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Updated February 2, 2014 - 11:24 PM EST
US Assures Israel: War Likely if Iran Talks Fail
  Iran's Top Clergy Back Rouhani's Nuclear Approach
Shia Fighter Beheaded by Syrian Rebels
  US Denies It Sought Direct Negotiations With Syria in Geneva
NATO Chief Thinks Karzai Won't Sign Troop Pact
  US Cancels Funds for Afghan Opinion Polls Ahead of Election
Iraq Army Prepares to Storm Militant-Held Fallujah
  To Retake Cities, Iraq Turns to Sunni Tribes
  Air Strikes Hit Anbar, Bombs Hit Baghdad: 88 Killed, 55 Wounded
How Snowden Transformed Into a Whistleblower
  NSA Nominee Unknown to Privacy Advocates
Is Syrian 'Peace' Conference Laying the Foundation for War?  by Kevin Zeese & Margaret Flowers
Scarlett Johansson Is Right – the Face of Sodastream Doesn't Fit With Oxfam  by Vijay Prashad
Obama and Kerry Jeopardize Peace With Iran  by Sheldon Richman
Remember the 1970s, When Congress Actually Stood Up to the Intel Community?  by John Prados
West Should Not Balkanize Syria  by Christopher Dekki
On Iran, Compromise Is Needed  by Fareed Zakaria

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Turkish Fighter Jets Scrambled to Intercept Syrian Warplane
Hagel Calls Air Force Nuclear Officers in Bunkers in Show of Support
Georgian Protesters Call for Olympic Boycott
What Do Your Personal Political Beliefs Say About You?
Syrian Helicopters Bomb Aleppo, Killing at Least 23: Activists
Syria Rejected US Talks Bid Without Kerry Apology
Syria Toll Rises to 136,000: Activists
Syria Chemical Weapons: Kerry Asks Russia to Hasten Removal
Hundreds Evacuated From Besieged District of Syrian Capital
Hundreds Evacuated From Besieged District of Syrian Capital
Syria Becoming Magnet for Young French Muslims
Shells Hit Syrian Town of Zarah, Explosions Heard Throughout Lebanon's Akkar
Lebanon Suicide Bombing Kills 5, Al Nusra Front Claims Responsibility
Panic After Thief Mistaken for Suicide Bomber in Sidon
Iran Gets First Installment of Frozen Assets
Iran Ambassador Cancels Potentially Historic Event, State Department Blamed
Iran's Bushehr Nuclear Plant to Shut Within Days to Refuel
Palestinians Establish New Protest Village in Jordan Valley
UN Slams Israel Destruction of Jordan Valley Homes
IDF Wounds Palestinian Protesters North of Ramallah
Kerry Denies Being 'Quixotic' in Pursuit of Israeli-Palestinian Peace
Lapid Freezes Funding to Settlements After Report Alleges Misuse
IDF Allows First Peek Into Secret Golan Heights Field Hospital
Denmark's Largest Bank Blacklists Israel's Hapoalim Over Settlement Construction
Air Strikes Hit Anbar, Bombs Hit Baghdad: 88 Killed, 55 Wounded
Iraq Forces Hit Fallujah as Attacks Kill Three
Iraq Criticizes Kurds Over Oil 'Grey Area'
Officials: Sunni-Shi'ite Fighting Kills 65 in Yemen
Yemen's Main Oil Pipeline Bombed, Crude Flow Stops
Even Out of Office, a Wielder of Great Power in Yemen
Jordanian Islamist Prisoners Stage Hunger Strike
The War at Home
Senator Makes NASA Complete $350 Million Testing Tower That It Will Never Use
Driverless Trucks Will Keep Army Safe From IEDs
First US Man Arrested by Aid of Drone Convicted in North Dakota
Weekend Reviews
Revisiting Vietnam
What War Does to Women
'The Corpse Exhibition,' Stories About a War-Torn Life
The Burglary: The Discovery of J. Edgar Hoover's Secret FBI by Betty Medsger
Neo-Nazis and Far-Right Protesters in Ukraine
Secretary of State Kerry Voices Support for Ukrainian Opposition
Ukraine Police Stopped From Arresting 'Torture' Victim
West and Russia Accuse Each Other of 'Coercing' Ukraine
Ukrainian Opposition Buoyed by Wave of Western Support
Who Is That Masked Man? Kiev's Pianist-Extremist
Ukraine Government Says 'Tortured' Activist Dmytro Bulatov Is Both Victim and Suspect
UK Could Afford to Cut Trident Submarines, Report Says
David Cameron Says Snooper's Charter Is Necessary Because Fictional Crime Dramas He Watches Prove It
Afghan Election Workers for Abdullah Abdullah Shot Dead
4 Afghan Soldiers Killed in Ambush
NATO Leaders Say Afghan Troops Need More Training
Four Killed, 50 Rounded Up in Swabi Raid
Inside Pakistan Army's Bomb School
Anti-Bomb School Reveals Clever Ways to Hide Homemade Bombs
Shots, Blasts as Protest Rivals Clash on Thai Election Eve
American Photojournalist Shot in Thai Violence
Bangkok Gunfight Witness: I Thought I Wouldn't Survive
How Thaksin's Meddling Sparked a New Thai Crisis for PM Sister
China 'Expels' Foreign Military Planes From Airspace
China Says Japan's 'Hype' on Air Defence Zone Spreads Tension
Air Defense Zone in South China Sea Is Unlikely, Say Chinese Experts
Suspected Filipino Rebels Set Off Bomb; 12 Wounded

US Frustrated With Sri Lanka's Reconciliation

Morsi Trial Adjourned Until February 4
Egypt Mosques: Weekly Sermon Themes Set by Government
'Ras Burqa Killer Was Murdered in Jail, Didn't Commit Suicide'
Sorting Through the Rubble of Museum of Islamic Art in Cairo
Egyptian Satirist Signs Contract With New Network
Belly Dancer to Run for Egypt Parliament
Sudan Orders Red Cross to Suspend Work
Sudan Lifts Ban on Opposition Newspaper
Retired Libya Colonel Assassinated in Benghazi
Central African Republic Town Retaken by Peacekeepers
Christians Flee Attacks in Nigeria's Northeast
Africa Union Urges United Stand Against ICC Trials
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