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Updated March 7, 2014 - 11:24 PM EST
Russia Parliament Leaders Back Crimea Secession
  Obama: Crimea's Secession Referendum Is Illegal
  Obama's Bind: He May Have to Accept a Russian Crimea
  Crimean Parliament Votes Unanimously to Become Part of Russia
  Ukraine Issues Warrants Against Elected Crimean PM, Speaker
  Tymoshenko Calls for Tough Action From West on Crimea
Six US Warplanes En Route to Baltics
  US, EU Unveil Travel Ban on Russians, Threaten Sanctions
  Russian FM: Still No Agreement With US on Ukraine
Battles Escalate, Spanning Syria-Lebanon Border
  Syria to Miss Deadline on Destroying Chemical Weapons Sites
Top Army Sex Assault Prosecutor Fired After Assault Charge
  Bill to Remove Commanders From Sex Assault Prosecutions Fails
US Drone Strike Kills 5 Afghan Soldiers in Friendly Fire
More Bloodshed in Iraq: 82 Killed, 176 Wounded
UN: West of Central African Republic 'Cleansed' of Muslims
US Won't Accept Rights Treaty Applies to Its Actions Abroad
Russia Didn't Invade Ukraine Because of US 'Weakness'  by John Glaser
Nukes Now: Obama Worse Than Reagan  by Steve Breyman
The Clash in Crimea Is the Fruit of Western Expansion  by Seumas Milne
Hillary, Hitler, and Cold War II  by Patrick J. Buchanan
The Pentagon's Phony Budget War  by Mattea Kramer & Tom Engelhardt
The Inverse of Oversight: CIA Spies on Congress  by Dan Froomkin

More Viewpoints

Obama Will Never End the War on Terror
by Michael Hirsh & James Oliphant
Pentagon Studies Putin Body Language for Hint of Intent
Privacy Is in Our Blood, Says NSA Official
Gen. Dempsey: 'Two Years' to Overcome Snowden Leak
Activists Heading to Gaza Stuck at Egypt Airport
Tunisia Ends State of Emergency After 3 Years
16th-Century Manual Shows 'Rocket Cat' Weaponry
Amid Carnage of War, Syria Readies for Assad Re-Election
OPCW Refuses to Confirm Nature of Besieged Syria Weapons Depot
Abbas Cuts Salaries of Fatah Rival's Security Men
Israel Launches Spy Balloon Near Border
Netanyahu on Iran's Denial: When Ship Reaches Eilat, We'll See Who the Liar Is
More Bloodshed in Iraq: 82 Killed, 176 Wounded
Row as Iraq Minister's Son 'Forces' Flight Turnaround
Middle East
Al-Qaeda in Yemen Executes Alleged US Informer
Children Injured 'Planting Bomb' in Bahrain
Nigeria Closes Schools in Order to Prevent Boko Haram Attacks
Delta Force for Peace? US Uses Films as Aid in Nigeria
Western Countries Alarmed as Libya Slides Towards Chaos
Niger Extradites a Son of Gadhafi to Libya, Saying He Didn't 'Stay Quiet'
Extradition of Gadhafi's Son Puts Ball in Libya's Court
BP Shelves Onshore Exploration in Libya as Instability Grows
Somalia's Al-Shabab 'Defeated' in Rabdhure Town
Skeletons Uncovered in Mass Graves in Somalia
French, Mali Troops Kill 10 Suspected Islamist Militants
Mozambique Opposition Wants Foreign Mediation
Congo Warlord Verdict a Test for Flagging International Court
Two Dead in Venezuela Violence as Protests Drag on
Venezuela Cuts Ties With Panama, Calling Country a 'Lackey' for the United States
UN Experts Demand Answers About Venezuela Violence
Talk or Take Action? On Venezuela's Streets, Protesters Take Sides
El Salvador
Ex-Guerrilla Closes in on El Salvador Election Win
El Salvador Runoff Election: Why an FMLN Win Wouldn't Mean Bigger Shift to the Left
Cuba Agrees to Open EU Talks on Bilateral Relations
Ukraine and Russia
Russia Prepares Bill on Foreign Asset Freeze in Reply to Sanctions
US Announces Visa Restrictions on Some Russians
Crimean Jews Surprised by New Referendum to Join Russia
Interpol: Ukraine Wants Yanukovych's Arrest
10 Lies? Russians Fire Back
Ukraine New Leaders Appoint 'Morale Officers' in Army, Officers Fear Chaos
Russians Sink a Boat Off Ukraine Coast – Their Own (not an accident)
Global Stock Buyers Ignore Ukraine Worries; Euro Jumps on ECB
Ukraine and the US
US Sends Six Fighters for NATO Baltics Patrols: Lithuania
Ukraine Aid Bill Clears the House
Ukraine Crisis Could End US Space Reliance on Russia
US Considers How to Use Natural Gas Resources in Ukraine Crisis: Top Official
Russia Wants IMF to Move Ahead on Reforms Without US
American Experts on Russia Say There Are Not Enough of Them
Ron Paul: US Should End Its Involvement in Ukraine Conflict
Greek President Presses Germany's Gauck on WWII Reparations
North Korea
North Korea Missile Tests Deemed Serious Threat After 'Near Miss' With Chinese Passenger Plane
US Envoy Still Hopeful for Missionary's Release From North Korea
General: Marines Ready to Leave Helmand Province
Ex-Afghan Translators for German Army Fear Attacks
As Expected, President Karzai's Brother Exits Afghan Election
Delhi Arrests After BJP-AAP Supporters Clash
Islamabad Attack: Nisar Says Judge Accidentally Killed by Guards Fire
Rooting for Wrong Cricket Team? That's Sedition, Kashmiri Students Learn
Relief and Retrenchment in Bangkok as Protesters Shift Tactics
Chinese Governor Signals Crackdown on Separatists
The War at Home
Rutgers Professors: We Don't Want Condoleezza Rice at Commencement
Navy Will Deploy First Ship With Laser Weapon This Summer
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