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Updated March 4, 2014 - 11:30 PM EST
Russia Successfully Tests ICBM Near Caspian Sea
US Suspends Military Ties With Russia
  Obama Cancels Trade Talks, Readies Russia Sanctions
  Lavrov Slams Threats of 'Sanctions and Boycotts' Over Ukraine
  As US Threatens, EU Pushes for Mediation in Crimea
Tensions High, Russian Troops Staying in Crimea
  At UN, Russia Points to Ultranationalist Threats in Ukraine
  Russia and China 'in Agreement' Over Ukraine
Syria Christians Enter Submission Pact With Qaeda
  Al-Qaeda Returns to Damascus Refugee Camp, Stalling Food Aid
  Saudi Arabia Calls on All Foreign Fighters to Leave Syria
Karzai: Afghan War Not in Our Interest
Iraq Security Ops Continue: 97 Killed, 45 Hurt
Israeli Settlement Construction Rose 123 Percent in 2013
UN Report: 30 US Drone Strikes Require 'Public Explanation'
Three US Drone Strikes Kill Four 'Suspects' in Yemen
How a New Iran Could Be Great News for Boeing and GE
Code Pink's Benjamin Says Egypt Police Abused Her in Jail
Tune Out the War Party!  by Patrick J. Buchanan
AIPAC and Friends Explain Themselves  by Philip Giraldi
It Is the West, Not Russia, That Has Behaved Recklessly in Ukraine  by Brendan O’Neill
Distorting Russia  by Stephen F. Cohen
Ukraine: The Price of Internal Division  by Jack Matlock
US a Full Partner in Ukraine Debacle  by Stephen Kinzer

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Utah House Passes Anti-NSA Bill 71-2
Italian Spyware Firm Relies on US Internet Servers
Jailed Leader Calls for More Venezuela Protests
Libya Relocates Parliament After Attack
Police Hide Use of Cell Phone Tracker From Courts After Manufacturer Asked
At White House, Israel's Netanyahu Pushes Back Against Obama Diplomacy
Israel Must Make Tough Choices for Peace, Obama Say
Palestinian Dead, Two Wounded in Air Force Strike on Gaza
Gaza Public Workers Say Hamas Not Paying Salaries
UN Deputy Envoy to Syria Wants to Quit Post: Spokesman
Life and a Death Sentence in Rebel-Held Damascus
Iraq Security Ops Continue: 97 Killed, 45 Wounded
Ex-Blackwater Contractors Seek Dismissal of Iraq Case
Kurdistan Government Blasts Baghdad Over Budget Freeze
Assailants Kill Five Soldiers in South Yemen
Al-Qaeda Militants Attack Police Station
Middle East
UN Watchdog: Iran Complying With Nuclear Deal, but Much Work Remains
Bahrain Blast Kills Three Policemen: Interior Ministry
United Arab Emirates Sentences Qatari to 7 Years in Islamist Trial
War Death Toll for Afghan Security Forces Is Over 13,000
Interview: Karzai Says 12-Year Afghanistan War Has Left Him Angry at US Government
Afghan Officials Say Roadside Bomb Kills 5 Police
Candidates Take to the Road for Presidential Election Campaign
China Arrests 3 More in Train Station Attack, Claims International Terror Link
China Train Station Attack Risks Driving Ethnic Wedge Deeper
North Korea
US: North Korea Missile Launches Violate UN Resolutions
North Korea Deports Detained Australian Missionary
Police: Thai Army Rangers Killed 3 Boys in South
Businesses Resume After Thai Protests Scaled Back
Pakistan: Taliban Splinter Faction, Ahrar-Ul-Hind Claims Staged Islamabad Attack
India to Examine Claims Over '1857 Rebel' Bodies
Philippine Gunmen Abduct 2 Children, Nanny, Driver
Japanese Lawmakers Call for Revision of Wartime Brothel Apology
Egypt Postpones Ruling on New Judges in Morsi Trials
Egypt Police Jailed Over 2010 Death of Khaled Said
Egyptian Graft Investigator Accuses Officials of Retribution
Islamist Militants Kill 31 More in Northeast Nigeria
Gunmen Kill 3 Policemen in Nigeria
7 Suspected Nigerian Militants Are Arrested
Little Progress on South Sudan Peace Negotiation
Arson, Looting Displace Thousands in Sudan's Darfur
Ugandan Troops to Form UN Guard Force in Somalia
'Massive' Help Needed to Stabilize Central African Republic: Interim Leader
6 Bodies Found in Another Mexico Clandestine Grave
Tour Bookers Hopeful US May Ease Rules on Travel to Cuba
Crimean Authorities Confirm Takeover of Military Units
Pro-Russia Protesters Occupy Regional Government in Ukraine's Donetsk
Crimean Tatars Feel Pressure From All Sides
Frayed Nerves in Crimea as Rumors of War Spread
Ukraine Seeks $35 Billion as Yanukovych Flees Arrest Warrant
Ukraine's Territorial Integrity Guaranteed Under 1994 Deal: Tymoshenko
Ukraine and Russia
Russian Defense Ministry Dismisses Ukraine Ultimatum Reports as 'Total Nonsense'
Pro-Russian Crimeans Welcome Moscow's Decision to Send Troops
Yanukovich Sent Letter to Putin Asking for Russian Military Presence in Ukraine
Russian FM: Troops in Ukraine Defending Russians
A Look at Russian, Ukrainian Militaries
Putin Watches Russian War Games Amid Ukraine Tensions
Crimean Authorities May Cut Power, Water to Ukrainian Troops: Russian Ex-Lawmaker
Russian Markets Plunge as Putin Tightens Crimea Grip
Despite Turmoil, Russia Launches Crimea Bridge Project
Ukraine and the US
OSCE Security Monitors 'Advance Teams' in Ukraine: US
Obama's Toughest Ukraine Task: A United Front
Biden Pressures Medvedev on Troops
Democratic Senator: Crimea Crisis Is Happening Because America Looked Weak in Syria
McCain Says US Should Hold Off on Military Option in Ukraine
Obama Must Carefully Calibrate Russia Response, Rhetoric: Gates
Just Don't Mention the Wars! John Kerry's Stunning Hypocrisy Over Ukraine
US Leaders to Skip Sochi Paralympics
Ukraine and the World
US-Europe Rifts Surfacing as Putin Tightens Crimea Grip
Biting Words but No Action at Security Council Meeting
EU Foreign Ministers Weigh Responses to Putin
Ukraine Revolution Brings Peril to Envoys Abroad
Photo: UK Discourages Talk of Russia Sanctions
Russia Ties Compound German Dilemma in Ukraine Crisis
EU to Urge Mediation With Russia Over Ukraine
Ukraine Crisis Stokes Baltic Nerves Over Russia
Finnish Defense Minister Postpones Russia Visit Due to Ukraine
Czech Minister Says Russian Firms Should Not Build Nuclear Plant
Croatia Accuses Serbia of 1990s Genocide
Romania's Ethnic Hungarians Join Ponta Government
US Military
General's Court-Martial Could Shape the Future of Military Justice System
In Planning for the Future, the Pentagon Sees Fewer Troops and More Technology
Vietnam Veterans Sue Military Over PTSD
Suicidal Tendencies Are Evident Before Deployment, Study Finds
Navy: Fighter Jet in Nevada Crash 'Total Loss'
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AIPAC and Friends Explain Themselves

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The Wailing Cassandras Return

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North Korea Abuses Human Rights – Tell Us Something We Don't Already Know

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Ukraine, Bosnia on Pyres of Empire

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Rand’s Stand

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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