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Updated April 2, 2014 - 11:29 PM EDT
NSA Made Warrantless Searches on Calls, Emails
  NSA Blows Its Own Top Secret Program in Order to Propagandize
McCain: Classified Senate Torture Report 'Chilling'
  Senate CIA Report Could Throw Gitmo Hearings Into Chaos
  Dianne Feinstein Set to Move on CIA Report
NATO Plans Military Buildup in Caucasus
  Poland Wants 10,000 NATO Troops to 'Defend From Russia'
  US to Send More Troops to Eastern Romania
  Bulgarian Nationalists Vow to Topple Govt Over Sanctions War
  With an Eye on Crimea, Bosnian Serb Leader Calls for Confederation
Russia Warns as Ukraine to Host NATO War Games
  Ukraine Moves to Disarm Right Sector After Shootings
  Russia Standoff More Likely to Shed Treasure Than Blood
Abbas Signs Int'l Conventions; Kerry Cancels Trip
  Amid Talks of Freeze, Israel Announces 708 New Settlement Homes
Gen. Dempsey: Keeping Military Option for Iran
  In Private Speech, Cheney Talks Bombing Iran, GOP Donors Applaud
4 Dead, 14 Wounded in New Fort Hood Shooting
1,886 Killed in Iraq in March as Violence Continues to Rise
NSA Blows Its Own Top Secret Program in Order to Propagandize  by Glenn Greenwald
Russia Has a National Strategy – Why Doesn't the US?  by Ivan Eland
Fighting the Militarized State  by Chris Hedges
Two Invasions – and One Truth  by Justin Raimondo
Has Iran Really Pursued Nukes?  by Kelley Vlahos
Why Did BRICS Back Russia on Crimea?  by Zachary Keck

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How the FBI Goes After Activists
The Drug War Exception to the Fourth Amendment
Officials Seek Origin of Drones Found in S. Korea
After Decades, Japan Ends Ban on Export of Weapons
Recalling Largest Loss of Native American Life in Battle
The War at Home
Manning's New Lawyer Decries 35-Year Sentence
Holder: Khalid Sheik Mohammad Won't Be Tried in New York
FBI Alert: Former Army Recruit Planning 'Fort Hood-Inspired Jihad'
Disgraced Guantanamo Guard Got Medal for Saving Detainee From Suicide
Tomorrow's Super-Soldiers Will Wear Night Vision Contact Lenses
Apocalyptic Prophecies Drive Both Sides to Syrian Battle for End of Time
New Syria Death Toll Shows Civilians Make Up One-Third of Casualties
More Than 150,000 Dead in Syrian Civil War, Activists Say
Kuwaiti Minister Rejects US Accusations of Syria Terror Funding
Syria Army Retakes Key Post in Assad's Home Province
Syrian Boys Become Breadwinners as Parents Struggle in Turkey
Lebanon Army Crackdown Pacifies Tripoli as Militia Leaders Flee
Deal to Free Pollard Could Tear Coalition Apart
Israel Minister: Pollard Opposes Release for Talks
Who Is Jonathan Pollard, and Why Is His Spy Case Inflammatory?
'America Is Nazi Germany' Spray-Painted on Monastery in Central Israel
US Lawmakers Outraged Over Iran's UN Choice
Iran Denies Interference in Yemeni Affairs
Iranian Rights Lawyer Summoned by Intelligence Ministry: Husband
March Casualty Figures Released as 35 Killed, 24 Wounded in Iraq
Iraq General Election Campaign Begins
Officials: Suicide Attack Kills 5 Soldiers in Iraq
Saudi Arabia
Al-Qaeda Says Security Steps Show Saudi Rulers Controlled by US
Under New Law, Atheism Equals Terrorism in Saudi Arabia
Election Protests in Turkey as Opposition Cries Foul
US Remains Critical of Turkish Government a Day After Elections
Dozens Injured as Clashes Erupt in Egypt Cities
Egyptian Diplomats Seized in Libya Freed in Swap
Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Chief Calls Sisi a 'Tyrant'
529 Steps Back: Egyptian Death Sentences Reveal Deep Societal Rift
Venezuela Opposition Lawmaker Barred From Capitol
Peruvian President Against Foreign Interference in Venezuela
Gazprom Hikes Ukraine Gas Price by a Third
Russia Plans to Build Undersea Gas Pipeline to Crimea: Newspaper
NATO Suspends Cooperation With Russia Over Ukraine Crisis
House Sends Ukraine Aid Bill to Obama
Outgunned Ukraine Strives for Military Overhaul
Russian Envoy Hails EU Trio's Call to Disarm Ukrainian Groups
China's Xi Seeks Peace in Europe but Side-Steps Ukraine
Britain Orders Inquiry Into Muslim Brotherhood in London
'An Historic Opportunity': Turkish Cypriot Minister Says Reunification Deal Pending
Bosnia's Wartime Rape Survivors Losing Hope of Justice
Final Push in Afghan Presidential Election Campaign
To Protect Foreigners, Afghans Shut Down Their Hangouts
Election Candidates Raise Fears Over Widespread Fraud
PML-N Splits in Two Over Pervez Musharraf's Exit
$400,000 in US Taxpayer Money to Fund Camel Statue in Pakistan
China Angered as Detained Uighur Academic Wins Rights Prize
Nepal Targets Tibetan Exiles, Under Pressure From China: Rights Body
2 Koreas, After Exchanging Fire, Rearm With Insults
Pakistan, Afghanistan, India All Want Leftover US MRAPs
Thai Protester Killed, Four Wounded in Shooting at Anti-Government March
Humanitarian Crisis Looms in Western Myanmar as Foreign Aid Workers Leave
East Libyan Rebels to End Oil Port Blockage Within Days: Sr. Leader
Goldman and SocGen Accused of Defrauding Libya Out of Billions With Derivatives During Gadhafi's Reign
Central African Republic
UN Aims to Evacuate 19,000 Muslims Under Threat in CAR
EU Launches Central African Republic Military Operation
Kenya: Big Terror Attack Possible, Official Fears
Radical Muslim Cleric Makaburi Shot Dead in Kenya
Nairobi Blasts: Police Arrest 627 in Eastleigh
Troops Blow Up Bombers in North Nigeria, 21 Dead
Mammoth EU-Africa Summit To Tackle Migration, Trade, Peace
In Troubled States, New Govts With the Same Old Problems
Mexico Confirms Knights Templar Cartel Leader Dead
Brazil Armed Forces to Probe Dictatorship Abuses
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Two Invasions – and One Truth

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Russia Has a National Strategy – Why Doesn't the U.S.?

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Brother Karzai Leaves Election, Joins Another Ticket

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Rand’s Stand

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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