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Updated February 23, 2014 - 11:24 PM EST
Tymoshenko Ally Named Acting Ukraine President
  Ukraine President Flees, Protesters Take Capital
  Ousted Ukraine Leader Yanukovich Refused Exit From Country
  Leaders in Pro-Russian East Vote to Take Control of Their Areas
More Protests as Venezuela Chief Seeks US Talks
  Venezuelans on Streets Again as Protest Leader Awaits Trial
  Venezuela Says CNN Can Stay, a Day After Saying 'Get Out'
Nearly 30 Rebels Die as Kurds Take Syrian Town
  Syrian Troops Advance Near Golan Heights City
Militants Down Iraqi Helicopter and Occupy Town
  53 Killed, 65 Wounded Across Iraq
Why AT&T's Report Omits 80 Million NSA Targets
  FCC Backs Off Newsroom 'Study'
  FCC Grasps for Expanded Powers With Net Neutrality Push
Taliban Kill 21 Afghan Troops on Pakistan Border
Obama: Libya an 'Extraordinary Threat' to US Foreign Policy
Try and Try Again: Obama’s Silent Coups  by Ted Snider
Shooting at Sochi to Hit Syria  by James Carden
Meeting With the Enemy: Vietnam From a Vietnamese Perspective  by Camillo Mac Bica
Thug State U.S.A.  by Tom Engelhardt
Harassed by the Empire  by Anonymous
US Support for Regime Change in Venezuela Is a Mistake  by Mark Weisbrot

More Viewpoints

Iceland Moves to Withdraw EU Application
UK: Tory Eurosceptics Urge: Tell Angela Merkel We Are Serious About Leaving EU
Congress to Grill Pentagon on Deadly Attack That Killed 30 Americans in Afghanistan
In Japan's Drill With the US, a Message for Beijing
Plot Thickens After Marine Corps Commandant's Interview on Urination Video
Syria Warplanes Raid Rebel Stronghold
As Barrel Bombs Fall, Aleppo's Families Flee
Syrians in Remote Tented Settlement Feel Abandoned
Deadly Blast Strikes Hezbollah Stronghold in Lebanon, 3 Dead
Syrian Refugee Children Forced to Work to Support Families in Lebanon
Eid: Ultimatum Aimed at Defusing Tension After Lebanon Assassination
Abbas: US Peace Efforts Have Failed 'So Far'
Destruction of Gaza Tunnels Harm Palestinian Lives
Eating Hummus With Salafists in Hebron
Germany's Merkel to Back Kerry Peace Efforts During Israel Visit
Militants Briefly Take Fourth Town; 53 Killed, 65 Wounded Across Iraq
Iraq Ministry Announces 72-Hour Truce in Militant-Held Fallujah
As Iraq Hands Out Election IDs, Unrest Rages On
Middle East
Military Intelligence Colonel Killed in SE Yemen
Police Fire Tear Gas at Istanbul Anti-Government Protest
Jordan's Circassians Balk at Sochi Olympics
Pakistani Taliban Say Government Must Embrace Islamic Law
Ghazni Airstrike Kills Two Taliban Leaders in Pakistan
Pakistan Assures Ismailis, Kalash Tribe Against Taliban Threat
Two Killed, 41 Wounded in Attack on Thai Protest Rally
Koreans Part, Likely for Last Time, From Relatives
Wary of Muslim 'Disapproval', Indian Politician Doesn't Meet US Envoy
Downtown Kiev in Opposition Hands, Govt Forces Missing
White House Keeping Close Eye on Ukraine
Ukraine's President Calls Efforts to Push Him From Office a 'Coup'
Ukrainian Rabbi Tells Kiev's Jews to Flee City
Ukraine's Tymoshenko Out of Jail, Still Divisive
Ukrainian Governor, Mayor Flee for Russia
Spain Judge Orders ETA Verification Panel to Court
Russian Deputy PM: Cossack 'Held Accountable' for Whipping Attack on Pussy Riot
Opposition, Pro-Govt Rallies Grip Venezuela
Kerry Rebukes Venezuela for 'Unacceptable' Use of Force
Venezuela to Slap Arrested Protesters With Passport Ban as Unrest Grows
Maduro Warns Opposition as Caracas Protests Return
Maduro: Kerry Remarks Give Violence 'Green Light'
Venezuela Deaths Rise as Unrest Claims Student and Biker
Rival Protests Clash in Brazil's Biggest Slum
Mexico's Sinaloa Drug Chief Arrested
Egypt's Morsi Urges Revolution From Court
Egypt Court Acquits Police of 2011 Killings
Al Shabaab Say Attack Meant to Get President 'Dead or Alive'
US Military
Sea Dragon Helicopter: Troubled Past, Uncertain Future
New Jet-Powered Drone Can Kill 1,800 Miles From Home Base
Americans Still Dying
Independence (KY) Airborne Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Paducah (KY) Marine Sgt. Leaves Behind Wife, Three Children
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Justin Raimondo
The FCC Brings Chavismo to America

Nebojsa Malic
Ukraine, Bosnia on Pyres of Empire

Kelley B. Vlahos
Afghanistan: It's the Election, Stupid!

Ivan Eland
Religious Freedom – Lead by Example

Philip Giraldi
Diplomacy Is a Four Letter Word

David R. Henderson
Rand’s Stand

Ran HaCohen
Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

Charles V. Peña
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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