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Updated February 21, 2014 - 11:24 PM EST
Obama Looks to Escalate Military Role in Syria
  Syrian Christian Militias Ally With Kurds in Northeast
Iran Talks Reach Framework on Permanent Deal
  IAEA: Iran Sticking to Deal, Reducing Uranium Stockpile
  UK and Iran Agree to Re-Establish Direct Diplomatic Relations
Iraq Offers $17,200 Per Killed 'Foreign Militant'
  Shi'ite Town Shelled South of Baghdad, Killing 22
  Iraq: 70 Are Killed, 93 Wounded in Attacks, Clashes
The Day We Pretended to Care About Ukraine
  Accord Is Signed in Ukraine but Doubts Are Strong
  Ukraine's Deadly Day: 100 People Dead, 70 Police Captured
NSA May Expand Surveillance in Response to Lawsuits
  NSA Explores Options for Relinquishing Vast Telephone Database
Accountability for US Drone Strikes in Yemen Is Elusive
'Windfalls of War': Companies Making Billions Off Afghanistan
The FCC Brings Chavismo to America  by Justin Raimondo
The NSA Is Still Violating Our Rights, Despite What Clapper Says  by Sen. Rand Paul
Walking Away From War  by Clark Stooksbury
Ukraine's Crisis, Not Ours  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Ukraine, Bosnia on Pyres of Empire  by Nebojsa Malic
Who Is Leopoldo Lopez?  by Max Blumenthal

More Viewpoints

Matt Taibbi Quits Rolling Stone, Joins Greenwald
Snowden Files: 'Paragraph Began to Self-Delete'
Identities of 71 Gitmo Prisoners Eligible for Hearings Released by US
Judge OKs Hunting forTerrorists in Muslim Girls Schools
Will Germany Inch Away From Military Restraint?
UN Security Council to Vote on Syria Aid Resolution Saturday
Six Dead in Turkey-Syria Border Bomb
Syria Press Accuses Jordan of Stirring Revolt in South
Israeli Demand Sparks 'Jewish State' Debate
Kerry Hints Settlements May Not Have to Evacuate Homes in Final Agreement
Abbas' Aide: No Framework Deal Unless It Includes Palestinian, Arab Positions
Israeli Right-Wing: Settlement Freeze Is a 'Deal Breaker'
Newfound Jewish Roots Gave Kerry a 'Deep' Bond With Israel
Turkey's Embattled Erdogan Seeks Wider Powers for Spy Agency
Obama to Erdogan: Resolve Crisis With Israel
Middle East
Iraq Offers Bounty as 70 Are Killed, 93 Wounded in Attacks, Clashes
Report: US Drone May Have Killed Dozen Civilians in Yemen
IAEA: Iran's Higher-Grade Uranium Stock Down First Time in 4 Years
Four Die in Eastern Saudi Arabia Police Raid
Islamic Clerics Ban Muslims From Living on Mars
Al-Jazeera Journalists Deny Charges at Egypt Trial
Egypt Extends Its Crackdown to Journalists
115 Killed, 1,500 Buildings Razed in Nigerian Town
Nigeria Boko Haram Crisis: Emir's Palace Burnt in Bama
UN May Extend Eased Somalia Arms Embargo Despite Concerns: Diplomats
Low-Key Vote for Libya's Constitution Panel
War-Torn Churches Shelter Muslims in Central African Rep.
South Sudan Oil State Capital Divided, Crude Output Down
Ukraine's President Open to Early Vote, Polish Leader Says
As Deaths Rise in Kiev, So Do Fears Ukraine Will Use Troops
Protesters in Lviv Raise the Stakes in Ukraine's Crisis
'Don't Be Doormat' Russia Warns Cash-Starved Kiev
Ukraine Unrest: EU Sanctions Imposed
Obama 'Outraged' Over Ukraine Violence
Obama: Disputes With Russia 'Not Some Cold War Chessboard'
Meetings on ETA Raise Disarmament Hopes in Spain
The War at Home
Report: DoD Can Close Bases Without Congress
Wisconsin Senate Passes Anti-Drone Bill
NSA Weighs Retaining Data for Suits
Is Elliott Abrams Hoping to Succeed Abe Foxman to Head ADL?
Saudi Pleads Guilty to Terror Charges, Could Get Out of Guantánamo in 2018
Post Scarjo Fight, Oxfam Threatened With Lawsuit for Indirect Ties to Terror Group
US Military
Report: Military Efforts to Prevent Mental Illness Ineffective
Navy Looking for Some F-35 Relief
Too Big to Fail?: the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter
After Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Brain-Injured Veterans Search for Solace
US Ranks Low in First-Ever Global Index of LGBT Inclusion in Armed Forces
Navy Carrier Debate Still Unresolved Ahead of Budget Roll Out
Pakistan Bombs Militant Hideouts in Tribal Areas
Pakistan Protests Killing of Soldiers on Afghan Soil
Following Turmoil, India Parliament Passes Bill Creating New State
Rajiv Gandhi Murder: India Court Suspends Plotters' Release
China Aims for Nanjing's History to Speak Loudly on Japan
China Says It Will Win West Over to Its View on Tibet, Xinjiang
Afghanistan Troop Cuts Will Likely Lead to Taliban Surge, Study Warns
2 Filipino Sisters Free From 8 Months of Captivity
Thailand's Prime Minister Denies Corruption Charge
Students Urge Peaceful Venezuela March After Violent Night
Venezuela Protests Rumble as Demonstrators, Troops Face Off
Venezuela Sends in Military Units as Protests Continue
Venezuela Opposition Denounces 'Brutal Repression'
Venezuela's Poor Join Protests as Turmoil Grips Chávez's Revolution
Venezuelan Beauty Queen Genesis Carmona, 22, Fatally Shot in Head During Protest
Genesis Carmona: The Two-Way
Venezuela's Internet Crackdown Escalates Into Regional Blackout
Three Cuban Windsurfers Attempt to Cross Florida Straits
Haiti Court Urges Further Probes on Duvalier Trial
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Justin Raimondo
The FCC Brings Chavismo to America

Nebojsa Malic
Ukraine, Bosnia on Pyres of Empire

Kelley B. Vlahos
Afghanistan: It's the Election, Stupid!

Ivan Eland
Religious Freedom – Lead by Example

Philip Giraldi
Diplomacy Is a Four Letter Word

David R. Henderson
Rand’s Stand

Ran HaCohen
Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

Charles V. Peña
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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