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Updated February 6, 2014 - 11:09 PM EST
Errors Led Analysts to See Iran Nuke Program
  Kerry Threatens Sanctions on France Over Iran Business Ties
  As In the US, Iran's Hardliners Aim to Derail Nuclear Talks
Syria Rebels: US Increased Aid After Talks
  Despite Western Claims of Stalling, Syria Disarmament Plans in Place
  Kerry: Syria Chemical Weapons Deal 'Improved' Assad's Position
  Syria: The Battle for Homs
US Steps Up Military Support for Iraq
  US: Iraq 'Not Doing Enough' to Block Iranian Flights to Syria
  106 Killed, 141 Wounded in Wednesday Clashes and Bomb Attacks
War on Anonymous: UK Spies Attacked Hackers
Israel Announces More Settlement Permits in East Jerusalem
Troop Deal Delay Renews US Debate Over Afghan Role
NATO: Russia's Olympics Defense Border Violates Int'l Law
Iraq Near Implosion: The 'Bad Years' Are Back  by Ramzy Baroud
Scrutiny of US Airbases in Britain Is Stuck in the 1950s  by Tom Watson
The GOP Isn't the Only Party With an Iraq War Problem  by Conor Friedersdorf
Salt and Terror in Afghanistan  by Kathy Kelly
Obama's NSA Blind Spot  by Bruce Ackerman
Iran Must Be Included in Syria Talks  by Farideh Farhi

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New Electronic 'Eyes' Can Track Your Every Move
Sailors Suspected as Nuke Cheating Scandal Spreads
Russia Mocks US Envoy Power's Meeting With Russian Punk Rock Band
UK Military Power Is Waning, Thinktank Warns Cameron
Orthodox Jews Come to Kerry's Defense
106 Killed, 141 Wounded in Clashes and Bomb Attacks
Islamic Militants Extend Battle Into Another Iraqi Province
US to Advise Iraq on Securing Oil Infrastructure
Congressman Mike Coffman Calls for Third Iraq War
Iraqi Tribes to Take Lead in Fallujah Fight, US Says
Iraq: Preserving Routine Amid Rising Violence
Scores Killed, More Than 100 Wounded, in Iraqi Violence
Baghdad Blasts Kill 34 as Army Preps for Fallujah Assault
Iraqi PM Under Fire Amid 'Insanity' of Suicide Bombings
Ambassador: Iraq Looking to Buy Arms From Iran
Anbar Conflict Halts Iraq's Trucked Oil Exports to Jordan
'There Is No Trust Between Us,' Peshmarga Spokesman Says About Baghdad
Israeli Security Officials Recognize Change in Iran
Iran Rejects US Remarks on Its Nuclear Facilities
In Iran, Opponents of a Nuclear Deal Speak Up
Iran's Rouhani Faces Backlash Over Food Handout Scheme
Top Iranian Adviser Praises Obama for Withdrawing Troops From Afghanistan
Japan Makes First Oil Payment to Iran in a Year: Sources
Turkish Fighter Jets Scramble to Intercept Syrian Warplanes
Turkey Approves Internet Restrictions
Killings by Turkish Soldiers to Be Probed in Court Two Decades Later
US Discusses Afghan Troop Levels; Kabul Holds Talks With Taliban
Afghan Presidential Hopefuls Stage TV Debate
Senior Taliban Leader Killed in Ghazni Province
Pakistan's Sharif Now Favors Military Move Against Taliban; Peace Talks Doomed to Fail
US Freezes Assets of Pakistan-Based Haqqani Militants
Pakistan Asks India to Withdraw Forces From Kashmir
No Peace Until Pakistan Embraces Sharia Law: TTP Negotiators
Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan Security Forces Destroyed Evidence of War Crimes, Report Claims
US Says Sri Lanka Refuses Visa for Official After War Crime Accusations
East Asia
Koreas Agree to Family Reunions in February
China Criticizes Japan Over Comments Doubting Nanjing Massacre
China Slams Philippine Leader for Hitler Comparison
US Military
Drone Protesters Found Guilty of Trespassing at Beale Air Force Base
Lawyer: 'Wheatland 4' Being Denied Trial Before Jury
At Last, Suicides Among Military Family Members Could Be Tracked
Use of Drones Spreading as Cost Falls: IISS Think-Tank
Multimillion-Dollar Recruiting Scheme Rocks National Guard
Locator Beacons for Air Force Ejection Seats Failing at 'Unacceptable' Rate
Syria Govt, Opposition to Attend 2nd Round of Geneva Talks
Russia Says Now Is Not the Time for UN Resolution on Aid to Syria
UK's Cameron to Syria: Stop Stalling on Chemical Weapons
Shin Bet Chief: Failed Peace Talks Won't Bring More Terror
Ya'alon, Lieberman Lead the Pack as Potential Heirs to Netanyahu
Israel Destroying Emergency Shelters of Home Demolition Victims, Says Red Cross
Jerusalem Court Charges 4 Palestinians in Planned Wedding Hall Attack
Livni: We Will Deal Severely With 'Price Tag' Criminals
Rabbis: Kerry Peace Plan a Declaration of War Against God, God's Going to Get Him
Kerry to Israeli Critics: I've Been 'Attacked Before by People Using Real Bullets'
Middle East
Houthi Rebels Advance on Yemeni Capital
FM: UAE Foreign Policy 'Won't Be Burdened by Rest of Arab World'
Egypt Army Chief Sisi Says Will Run for President
Jihadist Return Is Said to Drive Attacks in Egypt
20 Egyptian Drivers in Libya Stranded, Not Kidnapped: FM
Playground Bomb Wounds 12 Children in Libya's Benghazi
Niger: France and US Should Intervene in Libya
Bloody Tribal Fighting at the Gates of Tripoli
Kenya Goes on the Offensive Against Muslims
International Court Weighs Kenya President's Case
Soldiers Lynch Man at Army Ceremony in Central African Republic
Congo: Rights Groups Denounce New Amnesty Law
New Barrages of Mortar Fire Rattle Mogadishu
Volgograd 'Bomb Plotter' Shot Dead in Dagestan
US Navy Ships Arrive in Black Sea Ahead of Olympics – Just in Case
Pussy Riot Members Take Tour to New York
Olympic Threat: US Warns Airlines About Toothpaste Bomb
Russia Blocking a Yogurt Shipment From Reaching US Olympians
Russia Warns Crisis-Hit Ukraine Over Bailout
European Official Takes Measured Tone on Ukraine Aid
Ukraine Chief Loses Support in Stronghold
'Stop the Coup': President's Loyalists Camp in Kiev
Germans Extend Mali, Afghanistan Deployments
'Assange Won't Come': Swedish MPs Urge End to Whistleblower Case
Cyprus Says Could Be Close to Peace Talks Breakthrough
Top Secret UK Drone Taranis Makes First Flight
Spanish Woman Found Guilty of 'Glorifying Terrorism' on Twitter
Police Reporter Kidnapped in Southern Mexico
Colombia's FARC Accuses Ex-President of Spying on Peace Talks
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