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Updated January 23, 2014 - 11:23 PM EST
Obama Watchdog Report: NSA Program Is Illegal
Lots of Anger, Little Content as Syria Talks Begin
  Kerry: Assad Can't Be Part of Syrian 'Transitional' Govt
  The Real Story at Geneva II: Foreign Meddling in Syria 'Must Stop'
Iran: Deal Doesn't Require 'Dismantling' Anything
  More Senate Leaders Oppose Iran Sanctions Vote
  Iran's Rouhani Says Possible to Overcome Animosity With US
  Top Israel Lobby Group Loses Battle on Iran, But War Not Over
Iraq Sunnis Fleeing Anbar Find Refuge in Shi'ite Holy City
  88 Killed, 29 Wounded in Iraq Clashes, Attacks
Afghan Govt Moves to Limit US-Funded Pro-Occupation Ads
  USAID Gripes Over Cuts, But Failures Continue to Mount
  Pakistan: Military's Waziristan Strikes Not Start of an Offensive
American Psychological Assoc. Won't Rebuke Torture Doctor
Palestinians Won't Accept Israeli Occupation of Jordan Border
US Special Ops Train South Koreans to Overthrow NK Regime
Are US Troops in South Korea Still Necessary?  by John Glaser
Endless Arms Race: New Nukes Are On the Way  by Lawrence Wittner
US Wager on Moderate Islam in Syria an Utter Failure  by Dmitry Minin
Hawks for Humanity  by Chase Madar
Presidential Placebo  by Andrew P. Napolitano
Moment of Truth for Syria  by Patrick Cockburn

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Fed. Judge Says No-Fly List Makes '2nd Class Citizens'
Poll: Most Voters Glad They Know Snowden Secrets
Ecuador's Correa Wants US Military to Leave
There's Something You Need to See at Guantanamo
Multicultural UK Rejecting Foreign Conflict, MoD Admits
Why Sunnis and Shi'ites Are Fighting, Explained in Two Minutes
State Dept. Learned in November of Photos Said to Show Torture in Syria
Many Syrians Still See Assad as Indispensable in Saving Their Country
Geneva Talks Underscore Huge Gap Between Syrian Regime and Opposition
Syrian Opposition to Present Transition Timetable: Delegate
Syrian Enemies May Discuss Prisoner Swaps Despite Talks Acrimony
Syria TV Shows Opposition Head Alongside 'Terrorist Crimes'
Egypt's Foreign Minister: Terrorism by Any Side Should Be Part of Syria Discussion
Iran's Rouhani: Hopes Slim for Syria Peace Talks
Kurdish Women Fight for Equality in Syria
US Calls on Syria to Immediately Open Up Aid Corridors
88 Killed, 29 Wounded in Iraq Clashes, Attacks
Iraq PM Calls for 'Stand' Against Anbar Militants
Iraqi Journalist Dies in Bombing
Arab Political Council in Kirkuk Appeals to Al-Maliki Not to Storm Fallujah
People in Khanaqin Demand Status of a Province
Head of Anbar Council: Fallujah Is a Part of Anbar and Cannot Be Own Province
Iraq's Tuz Khurmatu Cannot Become a Province: Mayor
Iran's Oil Sales Rise as Sanctions Pressure Eases: Sources
Reopening US Embassy in Tehran Not Impossible: Iranian President
Israel Says It Stopped al-Qaeda Attack on US Embassy
Yesh Atid Mulling Presidential Race
As Egypt Squeezes Gaza, Hamas Looks Increasingly Cornered
North Yemen Clashes Kill 20 People
Houthi Delegate to Yemen Unity Talks Killed
Turkey in New Mass Purge as MPs Debate Judicial Reforms
More Police Are Fired or Reassigned
9 Killed in 5 Days of Clashes in Lebanon's Tripoli: Security
Egypt 'Surprised' by Exclusion From US-Africa Summit
Egypt's Opposition Persists Despite Escalating Crackdown
Egypt Jails 3 for Defacing Memorial to Protest Dead
Egypt Charges Renowned Scholar With Espionage
Clashes Kill at Least 10 in Central African Republic Capital
EU Poised to Boost Gambia Aid Despite Rights Violations
Ethiopia Joins Somalia's African Union Force
War of Words: South Sudan Still Sniping at UN
Pirates Suspected to Have Attacked Tanker Off Angola
South Korean Freed From Kidnappers in Libya
NSA Actions and Reactions
Obama Goal for Quick Revamp of NSA Program May Be Unworkable, Some US Officials Fear
Tennessee Bill Takes on NSA Encryption-Breaking Facility at Oak Ridge
Firefox CTO Says NSA May Seek to Inject Surveillance Code Into Web Browsers
Mobile Phone Networks Challenge UK Government Over Text Message Trawling
Apparently, US Officials Can't Get Verizon on the Line
Verizon Says US Government Made 320,000 Requests for Customer Info in 2013
Davos Names Independent Commission to Investigate Future of Internet After NSA Revelations
3 Reported Dead in Ukraine Clashes
Ukraine Opposition Sets 24-Hour Deadline
Sen. McCain Endorses Neo-Nazi Ukraine Leader
Ukraine Opposition Say They'll Brave Bullets After Talks With Yanukovich Fail
US Embassy Revokes Visas of 'Several Ukrainians' Over Anti-Protest Action
Prominent Ukrainian Activist Free After 'Kidnapping'
Russia Asks US for Help With IEDs at Olympics
Race to Find Sochi 'Bomber' Casts Chill Over Winter Olympics
Slovenian Olympic Committee Gets Terrorist Threat in Russian
Threat About Sochi Attacks Considered a Hoax
Hoax Threats Before Games Play on Sochi Security Fears
Homeland Security Chairman: Sochi Olympics 'Well Protected'
UK Charges 2 Women With Terror Offenses
Video Shows Afghan MP Supporting Jihad Against US
'Death Road' Blocks Afghan Minority From Homeland
14 Taliban Militants Blown Up by Own Explosives in Helmand
Human Rights Watch: Women's Rights Declining in Afghanistan
5 Minnesota Guard Members Wounded in Attack in Afghanistan
Blast Hit Polio Security Team in Pakistan Leaving 7 Dead
Six Pakistani Police Officers Are Shot Dead Protecting Spanish Cyclist
US Pacific Fleet Chief Says North Korea Is Top Security Concern
North Korea Refuses Proposal to Resume Korean War Family Reunions
Thai 'Red-Shirt' Leader Shot as Emergency Rule Begins
Big Web Crash in China: Experts Suspect Great Firewall
Japanese PM Shinzo Abe Urges Asia Military Restraint
US Military
Lockheed Martin Inflates F-35 Jobs Claims, Nonprofit Says
Defense Lobbying Mostly Flat in 2013
Sen. Sanders Wants to Pay for Military Pension Fix With Funding From Wars
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Why We Fight

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War in Afghanistan: The Jig Is Up

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Rand’s Stand

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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