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Updated February 3, 2014 - 7:49 PM EST
US Plan Offers Palestinians Part of Southern Israel
  State Department Assures Israel: War Likely if Iran Talks Fail
  Israelis, Palestinians Both Furious at Kerry, Seeing Bias Against Them
  US Warns Israel Over Apparent Distortion of John Kerry Statements
Al-Qaeda Kills Rival Leaders in Syria Bombings
  Syria Barrel Bomb Strikes Kill 90 in Rebel-Held Aleppo
  Stalemate, but Syria's Hatred and Horror Stories Grow by the Day
  Shia Fighter Beheaded by Syrian Rebels
Iraq Escalates Fallujah Shelling, Prepares Invasion
  Security Forces, Militants Fight Across Iraq: 47 Killed, 32 Wounded
Ukraine Ultra-Right Faction Spoiling for a Fight
Iran FM: Determined to Make Long-Term Deal
A Violent Start to Afghan Election Campaign
Egypt Junta Struggles to Cope With Sinai Offensive Blowback
Kerry: US, Germany Can Put NSA 'Rough Patch' Behind Them
How to Spot a Paranoid Government Bureaucrat  by Justin Raimondo
Jason Leopold Talks Forensic Journalism  by Kelley B. Vlahos
Don't Get Too Comfortable With the GOP's New Love for Libertarians  by John Glaser
The Continuing al-Qaeda Threat  by Ron Paul
Can Putin Keep Sochi Safe?  by Philip Giraldi
John Brennan Dodges a Question About CIA Spying on Americans  by Conor Friedersdorf

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Tehran's Challenge to American Hegemony
by Flynt & Hillary Mann Leverett
Still Dangerous After 30 Years – Uranium Particles From DU Weapons
Poland and Lithuania Haunted by Involvement in Hosting CIA Torture Prisons
France Sees Iran Opportunity if Sanctions Are Lifted: Finance Minister
Thai Voters Prevented From Casting Ballot by Anti-Government Protesters
How Snowden Transformed Into a Whistleblower
Iran Says Nuclear Talks Failure Would Be 'Disaster'
Iran Says Not Ready to Give Up Research on Centrifuges
Sanctions Backers on Hill Give Up Search for 60th Vote – for Now
Hillary Clinton Calls on Senate Not to Impose More Sanctions on Iran
Iran Eases Restrictions on Detained Dissident: Family
Iran Arrests Anti-Corruption Officials for Fraud
Security Forces, Militants Fight Across Iraq: 47 Killed, 32 Wounded
Warrants Issued for Judge and Journalist Over Iraq PM 'Libel'
Kurdish Opposition Party: Iraq Short-Changing Kurdistan in New Budget
Yemen Rebels Overrun Tribal Strongholds
Three Explosions Rock Yemeni Capital Sanaa
Yemeni Official Says Kidnapped Iranian Diplomat Still Alive
Yemen Tribesmen Say Seize German to Push for Relatives' Release
Saudi Arabia
New Saudi Counterterrorism Law Alarms Activists
Shi'ite Wanted Over Saudi Protests Surrenders
United Arab Emirates/Qatar
UAE Summons Qatari Ambassador Over Muslim Cleric's Comments
Egypt Court Acquits Al Jazeera Cameraman
Egypt Court Acquits Pro-Morsi Protesters
Egypt to Try Eight for Alleged Mossad Spy Operations
Egypt to Allow Appeals Against Military Court Verdicts
54 Detainees Escape in Libya Jailbreak
Libya's Cache of Toxic Arms All Destroyed
South Sudan
South Sudan Rebels Say Army Razed Town, Using Foreign Fighters
Bodies Litter Looted South Sudan Town
Advance Ceasefire Monitor Team Arrives in South Sudan
South Sudan Conflict: 3.7m in 'Need of Food', Says UN
Outspoken Religious Leader Killed in Nigeria
Massacre in Borno as Boko Haram Kills at Least 250 in Two Weeks
Surrendered Central African Rebels Flee
Sudan Says Red Cross Worked 'Outside' Mandate
2 Killed in Clash at Terror-Linked Kenyan Mosque
Ethiopian Troops Have Returned to Somalia – That's Not a Good Thing
Palestinian Leader Seeks NATO Force in Future State
Israeli DM: We'll Manage Without Peace
Hamas Withdraws 'Anti-Missile' Force From Border
Israeli Premier Rejects Kerry's Boycott Warning
Fatah Wants Kerry Prosecuted Before ICC for 'Threatening' Abbas
Al-Qaeda Offshoot Claims Responsibility for Missile Attack on Southern Israel
Palestinian Bombers' Bodies Returned After Decade
Two West Bank Settlers Charged With Incitement Over Racist Website
Documents Reveal Zionist Group Spied on US Student Delegation to Palestine
Iran FM Zarif, Meeting Kerry, Says Not Authorized to Discuss Syria
UN Able to Deliver Another 850 Food Parcels in Syrian Refugee Camp
Hezbollah MP: Fighting Jihadists Should Be Priority
Lebanon Simmers by Syria's Side: Terror Attacks Drag Communities Into Civil War Next Door
Hamid Karzai: 'I Saw No Good' With America's Presence in Afghanistan
Afghan Election Campaign Stirs Both Violence and Hope
Romania Sends Last Military Mission to Afghanistan
Bid to Smuggle Dollars Foiled at Afghan Border
Pakistan Taliban Name Imran Khan for Talks
Twin Blasts Inside Peshawar Cinema Kill 4, Injure Dozens
TTP Disassociates Itself From Peshawar Cinema Attack
Five Injured in Attack on Philippine Church
Rival Politicians Face Off at Summit
Protesters Beat Police Officer in Ukraine, Ministry Says
Ukrainian Opposition Demands Elections
Radicals a Wild Card in Ukraine's Protests
El Salvador
Ex-Guerrilla Faces Tough-On-Gangs Rightist in El Salvador Election
The War at Home
Metal Band 'Invoices' US Govt for Using Their Music for 'Torture' in Gitmo
Skinny Puppy's Music Was Used for Torture, So They Invoiced the Government
Lawyers for Lavabit Founder: Judges May Dismiss Civil Liberties Concerns
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Justin Raimondo
How to Spot a Paranoid Government Bureaucrat

Kelley B. Vlahos
Jason Leopold Talks Forensic Journalism

Ivan Eland
When Foreign Leaders Feelings Matter More than Constitutional Rights

Philip Giraldi
Putting a Christian Zionist in Charge

Nebojsa Malic
Applied Rovian Denialism

David R. Henderson
Rand’s Stand

Ran HaCohen
Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

Charles V. Peña
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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