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Updated March 1, 2014 - 11:23 PM EST
Ukraine Threatens War Over Crimea
  Parliament Allows Putin to Use Military in Ukraine
  Obama Warns Russia Against Ukraine 'Meddling'
  Ukraine Interim Govt Tries to Spin Crimea Chaos as Russian Invasion
  Was Yanukovych's Ouster Constitutional?
Secessionist Militia Seizes Two Crimean Airports
  Interim Govt Wants Russia Out of Crimea, Crimeans Want Out of Ukraine
  Russia Sends Cargo Planes to Crimea Amid Unrest
Officials Mum on US Citizen They Plan to Kill
  Europe Shows Resistance to US Drone Policies
Syria al-Qaeda Faction Live-Tweets Amputation
  Facing Ultimatum, al-Qaeda Faction Withdraws From Syria Towns
  Fearing Retaliation, Israel Puts Syria, Lebanon Borders on High Alert
IAEA: We Didn't Shelve Any Iran Report
  Partisan Infighting Hinders AIPAC's Iran Lobbying
Russia Seeks New Bases in Eight Countries
Glenn Greenwald Responds to Latest Smear
Prominent Sheikh Among 34 Iraqis Killed, 40 Wounded
Look Who the US Is Siding With in Ukraine, Egypt, and Syria  by Chris Ernesto
The Fifth Amendment Lies in Crumbles  by Jacob G. Hornberger
NSA Robots Are 'Collecting' Your Data and Getting Away With It  by Bruce Schneier
Israel Lobby AIPAC Down, But Not Out – Yet  by Medea Benjamin
Obama's War Against Civilization  by Glen Ford
A Key NSA Overseer's Alarming Dismissal of Surveillance Critics  by Conor Friedersdorf

More Viewpoints

Germany Says US Spying Requires Serious Discussion
More Than 80% of Icelanders Want Referendum on EU Talks: Poll
The War at Home
Senators to Investigate NSA Role in British 'Optic Nerve' Webcam Spying
FBI Mole Had Contact With bin Laden Years Before 9/11
US Soldiers More Likely to Suffer From PTSD Than UK Soldiers
Feds: Marathon Suspect Made Detrimental Remark
Sisters' Jail Visits to Accused Boston Bomber Not Confidential: Prosecutors
Ukraine and Russia
Russia Says Crimea Deployments Based on Agreements With Ukraine
In Crimean Port City, Dreams of a Return to Russia's Fold
Boot Russia From Ukraine Naval Base, Top Ukraine Lawmaker Says
Yanukovych in Russia: 'I'm Still Ukraine's President'
Crimea Crisis: Russian Parliament to Review New Annexation Law
Conciliatory Words Hide Putin's Anger Over Ukraine
Ousted President Yanukovych Surprised by Putin's Silence
Ukrainian Nationalists Strive to Shake Off Allegations of Anti-Semitism
Armed 'Self-Defense Squads' Partially Withdraw From Simferopol Airport
Crimea Airport Operating Normally
2 Ukrainian Mayors Play Different Hands in Crisis
Ukrainian MP Chased Through Crimean City's Streets
Yanukovych Blames 'Irresponsible' West for Backing Protesters
Ukraine and the World
EU Reiterates Readiness to Sign Ukraine Trade Deal
UN Security Council to Hold Emergency Meeting on Ukraine Crisis
China's Top Paper Slams West's 'Cold War Mentality' Over Ukraine
Three European States Freeze Ukraine Ex-Leaders' Assets
McCain: 'We Are All Ukrainians'
The Ex-Israeli Soldier Who Led a Kiev Fighting Unit
Russia Opposition Leader Alexei Navalny Under House Arrest
Protesters Scuffle With Riot Police in Athens
Afghan Taliban Shot at Downed US Helicopter 'Head-On'
Afghan Notebook: Illiterate Army
Activists Reach Pakistan Capital After Long March

Bearing Portraits of the Missing in Pakistan

China Hits Back at US in Human Rights Report
Chinese Media Outlet Uses Racial Slur at US Envoy
Thai Protest Leader Says to Unblock Bangkok Roads, Still Target Ministries
Seoul Proposes Regular Family Reunions With North
India Maoists Kills Seven Policemen in Chhattisgarh
Myanmar Suspends Medecins Sans Frontieres Work in Rakhine
Weekend Reviews
Walking Away From War
War Expose: Luck, Then Total Dedication
Can True Democracy Exist in a Nuclear Weapon State?
Omar a Rare Palestinian Feature Film at the Oscars
Main Israel Lobby Seeks to Regain Footing as Netanyahu Visits US
Israel Warns Lebanon to Prevent Hezbollah Reprisals for Airstrike
Israel Army in West Bank Clash After Palestinian Funeral
Hamas Chases Protesters From Gaza-Israel Border
Palestinians Burn Israeli Flag Near Temple Mount
Israel Air Force Strikes Rocket Launcher in Gaza Strip
From Riyadh to Beirut, Fear of Syria Blowback
Syrian Troops Kill 55 Rebels Amid Ongoing Conflict
Syrian Air Strikes Kill Three Near Lebanese Border
17 Injured in Mortar Attack in Syrian Capital
Iranian Official Stresses Political Solution to Syrian Crisis
Generations On, Christians Fleeing Syria Return to Turkish Homeland
Stranded in Morocco, Syrians Join African Migrants in Storming Europe's Door
Jewish Democratic Donors Urge Congress: Back Off Iran Sanctions
Kerry Defends US Iran Position in Advance of Obama-Netanyahu Meeting
Prominent Sheikh Among 34 Killed, Another 40 Iraqis Wounded
Total Oil Co. Looking at Building Big Petrochemical Unit in Iraq
North Yemen Clashes Between Army, Rebels Kill 24
Saleh Says UN Resolution Will Return Yemen to the 'Dark Ages'
Middle East
Bahrain Police, Shi'ites Clash at Jailed Youth's Funeral
Turkey Frees Cabinet Ministers' Sons
Gunmen Kill Police Guard of Morsi Judge
Egypt Army 'AIDS Detector' Instead Finds Ridicule
Central African Republic
France Striving to Stop Central African Republic Split, Hollande Says
Evacuation Dilemma in the Central African Republic
Some in GOP Think George W. Bush Should Mediate South Sudan Conflict
Tunisian Prime Minister Replaces Islamist Governors Ahead of Election
Soldier Fires in the Air Near Nigerian Governor
US: Venezuela Leaders Must Start Talks, Stop Arrests
Jailed Venezuela Protest Leader Mocks Maduro's Talks
Cuban Agent Released From US Prison Gets Hero's Welcome
Art Stolen From Cuban Museum, Turns Up in Miami
Anti-Government Protests Continue in Venezuela

Venezuela: Slum Dwellers in Caracas Ask, What Protests?

Colombian Rebels Want US to Participate in Peace Talks
US General Complains That Marijuana Legalization Makes Latin American Officials Less Eager to Join the War on Drugs
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Justin Raimondo
The Worst Snowden Revelation of Them All

Kelley B. Vlahos
The Wailing Cassandras Return

Ivan Eland
North Korea Abuses Human Rights – Tell Us Something We Don't Already Know

Philip Giraldi
That Old Clinton Foreign Policy Magic

Nebojsa Malic
Ukraine, Bosnia on Pyres of Empire

David R. Henderson
Rand’s Stand

Ran HaCohen
Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

Charles V. Peña
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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