Israel  by John B. Judis

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Jan. 21, 1968: B-52 Crashed in Greenland With 4 Hydrogen Bombs
Police Clash With Supporters of 'Anarchist' Delhi Minister
US Air Force Spends $1 Billion on Software System Now Declared Utter Failure
Wartime Claim to Fame Divides 2 Italian Towns
France to Up Africa Military Presence
Spying on Everyone
Human Rights Watch Annual Report 2014 Criticizes NSA Mass Surveillance
Google Chief Schmidt 'Literally Outraged' by NSA Activities
GAO Report on Intelligence Community Contractors to Be Released in Next Few Weeks
No One Is Sure How Public Advocate at Spy Court Would Work
Once Again, Pew Misunderstands the Dragnet
The Heroic Whistleblower
Snowden Calls Russian-Spy Story 'Absurd'
Russian Lawyer: Snowden 'Fears for His Life'
Snowden Could Use a Trial to Showcase Spy Claims
Snowden Is Running to Be Rector of the University of Glasgow
US Military
3 People Found Dead at Fort Hood, Including Two Children
Senate Could Vote to Restore $6 Billion Military Pension Cut Next Week
Mortar Explosion That Killed 7 Marines Last March Result of Double-Loaded Round
Report: Egypt's Sisi to Quit Post in a Few Days to Run for President
Al-Qaeda-Inspired Egyptian Group Claims Rocket Attack on Eilat
Egyptian Court Sets Morsi Foreign-Conspiracy Trial for Feb. 16
Demoted Egyptian Editor Bemoans Lack of Press Freedom
Islamist Party Quits Libya's Govt
At Least Five Dead, 20 Injured in Clashes in Libya's Tripoli
Libya Militias Reported Holding Thousands Prisoner
Central African Republic
New Central African Republic President Seeks Int'l Troops
New Mass Grave in Central African Republic
South Sudan
South Sudan President Salva Kiir Hits Out at UN
South Sudan Army Claims Seizure of Malakal as Rebels Deny
South Sudan Army Recaptures Key Towns. What Next for the Rebels?
Somali Leader Promises Fresh Offensive Against Al Shabaab
Algeria to Hold Talks With Mali Rebels Over Peace Deal
Rwanda in Diplomatic Trouble 20 Years After Genocide
Nigerians in Gao – Was Boko Haram Really Active in N. Mali?
US Military Eyes Afghan Force of 10,000, or a Pullout
Mine-Removal Workers Kidnapped, Released After 7 Hours
Former US Afghan Commander McChrystal Warns of Civil War
North Korea
US Prepared to Send Envoy to N. Korea for Missionary's Release
Ken Bae Says US Media, Family Hampering Pardon Potential
Taiwan to Slash Armed Forces by Up to 20 Percent
Thailand Declares State of Emergency for Protests
Three Polio Workers Killed in Pakistan
China Rights Activist Trial Opens; Tight Security
New Marine Airfield Threatened by Japan's Manatee
Myanmar Embassy Bomb Plot Leader Jailed in Indonesia
Colombian Troops Kill More FARC Rebels in Fresh Clash
Iraq Attacks Leave 21 Dead, 28 Wounded
Gunmen Kidnap the Advisor of Anbar Governor
Iraq Executes 26 People for 'Terrorism' Offenses
Brutality of Syria War Casts Doubt on Peace Talks
Photo Archive Is Said to Show Widespread Torture in Syria
Syrian Prison a Breeding Ground for Extremists
Russia Says Iran's Absence From Syria Talks Is a Mistake, Not a Catastrophe
Turkey's Erdogan Says Anyone Better for Syria Than Assad
Syrian Allies Assail Decision to Disinvite Iran From Peace Talks
Syrian Refugees on Geneva II: 'I Have Learnt That Politics Has No Principles'
Map: Who Is Invited to the Syria Peace Talks (and Who's Not)
Iran Sends Warships to Atlantic
Israelis Wary Over Interim Nuclear Deal Between Major Powers and Iran
Nuclear Inspectors Enter Iran, With Eyes Peeled for Cheating
Israel Policy Splits Palestinian Families
Israeli Airstrike on Northern Gaza Kills 2 Militants: Witnesses
IAF Kills PFLP Man 'Responsible' for Rocket Fire on Negev
Israel PM Threatens to Teach Hamas a Lesson 'Very Soon'
Israel Declares Slain in Gaza Strike a 'Terror Chief'
Israeli Opposition Chief Doubts Netanyahu's 'Guts'
Washington Gets in the Way of Israel's High-Tech Exports to China
Canada PM Won't Criticize Israeli Settlements
Bahrain Deadlocked Talks Saved From Brink, Some Hope for Progress
Bahrain Denies Ban Imposed on Columnists
Yemen's 'National Dialogue' Ends in Violence, No Election Scheduled
Assassins in Yemen Kill Two Leaders; Third Survives Separate Attack
Yemeni-Americans Cry Foul Over Passport Revocations
Lebanon: Fresh Tripoli Clashes Kill One, Wound Five
New Terror Attack Puts Lebanese on Edge
Middle East
Turkish Soldiers Raid Roboski, Military Dismisses Air Raid Investigation
UAE Jails 30 Over 'Muslim Brotherhood Ties'
Ukrainian Anti-Government Protests Pushing Country's Standoff Toward Tipping Point
Tracking Protesters, Ukraine Sends Ominous Texts
Ukraine's Opposition Accuses Government of Provoking Violence
Russia Says Ukraine May Spin Out of Control, Chides EU
Ukraine Unrest: No End in Sight to 'Medieval' Protests
Russian Police Kill Terror Suspect in Winter Olympics Security Crackdown
Obama, Putin Discuss Olympics Security in Call
US Olympian's Family Staying Home Over Terrorism Fears
'Black Widows' Tied to Decade of Terror in Russia
Russian Suspect in Koran Burning Charged With Inciting Hatred
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Justin Raimondo
Sean Wilentz – Court Historian, NSA Shill, and Lickspittle 'Liberal'

Ivan Eland
Gates' Memoir Illustrates How Militaristic US Society Has Become

Philip Giraldi
Why We Fight

Nebojsa Malic
Applied Rovian Denialism

Kelley B. Vlahos
War in Afghanistan: The Jig Is Up

David R. Henderson
Rand’s Stand

Ran HaCohen
Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

Charles V. Peña
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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