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Updated March 29, 2014 - 10:53 PM EDT
Kerry Meets Russian FM for Ukraine 'Detente'
US Vows Support for 'All Post-Soviet States'
  Russian Officials See Growing Threats From US, NATO
  Russia Foreign Ministry Announces New Sanctions against US, EU
Putin Assures He Won't Invade Ukraine
  US Says Russia Has 35,000 to 40,000 Troops Near Ukraine
  Russia Pledges Billions in Aid to Crimea
  Ukraine Interim President Blasts Right Sector 'Destabilization'
The Rival Plans to Reform NSA Surveillance
  China Says Hacking Attacks Soar in 2013, US Partly to Blame
Israel Reverses Prisoner Release in Blow to Talks
  Settlers Prepare to Move Into East Jerusalem Commercial District
50 Killed, 63 Wounded Mostly in Iraq's Anbar
Obama May Allow Anti-Aircraft Missile for Syria Rebels
The 30-Year US/Iran Nuke Standoff: We Started It in the Reagan Days  by David Stockman
NATO's Wrong Turn  by Scott McConnell
Neocons and Small-Govt Conservatives, Consciously Uncouple  by Conor Friedersdorf
When Is Sovereignty Not Sovereignty?  by Philip Giraldi
The Infantile Diplomacy Behind Demonising Russia  by Frank Furedi
A Lifetime of War – Explained  by Kirkpatrick Sale

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Al-Qaeda's 2nd Act: Patrick Cockburn's 5-Part Series
Defense: FBI Wanted Marathon Suspect as Informant
Colombia Confirms US Request to Take in Guantanamo Prisoners
Hagel Seeks Peace Pact for Digital Realm
Norway's Stoltenberg Appointed New NATO Chief
Spying on Everyone
Journalists, Media Under Attack From Hackers: Google Researchers
Google Says Government Requests 'Up 120%' in Four Years
Huawei on NSA: If Foreign Spies Attacked a US Firm, There'd Be 'Outrage'
NSA Chief Keith Alexander Avoids Snowden in Retirement Speech
Rubio: US Can't 'Unilaterally Disarm' NSA
NSA Ally Mike Rogers to Leave House Intelligence Committee for Talk Radio
US Military
Military Police Detain Newspaper Reporter, Photographer, Confiscate Equipment in Ohio
Navy Says Goodbye to Arson-Damaged Nuclear Submarine USS Miami
Obama Says US Military Strikes Could Not Have Stopped Syria Misery
Armenians Flee Syria After Rebels Seize Historic Area
UN Official Denounces Syria on Aid Access
Syriac Orthodox Patriarch Buried Near Damascus
US Issues Scathing Attack Against UNHRC for Criticizing Israel
In New Row, Israel at Odds With US Over Visas
Israel Deputy DM: Peace Talks Going Nowhere, Palestinians Only Want Terrorists Freed
Israeli Soldiers Toss Grenade at Lebanese Shepherds
Israel Says Shoots Two Suspected Infiltrators From Syria
Federal Judge: Terror Victims Can't Just Seize Random Persian Stuff to Pay for Iran Judgment
Obama Tells Saudi King US Will Not Agree Bad Deal With Iran
Turkey Bans YouTube After Syria Security Talk Leaked
Turkish Security Breach Exposes Erdogan in Power Struggle
Turkey Defends YouTube Ban
Turkey Sacks Defense Official Involved in China Missile Talks
Middle East
50 Killed, 63 Wounded Mostly in Iraq's Anbar
Three Killed in Raid on Militants in South Yemen
Masked Gunmen Shoot Policeman in Lebanon's Tripoli
Obama Reiterates Significance of Saudi Ties in Talks With King
4 Killed as Police, Protesters Clash in Egypt
Egypt Detainees 'Routinely Tortured'
Egyptian Diplomats Seized in Libya Freed in Swap
Sedki Sobhi Sworn in as Egypt's New Military Chief
Militant Group in Egypt's Sinai Threatens Workers Building Security Wall Around Volatile Town
Central African Republic
Central African Republic Grenade Attack Kills 11
Germany Adds Planes to Central African Republic Mission
Kenya Police Kill 2 Suspects in Church Killings
Kenya MP Likens Homosexuality to Terrorism
Kenyan President Says Tourism Sector 'On Its Knees' After Attacks
Libya Poised to Retake Oil Ports From Rebels in Move That Could Split Country
Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe Threatens EU Summit Boycott
'We Are Watching You', Protesters Warn Ukraine's New Leaders
Ukraine's Military Unprepared to Hurt Russia
Russia to Abolish Black Sea Fleet Deals With Ukraine
Russia Says Ukrainian Troops Loyal to Kiev Have All Left Crimea
Ukraine Faces Hard Road to Economic Recovery With Moscow Pushing Back
Once a Storied Seaside Resort, Crimea's Tourism in Doubt
Colonel Captured During Storming of Crimea's Belbek Airbase Set Free
Jumpy Kiev Checks Out Bomb Shelters Amid Talk of Russian Attack
Deposed President Urges Vote on Ukrainian Regions Instead of Election
Ukraine, Russia, and the World
President Obama: Vladimir Putin 'Misreading' US
Hungary Opposed to Economic Sanctions Against Russia: PM
Germany Dismisses Suggestions It's Soft on Russia
Russia Threatened Countries Ahead of UN Vote on Ukraine: Envoys
Russia Says Swiss Imposed 'Couterproductive' Military Export Restrictions
Russia Criticizes UN Resolution Condemning Crimea's Secession
China Takes No Sides on Ukraine Crisis, Xi Tells Europe
Lithuania to Boost Defense Spending After Ukraine Crisis
Wheat Prices Rise on Crimea and Ukraine Worries
Putin Says Crimea Takeover Shows Russian Military Prowess
Sole Dissenter in Duma's Crimea Vote Getting Grief
St. Petersburg Tourism Hit by Crimea Crisis
Foreigners Escape Taliban Siege in Kabul; Afghan Child Killed
Doctors Treating Toddler Shot by Taliban Fear Rise in Afghan Violence
Attack at Wrong Door Turns Into Fatal Mistake for the Taliban, Reports Say
Escalating Attacks Jangle Nerves Ahead of Crucial Afghan Vote
Gen. Dunford: US Will Not Give Pakistan MRAPs From Afghanistan
Pakistani Christian Gets Death Penalty for Blasphemy
Pakistan Opposition Figure: War on Terror Has Failed, Diplomacy Needed
Pakistan in Pledge to Protect Journalists
Saudi Arabia Woos Pakistan With $1.5 Billion Grant. Why Now?
Gunmen Attempt to Storm Kashmir Army Unit; 6 Dead
Indian Air Force Plane Crashes, Killing 5 on Board
South Korea Proposes Aid for North if It Halts Nuclear Arms Program
Rights Panel Seeks Inquiry of North Korea
'Mind Your Own Business', North Korea Tells Envoys Demanding UN Action
China Angrily Denounces Japan for Russia-Crimea Analogy
Sri Lanka Leader Releases Indian Fishermen After UN Vote
Kazakhstan Halts Russian Missile Tests on Its Land After Rocket Crash
US: Venezuela Sanctions May Be 'Important Tool'
Vatican Open to Facilitator Role for Venezuela Crisis
Brazil Grows Wary of Venezuela Under Maduro, Reduces Support
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