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Updated January 25, 2014 - 11:28 PM EST
GOP Calls for End to NSA Domestic Phone Spying
  White House Viewed Surveillance Report as 'Liberal'
US 'Dismantling' Rhetoric Ignores Iran's Proposals
  Obama Aide Predicts Another 'Interim' Iran Deal
  Kerry: Iran Must 'Prove' Nuclear Program Is Peaceful
Syrian Govt, Opposition to Meet Again Saturday
  Iran, Saudis Agree: Other Side's Fighters Need to Leave Syria
  Israel Frets Rise of al-Qaeda in Syria
Kerry Promises Occupation-Free Palestine State
  Overcoming the Jordan Valley Foil
  NYC Mayor: 'Part of My Job Description Is to Be a Defender of Israel'
White House: Raise Pentagon Budget Every Year
  Kerry Brags: No One Intervenes in Middle East as Much as US
  Pentagon Finds Agencies Ill-Equipped to Detect Foreign Nuclear Efforts
29 Dead on Egypt Revolution Anniversary
America's Army of Contractors Now Works for Iraq
The US and Israel's Strange but 'Stable' Alliance  by Ramzy Baroud
It's Time to Kick the USA Out of the UK  by Seumas Milne
Obama Reveals Himself as a Champion of Surveillance State  by Gene Healy
A New Year Just Like the Old Year  by Philip Giraldi
Kerry's Hypocrisy on Syria  by Bob Dreyfuss
Israelis and Palestinians Moving Apart, Not Closer  by Mitchell Plitnick

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Can a Tweet Put You in Prison? Yes, in the UK
Russia: Snowden Won't Be Pressured to End Asylum
Erik Prince: Out of Blackwater and Into China
Federal Court System Hit by Cyberattack
Spying on Everyone
What Is the NSA Sharing With Other Countries?
Alfred McCoy on the NSA and History of Political Surveillance
A Giant Military Surveillance Blimp Is Going to Constantly Monitor the East Coast
Mississippi Is Now the Tenth State to Consider Legislation to Ban Cooperation With NSA
Microsoft Lawyer: Let Customers Decide Country Where Cloud Data Is Stored
Did Tor Developer Become the First Known Victim of the NSA's Laptop Interception Program?
Google's Eric Schmidt Says He Was Unaware of NSA Snooping
Some of the Biggest Names in Cryptography Condemn NSA Spying in Open Letter
US Computer Scientists Reject Mass Surveillance
Tech Leaders at Davos: Mass Internet Surveillance Is Bad for Business
Egypt Militants Step Up Campaign With Cairo Blasts
Prolonged Fight Feared in Egypt After Bombings
Egyptian Diplomat Kidnapped in Libyan Capital
McCain Condemns Detention of Al Jazeera Staff in Egypt
US Citizen Taken From His Apartment in Cairo by Egyptian Security Officials
Cairo Museum of Islamic Art Seriously Damaged by Bomb Blast
South Sudan
South Sudan Rebels Say Govt Violating New Ceasefire
UN: South Sudan Looters Steal Food to Feed 220,000 for Month
Nigeria's Boko Haram Kills 18 in Village Attacks: Witnesses

UN: Thousands of Nigerians Flee Fighting in North

French Army Kills 11 Militants in Mali Anti-Terror Op

Mali Military Says 2 Rockets Fall Near Kidal

North Africa
Hundreds of Islamists Rally Against New Tunisia Charter

Algerian Opposition Party to Boycott Elections

Fighting Erupts in Central African Republic Capital
Uganda's Leading Opposition Figure Held Again
Al-Shabaab Continues to Forcibly Recruit Adults and Children in Somalia
Madagascar Strongman Steps Down, Clears Way for Successor
FBI Efforts to Assist Sochi Olympics Limited by Russians
Hagel: 'Appropriate Arrangements' Made to Evacuate US Citizens From Russia
Europe Is Less Worried Than US About Threat to Sochi Olympics
US Will Help With Olympics Security if Needed, Hagel Says
Russian Cyber Surveillance Is Going to Be Massive During Upcoming Sochi Winter Olympics
Kiev Truce Falls Apart, and Unrest Resurges
Yanukovych 'Concessions' Fail to End Unrest
EU Official Meets Yanukovych Amid Protest Stalemate
Ukraine Protesters Storm Regional Offices
Claims of Police Brutality Amid Talks to Quell Unrest
Poland to Look Into New Allegations About Secret CIA Jail
Bomb Blast in Rome as Hollande Meets Pope
Ex-Syria Envoy Kofi Annan Says Iran Should Play Regional Role
UN Nuclear Chief Says Still 'Long Way to Go' on Iran
Rouhani: Israel Will Not Attack Iran
5 Ways Life in Iran Is Nothing Like You Think
Iran, Jordan, Turkey FMs Call for Syria's War to End, Foreign Fighters to Leave
Saudi Royal Calls for UN Resolution to Pull Shi'ite Militias From Syria
Activists: 63 People Die in Syria Refugee Camp
Patience Runs Thin as Syrian Chemical Handover Stalls
UN Documents New War Crimes in Syria for Future Prosecution
Palestinians: No al-Qaeda in West Bank
Netanyahu: I Will Not Uproot a Single Israeli
Israeli Forces Shoot Dead Gaza Protester, Injure Another
Shelling in Iraq Province Lifts Casualty Toll to 19 Killed, 86 Wounded
Iraq Fighting 'Displaces 140,000' in Anbar, Says UNHCR
Robert Gates: US Should Give Iraq 'Wide Range of Military Assistance'
Turkey Seals Border Against al-Qaeda
State Department Rapped for Poor Oversight of Afghan Justice Program
Afghan Journalist Noor Ahmed Noori Found Dead in Helmand Province
Afghan Volleyball Players Mourned – After They Are Mistaken for Cricketers
Pakistan Suspends Shi'ite Pilgrimage Route to Iran
Blasphemy Case: Briton in Pakistan Sentenced to Death
Pakistan's Musharraf Wants Heart Treatment Abroad
Kashmiri Truckers Stranded in New India-Pakistan Row
Pathribal: Indian Army Says No Evidence Against Officers in Kashmir Killings
North Korea Warns US, South Korea Military Drills Could Spark Disaster
North Korea Agrees to Reunions of War-Divided Families
Dennis Rodman 'Investigated for Violating Sanctions' Against North Korea
7 Soldiers Injured in Southern Philippines Land Mine Blast
Explosions in NW China Kill 3, Injure 2 Others
UN Urges Myanmar to Probe Sectarian Killings
Thailand Constitutional Court Says Polls Can Be Delayed
The War at Home
Up to 48,000 Afghan, Iraq Vets at Risk for Homelessness
Google Rumored to Be Pulling Its Team From the DARPA Robotics Challenge
Weekend Reviews
Concerning Violence: Nine Scenes From the Anti-Imperialistic Self-Defense Nathan Goodman
The War That Made Orwell
Leo Strauss and the Right's Civil War
Robert Gates' Self-Serving and Duplicitous Memoir
Fighting Back: Book Delves Into La Follette's Political Trajectory
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Gates' Memoir Illustrates How Militaristic US Society Has Become

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Why We Fight

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Applied Rovian Denialism

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War in Afghanistan: The Jig Is Up

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Rand’s Stand

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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