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Updated March 21, 2014 - 11:29 PM EDT
US: Russian DM Vows Not to Attack East Ukraine
  Russia: Crimea Annexation to Be Completed This Week
  US, Russia Trade Sanctions Over Crimea
  Washington Allies With Unscrupulous Characters in Ukraine
Half of Syria's Chemical Arms Removed: OPCW
  Syria Kills 11 Rebels in Lebanon Border Ambush, Closes Crossings
IAEA: Iran Meeting All Commitments in Deal
  Iran, West Far Apart, But Hopeful on Final Nuclear Deal by July
Iraqi Forces, Images Testify to New Atrocities
  Clashes Continue in Iraq's Anbar: 56 Killed, 18 Wounded
Uruguay to Accept Five Gitmo Detainees at US Request
  At Gitmo, Unsafe Mess Hall and Inability to Treat Medical Emergencies
Israel Advances Plans for 2,269 West Bank Settlement Homes
US Promises to Go to War For More Than 54 Countries
The CIA Impunity Challenge  by John Glaser
Did Team Obama Blunder or Conspire in Ukraine?  by Sheldon Richman
New York Times: More Half-Truths About Ukraine  by Patrick L. Smith
Ukraine's Mysterious Snipers  by Justin Raimondo
Domestic Drones Are Inevitable  by Lucy Steigerwald
Why Sanctions Don't Really Work  by Andrew Cockburn

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How a Comedy Article Got Me Placed on No-Fly List
Al-Qaeda Spokesman Recounts 9/11 Aftermath
General Accused of Rape Must Pay Over $20,000; No Jail Time
Spying on Everyone
German Lawmakers Plan Investigation Into US Spying
US Senate Majority Leader Reid Backs Feinstein Over CIA
UK Home Secretary Warns Yahoo That Its Move to Dublin Is a Security Worry
The War at Home
In Defense Budget Hunger Games, What's on Congress's Wish List?
Report Soon on FBI Custody Death of Chechen Man
Sensors Based on a Lobster 'Nose' May Someday Sniff Out Landmines
Syria Closes Lebanon Border Crossing Amid Heavy Clashes
Scores of Syrian Rebels Flee Into Lebanon After Ambush
Defying Allies, Qatar Unlikely to Abandon Favored Syria Rebels
Syrian Army Retakes Crusader Castle From Rebels
Hundreds of Kurds in Syria Flee After Jihadist Threat
German Firms Played Larger Role in Syria's Chemical Weapons Program
Putin Won't Torpedo Iran Talks, Israeli Officials Say
In Iran, Hopes Fade for Surge in the Economy
Iranian Ship, in Plain View but Shrouded in Mystery, Looks Very Familiar to US
Obama, in Message to Iranians, Says There Is Chance to Reach Nuclear Deal With Iran
Palestinians Threaten to Seek Statehood at UN if Prisoner Release Canceled
Haredi Anti-Draft Protest: 'We Beat Pharaoh, We'll Beat Zionism Too'
Deputy Minister Danon to Resign if More Palestinians Freed
Israel 'Probably' Next to Ratify Nuke Test Ban Treaty: Top Official
30 MPs Urge Netanyahu to Free Jewish Terrorists
Israeli Defense Chief Wounds Relations With US Ally
Abbas Asks US Help to Free Jailed Palestinian Leader Barghouti
Arabs Hurl Stones at MP Feiglin on Temple Mount
Desalination Plant to Be Built in Gaza
Clashes Continue in Iraq's Anbar: 56 Killed, 18 Wounded
At Least 14 Iraq SWAT Forces Killed in Explosives-Rigged House
Iraqi Families Drop Claims of Unlawful Killings
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Sentences 13 for Backing Militants in Kingdom and Abroad
Saudi Arabia Deports 370,000 Migrants Over 5 Months
Twitter Reportedly Goes Dark in Turkey
Turkish PM Says Killing of Security Personnel Was 'Terrorist Attack'
Venezuela Moves Against Opposition Mayors
In Other News
UN: Syrians, Russians, Afghans Lead Asylum List
Ukraine Sets Deadline for Militias to Surrender Illegal Guns
Ukraine Won't Fire First in Any Trade War With Russia: Envoy
Ukraine Border Guards in Crimea Redeploying to Mainland: Official
Ukraine 'in No Hurry' to Impose Visas on Russians
Yulia Tymoshenko: Crimea Will Always Be Ukrainian
Ukraine and Russia
Russia's Lower House Votes to Bring Crimea Into Russia
Russia Says No Need for Early Repayment of Ukrainian Bonds
Russia to Build Up Military in Crimea to Protect Against Threats
Pro-Russian Forces Release Ukraine Naval Commander, Reports Say
Russia Steps Up Customs Checks on Goods From Ukraine: Officials
Federal State Is Only Solution for Ukraine: Lavrov
Ukraine Says Russia Takes Over Ukraine-Owned Sweet Factory in Lipetsk
Ukraine and the World
US Advises Funds to Warn Investors About Russian Risk
Oil Slips as Crimea Tensions Ease, Dollar Rises
Svoboda Party Building Close Relations With Germany's Neo-Nazi NPD Party
Russia Bans Entry to US Lawmakers, Officials
Here's the List of Americans Who Just Got Sanctioned by Russia

Kyrgyzstan Recognizes Crimea Referendum Results

EU Leaders Convene, Cancel Russia Summit, Consider Crimea
Merkel Warns Russia Faces Escalating Sanctions
US Envoy: Cyprus Peace May Ease Europe Gas Supply
Town That Withstood Wartime Siege Shows the Way in Troubled Bosnia
Afghanistan Frees 77 Prisoners Despite UK, Coalition Warning
Afghan Police Station Attack Leaves at Least 18 People Dead
Teenage Gunmen Attack Hotel in Afghan Capital; 6 Guests, 3 Attackers Die
Nine, Including Two Cops, Killed in Karachi Violence
Pakistan PM: No Troops Being Sent to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain
Japan's Abe: Hope to Resume Talks With North Korea Soon
North Africa
Egypt Sentences 17 People to Long Jail Terms for Protests
Libya's Ostracised Tawerghans Still Living in Camps
French Forces Kill About 40 Jihadists in Mali
Mali's Former Coup Leader Starts Hunger Strike Over Detention
Nigerian Army Facing Questions as Death Toll Soars After Prison Attack
Nigerian Group to US: Give Assets to Charities
UN Warns of Anti-Muslim Violence in Central African Republic
Germany to Send 20 Troops to Somalia
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