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Updated March 9, 2014 - 9:44 PM EDT
Ukraine Says Won't Give Up Crimea
  US Sends Destroyer to Black Sea Amid Crimea Tensions
  Ukraine Interim Govt Courts Oligarchs, Neo-Fascists
  Are Oligarch Appointments at Odds With New Sense of Fairness?
Russia May Stop Arms Inspection Deal With US
  Russia Seeks OSCE Probe Into Kiev Sniper Deaths
  Russia Parliament Leaders Back Crimea Secession
Rebels Execute 10 Civilians in Southern Syria
  Syria al-Qaeda Faction Slams Nusra 'Betrayal'
  Syria Takes Over Key Rebel Town
US Special Forces to Jordan for Iraq Training
  Iraq Political Candidate Among 44 Killed, 60 Wounded
Al-Qaeda Kills Man Accused of US Drone Spotting in Yemen
US Military Presence in Africa Growing in Small Ways
Libya to Bomb N. Korean Tanker if It Ships Oil From Rebels
What Europe Should Know About US Mass Surveillance  by Edward Snowden
Hillary Clinton: Playing Dog-Eared 'Hitler' Card  by Norman Solomon
Cutting Defense Spending Long Overdue  by Mac Deford
We're Just Not That Special  by Andrew J. Bacevich
Send the Sixth Fleet to Ukraine? To Do What?  by J.D. Tuccille
The End of Drone War?  by Philip Giraldi

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Terrorism Not Ruled Out in Disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Jet
Medea Benjamin Back From Egypt, Hurting From Injuries and Sore at State Dept
The Guardian's Alan Rusbridger: 'It's Essential to Be Paranoid'
Covering Conflict and Corruption, Journalists Face Increasing Danger
Spying on Everyone
Secret Court Judge Rejects US Govt Request for Longer Metadata Retention
Snowden: I Raised NSA Concerns Internally Over 10 Times Before Going Rogue
Julian Assange Tells SXSW Audience: 'NSA Has Grown to Be a Rogue Agency'
Snowden Says 'Many Other' Spy Programs Remain Secret, for Now
Senate Intel Panel Staffers Took Secret CIA Papers Years Before Agency Discovered Them Missing
ACLU Asks US Appeals Court to Outlaw NSA Mass Collection of Phone Data
'Russian' Spyware Called a Cutting-Edge Threat
Experts Analyze Snake, Uroburos Malware Samples Dating Back to 2006
Syria Government Forces Take Village Near Lebanese Border
Israel Scrambles Jets to Syrian Border
Rebel Free Syrian Army Confirms New Chief
The French Mother Who Lost Her Sons to the War in Syria
Iraq Political Candidate Among 44 Killed, 60 Wounded
Iraqi Women Protest Against Proposed Islamic Law in Iraq
Suicide Bomber Uses Iraq Police Humvee in Attack
Saudi Arabia and Qatar in 'War on Iraq': Maliki
Chaldean Patriarchate Provides Help for Thousands of Displaced Families From Ramadi and Fallujah
Abbas: 'No Way' for Recognition of Israel as Jewish State
Israeli Teens to Netanyahu: As Conscientious Objectors, We Won't Serve in IDF
Hamas Fighter Killed in Bomb-Making Accident
Stern Israeli Airport Security Measures Questioned
White House Says Turkey's Erdogan Misrepresenting His Phone Call With Obama
Turkey Frees 5 Charged in 2007 Murders of Christians: Report
Thousands of Women Stage Protests Against Govt, Domestic Violence in Istanbul
Middle East
Al-Qaeda-Linked Militants in Lebanon Apologize for Civilian Deaths
Two Yemeni Soldiers, Four Militants Killed in South: Ministry
EU's Ashton Visits Iran for First Time; Nuclear Issue on Agenda
Three Killed in Cairo Clashes, 48 Wounded Across Egypt
Egypt's Military Chief Making Plans for Campaign
South Sudan Intercepts UN Trucks Carrying Weapons
Red Cross Worker Killed in Central African Republic
US Military
Ex-Special Forces Soldier Sentenced in Afghanistan Embezzlement Scheme
DARPA's Tiny Lasers Will Soon Hunt for Biochemical Weapons
Pentagon Outlines Ideas for Hybrid Retirement System
Navy Plans to Retire All Frigates by End of 2015
Americans Still Dying
Marine From Waseca (MN) Killed in Afghanistan
Atkinson (NH) Postmaster Serving With Air National Guard Dies in Qatar
Tensions Remain High in Crimea Amid Renewed Effort to Mediate
Warning Shots Fired to Turn Monitors Back From Crimea
Tatars Flee Crimea for Western Ukraine
Far-Right Leader to Run for President in Ukraine
Tymoshenko Starts Medical Treatment in Berlin
In Ukraine, Nationalists Gain Influence – and Scrutiny
Notorious Ukrainian Nationalist on International Wanted List Over Chechnya Killings
Ukraine and Russia
What's the Point of US Military Activity Near Russia?
Why Billions in Bailout Money for Ukraine Could End Up in Russia
Russia Says Restarts Nuclear Fuel Transit to Europe Via Ukraine
Ukraine's Ambassador in Moscow Meets Russian Deputy Minister
Ukraine Crisis 'Created Artificially' - Russia's Lavrov
Western Businesses in Russia, Watchful and Wary
Sochi Paralympics: Ukraine Beat Russia to Biathlon Gold
Ukraine and the World
Israeli Envoy Opens 'Hotline' With Ukrainian Ultra-Nationalist
Ukraine May Turn to UN General Assembly
India Sides With Russia Over Ukraine Crisis
Obama Confers With Key European Allies Over Russian Action in Crimea
Poland Evacuates Consulate in Crimea: Foreign Minister
UK Banks in Row Over Yulia Tymoshenko 'Millions'
France Lines Up With Obama on Ukraine Issue
Ukraine's Neighbors Eye Russian Gas Hedge
US Apologizes, But Afghan Drone Deaths Another Big Hit to Ties
Taliban Bomb Kills Afghan District Leader in Latest Attack on Senior Officials
Astonishing Pictures of Afghanistan From Before the Wars
Judge Shot by Own Guards in Pakistan
Two Brothers Among Four Killed in Karachi
Intel Agencies Nab 2 Militant Commanders in Peshawar
China Draws 'Red Line' on North Korea, Says Won't Allow War on Peninsula
'Peace-Seeking China Eyes More Active International Role'
Booze, Liberty Restrictions Cut Crime on Okinawa
Thailand Defers Decision on Emergency After Two Hurt in Shooting
Philippines 'Won't Rush Defence Accord' for Obama Visit
Protests Continue After Venezuelan Diplomatic Win
Ex-Rebel Poised to Win El Salvador Presidency
Mexico Seizes 6 Planes in Sinaloa Cartel's Base
US, Mexico, Guatemala Form Anti-Crime Alliance
Weekend Reviews
Overcoming the 'Manufactured Crisis' With Iran
No Exit: The Digital Edition
Understanding Shadows. The Corrupt Use of Intelligence
Uncovering Occupied Palestine
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AIPAC and Friends Explain Themselves

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The Wailing Cassandras Return

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Ukraine, Bosnia on Pyres of Empire

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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