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Updated February 22, 2014 - 11:21 PM EST
Ukraine President Flees, Protesters Take Capital
  Ousted Ukraine Leader Yanukovich Refused Exit From Country
  Ukraine Opposition Leader Tymoshenko Freed
  White House Insists: Ukraine Conflict Is Not Proxy War
  Ukraine's Western Pro-European Cities Warn They Could Break Away
  Leaders in Pro-Russian East Vote to Take Control of Their Areas
US Brings Up Iran’s Missiles as Issue in Talks
  US Officials Sending Mixed Signals on Iran Talks
  Boeing, GE Seek Export Licenses to Sell Jet Parts to Iran
  US Views on Iran Poll Results Offer More Bad News for AIPAC
FCC Backs Off Newsroom 'Study'
  Attorney Gen. Signs Rules to Limit Access to Journalists' Records
  Snowden and Top Writers on What Freedom Means to Them
Venezuela's Maduro Wants Dialogue With Obama
  Murder Charges Against Venezuela Opposition Leader Dropped
  Venezuela Says CNN Can Stay, a Day After Saying 'Get Out'
Report Prompts Demands Obama Explain Drone Policy
Obama: Libya an 'Extraordinary Threat' to US Foreign Policy
Syria Offers 100-Day Plan on Chemical Weapons Shipments
At Least 11 Killed in Attack on Somali Presidential Palace
57 Militants Killed in Iraq Ops, 2 Others Wounded
Try and Try Again: Obama’s Silent Coups  by Ted Snider
Shooting at Sochi to Hit Syria  by James Carden
Meeting With the Enemy: Vietnam From a Vietnamese Perspective  by Camillo Mac Bica
Thug State U.S.A.  by Tom Engelhardt
Harassed by the Empire  by Anonymous
US Support for Regime Change in Venezuela Is a Mistake  by Mark Weisbrot

More Viewpoints

TSA: Confiscating Aluminum Foil and Watching Out for Solar Powered Bombs
US Psychologists' Assoc. Rejects Ban on Aiding Military Interrogations
Russia to Strengthen Mediterranean Force With 'Stealth' Subs
Internet a Crucial Venezuela Battleground
Gallup Poll: China, Not Iran, Now USA's Top Enemy
Syrian Air Force Steps Up Attacks in South
38 Male Homs Evacuees Freed in Syria: Governor
Gaza's Fragile Ceasefire Threatened by Border Clashes as Hamas Weakens
Kerry's Framework Unacceptable to Abbas, Says Official
Senior Palestinian Official: We Could Recognize Jewish State
16 Palestinians Injured in Clashes With IDF Near Border Fence
Palestinian Quizzed for Calling Barkat 'Mayor of the Occupation' on Facebook
Germany to Offer Consular Assistance in States Without Israeli Embassies
'Prisoner X' Leaked Mossad Intelligence to Iranian Businessman, New Book Claims
57 Militants Killed in Iraq Ops, 2 Others Wounded
Iraq Army Fails to Oust ISIS Fighters From Suleiman Beg: Local Officials
UN Security Council Considering Targeted Sanctions in Yemen
Medics: 2 Protesters Shot Dead in Yemen
Bomb-Maker Still at Large After Yemen Prison Break Is Sign of al-Qaeda's Strength
Turkey Receives First of 4 Surveillance Planes
Venezuela Sends Troops to Border Region as Violence Escalates
From Jail, Venezuela Protest Leader Urges Resistance
Venezuelan Violence Has Roots in Obscure Incident
Venezuela Closes Consulates in Dutch Caribbean After Attack
Ukraine Peace Deal Halts Violence but Crowds Still Angry
Ukraine Protesters Call for Yanukovych's Immediate Ouster, Denounce Peace Deal
Fresh From Breakthrough Deal, Ukraine Parliament Pass Vote to Free Tymoshenko
Ukraine Default Risk Rises as Russia Bond Sale Canceled
White House: No Decision Yet on Ukraine Sanctions
Obama, Vladimir Putin Discuss Ukraine Deal
Ukraine Protester Tweeted After Being Shot in Neck
Russian Media Paint a Dark Picture of Ukraine
Polish Foreign Minister Warns Ukraine Protest Leaders: 'Sign Deal or You Will All Die'
11 Killed as Libyan Military Plane Crashes in Tunisia
Libyan Islamist Fighter Reported Killed in Tunisia Plane Crash
Libyan Diplomat Denies Presence of al-Qaeda Members on Board Crashed Military Plane
UN Says Civilians Targeted in South Sudan Violence
UN Chief Wants More Troops to End Central African Republic Bloodshed
40 Killed as Fighter Jets Bomb Taliban in Waziristan, Khyber
Shia Leader Shot Dead in Kohat
Balochistan: the Untold Story of Pakistan's Other War
Pakistan Army Chief: Troops Fully Capable of Defeating Terror
Three Militants Killed in Afghanistan Attack
Congress to Revisit Wardak Helicopter Attack That Killed 38
Obama's Meeting With Dalai Lama Irks China
White House Bars Media From Dalai Lama Meeting
Beijing Official Detained in Probe of Former Security Chief
South Korea to Develop Stuxnet-Like Cyberweapons
North Korea Rejects UN Commission Report on Atrocities
6 Hurt in Explosion at Thailand Protest Site
17 Bodies Dumped in Mexico Mass Grave
3 Mexicans, 6 Guatemalans Guilty in Drug Massacre
US Military
Study: Soil Dust Suspected in Illnesses Among Iraq Vets
Maryland State Bill Would Form Commission to Deal With Declining US Military Budgets
Navy Chief Sentenced to 5 Years for Attacking S. Korean Woman
Allen: US Generals Must Improve War Planning
USAF Space Chief Outs Classified Spy Sat Program
Pentagon Moving Ahead With New Vertical Lift Aircraft
Comrades Say Marine Heroism Tale of Iraq Veteran Was Untrue
Pentagon Seeks 'Big Code' for 'Big Data'
Fixing Strykers Falls to Soldiers as Army Ends Repair Contract
Paratrooper Killed, 7 Injured in Fort Bragg Training Exercise
USAF Defends Need for New Long-Range Bomber
Army Historian Says Report on Deadly Afghan Battle Was Altered to Absolve Faulty Gun
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Ukraine, Bosnia on Pyres of Empire

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Afghanistan: It's the Election, Stupid!

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Religious Freedom – Lead by Example

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Diplomacy Is a Four Letter Word

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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