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Updated April 16, 2014 - 11:16 PM EDT
Ukraine Troops Surrender to Eastern Protesters
  Ukraine Pounds Eastern City, Killing Four
  Putin: Ukraine on the Brink of Civil War
White House Endorses Ukraine Crackdown
  Poland: NATO Must Ignore Russia, Send Ground Troops
  EU Sanctions Push Stalls Over Russia Not Invading Ukraine
Video Shows Large al-Qaeda Meeting in Yemen
  New Zealand, Australian Men Killed in Yemen Strike
  Death From Above: How US Drone Strikes Are Devastating Yemen
Abu Ghraib Closed Over al-Qaeda Expansion
  55 Killed, 44 Wounded Across Iraq as Abu Ghraib Prison Shut Down
Gitmo Judge Halts Hearing Again Over FBI Spying
  FBI's Alleged Attempt to Flip Gitmo Defense Attorney Stalls 9/11 Trial
US Air Strike Kills Three Afghan Civilians in East
Syrian Rebels Show Off US Missiles in Videos
US Invasion of Africa That Nobody Knows About
The Pentagon, Libya, and Tomorrow's Blowback Today  by Nick Turse
Death From Above: How US Drone Strikes Are Devastating Yemen  by Vivian Salama
Can We Trust What Israeli Leaders Say on Iran?  by Ali Gharib
Ukraine – The Acid Test  by Justin Raimondo
Russia in Crimea: Not 'Munich 1938' Yet Again  by Ivan Eland
Dick Cheney, Rand Paul, and the Possibility of Malign Leaders  by Conor Friedersdorf

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Lockheed to Lose 17 F-35s Under Automatic Cuts, Pentagon Says
New York Police End Muslim Surveillance Program
House Democrat Renews Push to End Controversial 9/11 Rules of War on Terror
Privacy Fears Over FBI Facial Recognition Database
Germany's Arms Exports Turn Into Gamesmanship
Army Explores Sea-Basing Helicopters
Ukraine Says Ready to Pay Gas Debt to Russia at Lower Price
Ukraine Radical Pro-Russia Presidential Candidate Is Beaten
Separatist Actions 'Concocted' to Disrupt Ukraine Talks: Kiev Envoy
Separatists in Ukraine Pull Out of One Building, Seize Another
Ukraine Targets Russian Bank for 'Financing Terrorists'
Ukraine, Russia, and the World
Sen. McCain Mocks EU's Russia Sanctions
General and Former Defense Official Urge Nonlethal Military Aid for Ukraine
NATO Chief Accuses Russia of Deep Involvement in East Ukraine
German Firm Begins Natural Gas Deliveries to Ukraine
Britain Says Russia Has Pushed Ukraine to the Brink
Germany Urges Russia to Distance Itself From 'Unlawful' Protesters in Ukraine
Battle Over Scottish Independence Slightly Tightens in New Poll
UK Probes Claims of Islamist Plot to Take Over State-Funded Schools
Britain Picks Diplomat to Head Spy Agency at Center of Snowden Leaks
Rude Awakening for Croatia After EU Accession
EU Agrees to Work More Closely With NATO
China Angered by US Environment Chief's Visit to Taiwan
China Denies Naval Snub for Japan Over Fleet Review
China's President Xi Urges Greater Military Use of Space
Afghan Deputy Minister Kidnapped in Kabul
Muslim Rebels to Philippine Military: Exercise Caution to Uphold Peace Deal
UN Warns Nepal Against Amnesty for Civil War Crimes
Sri Lanka Says Canada Holds Commonwealth to Ransom
Venezuela's Opposition Resumes Talks With Government Amid Rising Doubts Over Prospects
30 Venezuelan Officers Arrested Over Plot to Oust Maduro
Bolivia's Morales Files Hague Documents in Sea Access Claim Against Chile
Iraq Kurds Dig Trench on Syria Border to Block Militants
Mortars Kill 1 Child, Wound Dozens in Damascus
Syria 'Torture' Photos Shown to UN Security Council
Saudi Arabia: Reported Poison Gas Use by Syria Is Challenge to World
Albanian Arrested for Alleged Syria Recruitment
Mafia Port in Italy Will Host Transfer of Syria's Chemical Weapons
Rouhani Says Iran Sanctions Will Unravel in Months
Iran Escalates Dispute Over UN Envoy
Iran Considers Ban on Vasectomies in Drive to Boost Birthrate
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Intel Chief Prince Bandar Is Out, but Is He Really Out?
Saudi Arabia Denies Lieberman's Claim of Secret Diplomacy
Concerned for Stability, Saudi Arabia Tightens Curbs on Dissent
Middle East
55 Killed, 44 Wounded Across Iraq as Abu Ghraib Prison Is Shut Down
Suspected Militants Kill Deputy Governor in Central Yemen: Officials
Lebanon: Hundreds Turn Out for Funeral of Slain Al-Manar Journalists
Bombs Wound Three Policemen in Cairo
Sissi Clears Final Step to Run for Egypt's Presidency
Libya: Gunmen Abduct Jordanian Ambassador
Libya to Export First Oil Since Rebel Deal
Nigeria: 'Attackers Abduct 100 Schoolgirls'
Minister: Death Toll Rises to 75 in Nigerian Bus Station Blast
Nigeria Vows to Protect May 'African Davos' in Bomb-Hit Capital
South Sudan Conflict: Pro-Machar Forces 'Seize' Bentiu
Sudan Says No Political Meetings Without Permission
UN Should Halt Arms Shipments Via Ivory Coast After China Breach: Panel
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Russia in Crimea: Not 'Munich 1938' Yet Again

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