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Updated February 27, 2014 - 11:25 PM EST
Syria Troops Ambush al-Qaeda Rebels, 175 Die
  Al-Qaeda in Iraq Collecting Taxes on Syrian Christians
  Hezbollah Vows Retaliation for Monday Israeli Attack
Ukraine Oligarchs Prepared for Yanukovych Fall
  Ukraine Leader Warns Russia After Armed Men Seize Crimea Govt HQ
  One Killed, 20 Wounded as Protesters Clash in Crimea
  Ukraine Requests International Arrest Warrant for Yanukovych
Obama Looking Beyond Karzai for Troop Deal
  US May Bring Detainees Held in Afghanistan to US Navy Brig
US/UK Spies Grab Webcam Images of Yahoo Users
  Justice Dept: We Need to Keep NSA Call Data 'Indefinitely'
  NSA Reform Advocates Oppose Obama Proposal to Hand Data to FBI
  DoJ Ducking Scrutiny After Misleading Supreme Court on Surveillance
Pakistan: US Won't Let Us Finish Iran Gas Pipeline
Abbas: Kerry Framework Plan Is 'Madness'
General: Gitmo Camp 7 Building 'Unsustainable'
51 Killed, 62 Wounded in Iraq Attacks
Obama Should Steer Clear of Ukraine  by Sheldon Richman
Confusion on Counterterrorism  by Paul R. Pillar
Tweaking the Constitution to Make Extrajudicial Killing Easier  by Conor Friedersdorf
New Assaults on American Law  by Andrew P. Napolitano
Christian Soldiers Revisited  by Philip Giraldi
Israel and Palestine: Shifting Paradigms  by Massoud A. Derhally

More Viewpoints

FBI's Curious Silence About the Waltham Murders
CIA Destroyed Its Chomsky File and Thousands More on Other US Citizens
Army Spy Ring and Attempted Entrapment of Peace Activists, Iraq Vets
Russian Spy Ship Docked in Havana
Life After Guantanamo
Germany Sees Threat From Returning Syria Militants
Syria Rebel-Jihadist Fighting Kills 3,300 Since January: NGO
Video Shows Moment Syrian Army Bombs Huge Rebel Group
Qatar FM Backs Syria Political Solution on Iran Visit
Turkish Foreign Minister Says World Has Failed Syria
Bulgaria Struggles to Help Syrian Refugees Who Escape War
Report: Airstrike in Lebanon Killed Four Hezbollah Fighters
With Airstrike, Israel Gambles Against War With Hezbollah
Lebanon Turns Terrorist-Fighting Focus to Syria's Nusra Front
Lebanese Army Arrests a Nusra Front Commander in Arsal
Hariri Murder Trial Adjourned to Add New Suspect
Amnesty: Trigger-Happy' Israeli Army and Police Use Reckless Force in the West Bank
Israel's Knesset Debates Proposal to Enforce Its Sovereignty at Al-Aqsa Mosque
Right-Wing Israeli MPs Apologize to US Envoy for Leak
Gazans Look to the Sun to Ease Fuel Shortages After Tunnel Closures
51 Killed, 62 Wounded in Iraq Attacks
Muqtada Al-Sadr Doesn't Appear to Have Quit Iraqi Politics
Stiff Penalties Await Infiltrators From Syria Into Iraq
Iraq FM Denies Violating Iran Sanctions
Kurdistan President: Cutting Budget Equals 'Declaration of War' by Baghdad
China and Iraq Expand Energy and Defense Ties
Turkish Leader Disowns Trials That Helped Him Tame Military
Turkish President Signs Off New Controls Over Judiciary
Erdogan to Obama: Netanyahu to Blame for Stalled Reconciliation
Gunmen Kill Intelligence Chief in Southern Yemen
UN Authorizes Sanctions Regime for Yemen, Leaves Blacklist Blank
Middle East
Jordan Lawmakers Vote to Expel Israeli Ambassador Over Temple Mount Debate
Kerry: US Must Pursue Iran Talks Before Considering Going to War
23-Year-Old Detained by Police in Bahrain Dies
As Ukraine Crisis Rumbles, Georgia Leader Visits US
US Urges Georgia to Align With EU, NA
England, Conflicted on Its Place in Europe, Looks to Germany
Mexican Drug Kingpin Guzman Dodges US Extradition for Now
Mexico Files Gun Charge Against 'El Chapo's Aide
5 From Domestic Spy Agency Arrested in Venezuela
Venezuela Government Faces Brutality Accusations Over Unrest
Carnaval Could Sap Venezuela Protests
US Military
Army Removes 588 Troops From 'Positions of Trust' After Sexual Assault Review
Victims of Military Sexual Assaults Give Dramatic Testimony to Senators
Dempsey Concerned Afghan Forces Will 'Hedge Their Bets'
Chuck Hagel Turns Up Heat About US POW
NATO Chief Still Hopes to Salvage New Afghan Mission
Warlords With Dark Pasts Battle in Afghan Election
'Deepening' Medical Crisis in Afghanistan
Pakistan Won't Target Militants Who Fight in Afghanistan
Pakistan Draws Up Tough Anti-Taliban Strategy
Pakistani Taliban Claims Its Popularity Graph Is Going North
China/Hong Kong
Chinese Sue Japan Firms Over Forced World War Two Labor
Uighur Professor Could Face Death Sentence in China: Lawyer
Hong Kong Editor in Press Freedom Row Hacked With Cleaver
Japan Moves to Relax Arms-Export Ban
Philippines Frees Top Muslim Rebel
Thai Army Reinforces Areas Near Protesters
Indian Army Soldier Shoots Dead Five Colleagues, Kills Self
End Draws Near for US Military Hub in Kyrgyzstan
Egypt's Sisi to Stay on as Defense Minister: Source
26 Sentenced to Death Over Suez 'Terror Plot'
Disbelief After Egypt Army Announces Cures for Aids, Hepatitis C
Jazeera Plans Egypt Embassy Protests to Win Journalists' Freedom
New Killings Spark Protests in Libya's Benghazi
Outmanned and Outgunned, Libya Struggles to Fix Its Broken Army
Nigeria School Attack: Fury at Military Over Yobe Deaths
16-Year-Old Latest Victim of Nigeria School Attack
NSA-Style: Tunisia Setting Up Counterterrorism Unit That Will Also Spy on Citizens
Civilians Flee as Violence Worsens in South Sudan
Rwanda Genocide: France Blocks Extraditions
Russia Orders Troop Maneuvers Amid Ukraine Tensions
Ukrainians Calm About Putin Combat Training Order
Russian Military Action in Ukraine Would Be 'Grave Mistake': US
Ukraine Disbands Feared Riot Police Unit That Led Crackdown on Kiev Protesters
Kerry Evokes Rocky IV to Warn Putin
Official: US Experts in Ukraine to Help Tackle Economic Crisis
Ousted Yanukovych Still in Ukraine: Prosecutor
Ukrainian Leadership Names Interim Cabinet
In Ukraine, Naming of Interim Government Gets Mixed Response
Ukrainian Journalists Launch Yanukovychleaks
Prize Catch for Ukrainians at Boat Harbor: a Soggy Trove of Government Secrets
Ukraine to Seek International Help to Trace Yanukovich Accounts, Assets
Ukraine Asks IMF for Help on New Financial Aid Program
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That Old Clinton Foreign Policy Magic

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Afghanistan: It's the Election, Stupid!

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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