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Updated January 24, 2014 - 11:14 PM EST
Obama 'Disagrees' With Report on NSA Illegality
GOP Calls for End to NSA Domestic Phone Spying
  Obama Watchdog Report Says NSA Program Is Illegal and Should End
  Oversight Board's NSA Report the 'Last Straw,' Say Lawmakers
  US Hints at Edward Snowden Plea Bargain to Allow Return From Russia
  Full Q&A Chat With Edward Snowden
Syrian Govt, Opposition to Meet Again Saturday
  Iran's Heavyweight Absence Hangs Over Syria Talks
  Syrian Observatory: Recent Rebel Clashes Killed Nearly 1,400
  Top Newspapers: Violate International Law, Bomb Syria
Kerry Threatens to Attack Iran If Deal Violated
  White House 'Uneasy' About Israeli Lobby's Efforts in Congress
  Iran President Talks Nuclear Deal, Courts Foreign Investment
2,400 Dead in Obama's 5-Year Drone Campaign
  A Government Turning the Tools of War on Its Citizens
  The Hidden History of the CIA's Prison in Poland
US Drone Strike Kills 4, Wounds Several in Central Yemen
US General: High-Profile Afghan Attacks on the Rise
Defense Contractors Spend Millions Lobbying, Get Billions
The Snowden Effect and the Liberal Implosion  by Justin Raimondo
Top Three Media Lies About the Syrian Peace Talks  by Shamus Cooke
The Inescapable Antagonism Between a Prosperous China and an Imperial US  by John Walsh
Fighting for a Failed War  by Lt. Col. Daniel L. Davis
Switching Sides in Syria? Unbelievable, Not Unprecedented  by Ted Snider
Time to End the Iraq AUMF  by W. James Antle III

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Docs: LBJ Considered Nuking North Korea in Response to 1968 Seizure of USS Pueblo
Abe Sees World War One Echoes in Japan-China Tensions
Israeli Web Developer Warns Google Chrome Users: Beware of Spies
9/11 Accused Said to Refuse Gitmo Mental Exam
Rohani: Iran Seeks 'Constructive Engagement' With US, Europe
Iran Wants Full Nuclear Deal and Investment, Rouhani Tells Davos
Iran Oil Exports Exaggerated, US Officials Say
Iran's FM Talks of Possible Relief for Jailed Americans
US Warns Against Business With Iran
Iran and Israel Cross Swords at Davos
Rouhani: if Israel Attacks Iran, It Will Rue the Day
Syria Talks to Proceed, but With Limited Agenda
Syrian Opposition Demands a Future Without Assad
US and Iran Offer Clashing Accounts of the Civil War in Syria
Syria Geneva II: UN to Hold Talks With Rival Groups
UN Aid Chief Urges Ceasefire at Syria Talks
Al-Qaeda Leader Zawahiri Seeks to End Infighting Among Syrian Militants
Qatar's Foreign Minister: Iran Has 'Crucial Role' in Syria
Iran President Rouhani Calls for 'Free and Fair Elections in Syria'
Week-Long Clashes in Lebanon's Tripoli Kill 10
Hezbollah Goes on High Alert in Beirut Suburbs
Abbas Seeks $1-Billion Gaza Deal With Russia
Likud-Beytenu Jumps 15 Seats in New Poll
US Checking 'Validity' of Foiled al-Qaeda Plot in Israel
Bennett Calls Diplomatic Process Harmful to Israeli Economy
EU Official Warns Israel, Palestinians of 'Price to Pay' if Talks Fail
More Executions, Clashes, and Attacks for Iraq: 38 Killed, 51 Wounded
Congress Clears Way for Iraq Arms Sale
US Plans to Train Iraqi Troops in Jordan
Iraq Executes 11 More 'Terrorism' Convicts: Ministry
Maliki: Time to End al-Qaeda Presence in Fallujah
Iraqi Province Launches Counter-Terrorism Radio Station
Iraq's Parliament Speaker Says Sunnis Hope Cooperation in Anbar Crisis Will Yield Gains
US Sues KBR in Connection With Army Work in Iraq
Turkey Reopens Border Gate After Blast on Syrian Side
Turkey Detains 3 Soldiers on Suspicion of Killing Syrian Border Smuggler
US Military
Pentagon Study Finds Agencies Ill Equipped to Detect Foreign Nuclear Efforts
Pentagon Report Faults F-35 on Software, Reliability
Hagel Calls for Review of US Nuclear Force
Boeing Surveillance Plane Found Not Effective for Mission
Army to Replace Thousands of Troops With Military Robots
Inpector General Report Accuses Pentagon Historian of 'Unprofessional Conduct'
US Military Relaxes Uniform Rules for Religious Wear
Sikhs Fight Back Against New Pentagon Dress Code
US Army Chief Confirms: Ground Combat Vehicle Is Dead (for Now)
NSA Actions and Reactions
Report on the Telephone Records Program Conducted Under Section 215 of USA PATRIOT Act
'Not All Spying Is Bad': Snowden Calls for Whistleblower Protection
In Live Chat, Snowden Addresses Obama's NSA Reforms
Snowden Denies Stealing Passwords to Access Secret Files
NSA Codenames: Can You Tell Fact From Fiction?
US Brings Fraud Charges Against Firm That Vetted Snowden
Amnesty Says Egypt Violence on 'Unprecedented Scale'
1 Killed in Clashes at University in Egypt
Gunmen on Motorcycles Kill Five Policemen in Central Egypt
Al Jazeera in Crosshairs as Egypt Silences Dissenting Voices
Death Toll From Recent South Libya Tribal Clashes Hits 86
Libya Violence Kills 643 People in 2013
South Sudan
South Sudan Rivals Sign Ceasefire Agreement
South Sudan Expert Reeves: 'The Agreement Won't Be Enough'
South Sudan Demands Apology From UN Over Bor Camp Access Dispute
International Court Scraps Start of Kenyatta Trial
Kenya Jails 24 Somalis for Attacking an Iranian Ship
Central African Republic
Red Cross: At Least 15 Dead in Central African Republic Clashes
Central African Clerics Call for UN Peacekeeping Mission
Number of Darfur's Displaced Surged in 2013
Angolan Navy Hunting 'Pirates'
Angry Mob Attack 'Gay' Suspects in Nigerian Court
Militants Kill 5 Volleyball Players in Laghman
6 Militants Killed, 9 Wounded in N. Afghanistan
Kabul Attack Impacts Restaurant Business
Kabul Roads to Be Overhauled
6,000 Families Flee North Waziristan Over Tension
Pakistan Protests Over Shia Bus Bomb in Balochistan
Pakistan Vows Action Against Bombers, Shi'ites Agree to Call Off Strike
North Korea in 'Reconciliation' Call to the South
North Korea Opens Controversial Ski Resort
UN: Myanmar Buddhists Killed More Than 40 Muslims
China Corruption: US Ambassador Calls for Campaigners' Release
Kyrgyzstan Troops in Deadly Gunfight Near China Border
Thai Court Defers Election Date Ruling, Capital Calm
Ukraine Opposition Urges Continued Truce
Montenegro Journalists Demand End to Press Attacks
US and Russia Talk About Bomb Tech in Olympic Prep
Colombian Rebels Say Santos Govt Escalates War
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The Snowden Effect and the Liberal Implosion

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Why We Fight

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Applied Rovian Denialism

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War in Afghanistan: The Jig Is Up

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Rand’s Stand

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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