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Updated March 27, 2014 - 11:29 PM EDT
Obama: Crimea Secession Worse than Iraq War
Obama Wants More NATO Troops in E. Europe
  Only a Quarter of Americans See Russia as an Enemy
  US Presses EU Nations to Hike Military Spending to 'Confront Russia'
  Ukraine Crisis to Test West's Threshold for Economic Pain
Paramilitary Right Fills Ukraine Power Vacuum
  Ukraine to Cut Gas Subsidy, Raising Prices 50 Percent
Report: US Offers Up 'Pollard for Prisoners' Deal
  Israel's Wildcard: The Man Who Could Stop the Peace Process
Polling Centers Attacked in Iraq; 39 Killed, 74 Hurt
  'Environmental Poisoning' of Iraq Is Claimed
NSA Critics Express Doubt House 'Reform' Bill
  Brazil's Anti-Spy Internet Bill Clears Lower House Vote
Egypt Orders Mass Trials: Over 2,100 Face Death
Report: Al-Qaeda Has Big Plans for Westerners in Syria
Obama's New NSA Proposal and Democratic Partisan Hackery  by Glenn Greenwald
Probable Cause  by Andrew P. Napolitano
A Conservative Defense Budget Should Be a Conservative Cause  by Peter Gemma
The War on Drugs Remains Literal  by Lucy Steigerwald
The Iranian Threat That Never Was  by Sheldon Richman
US, Like Russia, Exercises Hegemony  by DeWayne Wickham

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Jonathan Schell, Antiwar Activist, Dead at 70
Bin Laden's Son-In-Law Convicted
What Role for NATO? Ukraine Crisis May Push It Back to Basics
TSA Wants Law Enforcement at Checkpoints
Secret Service Pulls 3 Agents From Obama Trip
North Korea: Men Required to Get Kim Jong-Un Haircuts
6 Ukrainian Officers Freed by Russia; 5 Captive
Economic Cost of Crimea Seizure Mounts for Russia
Russia to Create National Payment System to Rival Visa, Mastercard
Vigilantes Harass Pro-Russian Ribbon Wearers in Ukraine
Russia Seizes Ukraine's Last Crimean Ship
Russia: Ukraine Bars Crews From Leaving Aircraft
Ukrainian Authorities Dismiss Criticism Over Russian Flights
Ukraine's Spy Dolphins 'Switch Allegiance' to Russia
Ukraine, Russia, and the World
Obama Tells EU to Do More to Cut Reliance on Russian Gas
US, Europe Looking at Possible Sanctions Against Russian Energy
EU and US Consider 'Deeper Sanctions' Against Russia
Trade Deal Would Ease US Gas Exports to Europe: Obama
Former German Chancellor Schmidt Criticizes West's Russia Policy
Germany Says Violent Language Doesn't Help in Ukraine Crisis
China Says Supports International Financial Aid for Ukraine
Switzerland Takes Cautious Stance on Ukraine Crisis
One Killed in Cairo Clashes Over Muslim Brotherhood Rulings
Egyptian Doctor Faces Life on the Run After Mass Death Sentences
Small Group of US Soldiers in Libya Ahead of Training Mission
Eni Is Committed to Libya, but Where's the Payoff?
Libya Investigates Top Leader's Questioning Over Visit by Two Women
Suicide Car Bomb Kills Five Policemen in Northeast Nigeria
Propaganda War: Nigeria Military vs. Extremists
Somali Militants Lose Town to African Union Troops
Morocco Sues Activists in France Over Torture Accusations
British Soldier Charged Over Terror Offenses
Venezuela Opposition Mayor Gets One-Year Jail Sentence Over Protests
Venezuelan Institutions Unite Against Opposition
Syrian Opposition and Assad Forces Clash Over Coastal Town
UN Aid Convoy Crosses From Turkey to Syria
Syrians Brave Life Outside Crammed Turkish Refugee Camps
Over 500 Rebels Killed in Syria's Latakia Battles
Arabs Condemn Syrian Government 'Massacres', Demand Political Solution
First Batch of Syrian Refugees Arrive in Britain
As Assad Advances, Syria Launches Commercial Airline
Arab League Rejects Israel as Jewish Homeland
Israeli Troops Kill Three Palestinian Militants in West Bank Raid
Israeli Navy Opens Fire on Suspected Smugglers Heading to Gaza
University of Michigan Votes Down Israel Divestment, Loyola Narrowly Passes
Polling Centers Attacked in Iraq; 39 Killed, 74 Wounded
Arabs in Kirkuk Want Elections Delayed
Turkey Kurds: Boy Critically Injured at Rally
Twitter Sues Turkey Over Service Ban
Police Raid Suspected Militants in Istanbul, Five Wounded
Middle East
Three Killed, Including Child, in North Lebanon Fighting
Iran Demands Pakistan Free Abducted Guards
Bahrain Jails 29 Shiites for Attack on Police
Arab States Have Little to Show for Tense Kuwait Summit
Killing of Afghan Journalist and Family Members Stuns Media Peers
Afghan Presidential Candidate Field Narrows to 8
First Day of Pakistan Taliban Peace Talks Concluded
Former US Diplomat Urges Nuclear Deal With Pakistan
Indonesia Candidate Tied to Human Rights Abuses Stirs Unease
US Panel: End Persecution of Muslims in Myanmar
India's BJP to Welcome Foreign Defense Investment, Keep Out Big Retailers
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