The latest casualties in the government’s war on journalism:

James Risen – a New York Times journalist who exposed the Bush administration’s covert actions abroad and is being threatened with jail by the Obama gang for not revealing sources.

Glenn Greenwald – the independent journalist who gave us the Edward Snowden story and who now cannot return to America without fear of arrest.

Julian Assange of WikiLeaks, holed up in a friendly embassy: Fox News reporter James Rosen, who had his emails read and was tracked by authorities, along with an entire team of AP reporters. These are the victims of our government’s assault on the First Amendment.

Years ago we warned that it would come to this: that’s why we’ve been fighting to preserve independent journalism since 1998 – but we can’t do it without your help. Please make your tax-deductible contribution to today – because liberty matters.
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Updated February 12, 2014 - 11:30 PM EST
Obama: No Military Solution 'Per Se' to Syria
  First British Suicide Bomber Launches North Syria Attack
  UN Envoy: Little Progress in Syria Peace Talks
  The Destruction of the Idols: Syria's Patrimony at Risk From Extremists
  Syria Detains Over 300 'Fighting Age Men' After Homs Evacuation
US to Wait for Karzai's Successor for Troop Pact
  US Reiterates Anger at Afghanistan Plan to Release Bagram Detainees
Obama Threatens Sanctions on France Over Iran
  An Iran in Flux Marks 35th Anniversary of Revolution
  Iranian President: Constant US Threats to Attack 'Rude'
Appeals Court Won't Stop Gitmo Force-Feedings
  Obama Lies, Tells Hollande There Aren't 'No Spy Agreements' With US
  Military Ordered Photos of Bin Laden Corpse Destroyed
60 Killed, 60 Wounded Across Iraq
Confessions of an Unreconstructed 'Isolationist'  by Justin Raimondo
'F**k Europe'  by Eric Margolis
Intel Chief’s Histrionics Obscure Downgrade of Terrorist Threat  by Ivan Eland
Obama's Liberal Imperialism  by David Rieff
The Terrible Toll of Secrecy  by Dan Froomkin
Access Is Overrated  by Jane Mayer

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Debate Intensifies Over Possible German Army Training Mission in Somalia
China and Taiwan Hold First Official Talks Since Civil War
US Hails French Role in Stemming African Conflicts
Obama Says US Will Deal Harshly With Violators of Iran Sanctions
Iran Will 'Shatter' Sanctions, Says Rouhani
Jewish Hospital a Fixture in Tehran
Russia Dismisses US Sanctions Against Iran as 'Illegitimate'
Iran Leader Hassan Rouhani Blasts US for 'Rude and Offensive' Ongoing Threat of Military Action
Iran 'Forever' Comments on Nuclear Program Seen as Sop to Hardliners
Syria Conflict: UN Concerned Over Homs Detentions
UN Hopes to Resume Homs Evacuation
Islamist Threat at Home Forces Saudi Rethink on Syria
Syria Crisis: 'First UK Jihadist' in Suicide Attack
British Jihadists 'Tortured and Killed Prisoners in Syria'
Obama Says US Is Exploring 'Every Possible Avenue' With Syria
60 Killed, 60 Wounded Across Iraq
Gunmen Attack Military Barracks in Northern Iraq, Kill 15 Troops
These Are the 9 Weapons the US Is Selling Iraq
Palestinian Official Warns of Violence if Israel Peace Talks Fail
Protests as PA Demands $43 Exit Fee for Palestinians to Leave
Suspect in West Bank Military Court Goes Free After Israeli Police Lose Evidence
Israeli Company Unveils New Super Heron Drone
Bennett: Western Peace Efforts Keep Blowing Up in Our Faces
Presbyterian Church Group: Zionism Is the Problem
Ultra-Orthodox Rally Against Natalie Portman in Jerusalem
Turkey PM: No Reconciliation With Israel Until End of Gaza Siege
Turkish Editor Hits Out at Media Coercion Under Erdogan
Middle East
Yemen Shi'ite Rebels, Southern Group Slam Federation Plan
#bbctrending: Lebanon's App for Bomb Blast Survivors
Obama, Hollande to Cement 'Forever' Franco-US Friendship
Cypriot Leaders Seeking Settlement 'Soon as Possible'
Germany to Comb Museums for Nazi-Looted Art
Poll: Majority of Americans Support Normalizing Relations With Cuba
Mexican Journalist Found Slain in Veracruz State
Honduras Suspends Eight US Consuls
Spying on Everyone
Rand Paul to File Suit Against Obama, NSA Over 4th Amendment
Obama and Hollande Say Trust Restored After NSA Spying
Spy Chief Says Snowden Took Advantage of 'Perfect Storm' of Security Lapses
Maryland Lawmakers Want to Cripple the NSA's Headquarters
NSA Link Sparks UN to Act on Hammarskjöld Probe
Ex-US Navy Man Jailed for Attempted Espionage for Russia
The War at Home
A Lopsided House Vote to Restore Military Pensions
TSA Agents 'Humiliate Cancer Victim Wearing Adult Diaper' at Security Checkpoint
Huge Hack 'Ugly Sign of Future' for Internet Threats
New US Military Space Plane Aims for 2017 Liftoff
US Intelligence Director Does Not Believe Karzai Will Sign Security Pact
2 Civilian Contractors Killed in Afghanistan Were Americans
Afghanistan Polio: First Case in Kabul Since 2001
Illegal Hunting on the Rise in Afghanistan
Anti-Drone Activist Kareem Khan Seized by Armed Men in Pakistan
13 Killed, Dozens Injured in Three Blasts in Peshawar
Doctors Say Health Crisis Growing in Pakistan's Remote Northwest
Long-Ignored Ethnic Strife Cuts Off Pakistan's Gas
At North's Suggestion, Koreas Open Dialogue
Time Running Out on Former Sex Slaves' Quest
A Debate in New York Over the Name of a Sea Between Japan and the Koreas
Thailand in Political Limbo With Vote Re-Runs Seen in April
Video Shows US Abduction by Delta Force of Libyan
Journalist Kidnapped in Libyan Capital
North Africa
Two Egypt Policemen Shot Dead, Militants Blow Up Sinai Pipeline
Algerian Military Plane Crashes Into Mountain, 77 Killed
Central African Republic
UN Chief Warns of Partition in Central African Republic
UN Chief to France: Mull More Troops for Central African Rep.
Muslim Exodus Threatens Food Crisis in Central African Republic
Acrimonious Opening at Restart of South Sudan Talks
US Embassy in Uganda Warns of Terror Threat
Rights Group: Eritrean Refugees Regularly Abducted in Egypt, Sudan
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