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Updated April 23, 2014 - 11:15 PM EDT
Hamas, Fatah, PLO to Form Unity Govt
NYT Retracts 'Russians in Ukraine' Photo Scoop
  US Sending 600 Ground Troops to Eastern Europe
  Ruling Party Politician Found Slain in East Ukraine
  Ukraine President Vows New Offensive Against East
  Biden Slams Russia, Says US Will Never Recognize Crimea Annexation
  East Ukraine Mayor: US Reporter Being Held as 'Guest'
US Navy SEALs Kill al-Qaeda Suspect in Yemen
  US Drones Killed Scores, Now Yemen Scrambles to ID 'Suspects'
  Drone Strikes Came Despite Yemen's Hopes to Limit Them
86% of Syria's Chemical Arsenal Destroyed
Ten Years Later: Questions Still Surround Pat Tillman's Death
9/11 Prosecutor Asks for More Time Over FBI Spying Claims
South Sudan Rebels Deny Killing Hundreds of Civilians
Creation of a Border Security State  by Todd Miller
An Inadequate Defense Budget?  by Winslow T. Wheeler
US Foreign Policy Should Focus on Protecting Americans, Not Reassuring Friends and Allies  by Doug Bandow
John Kerry, Clueless Buffoon  by Justin Raimondo
Not a Munich Moment  by Ron Maxwell
Israeli Leaders Smear Even Peaceful Efforts for a Palestinian State  by Ivan Eland

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Letter: Why I Won't Re-Enlist
US High Court Justice Gives Gitmo Inmates Opening
North Korea Shows Signs of Planning Nuclear Test
Cuban-American Leaders Helped 'Cuban Twitter'
Scottish Leader Says Independence Could Benefit Northern England
Syrian Rebels Make Last Stand for Homs
Syrian Rebels Again Charge Assad Regime With Using Chlorine Gas
UN Chief to Syria: Please Don't Hold Elections
Arab League Criticizes Syrian Election Plan
France to Unveil Plan to Fight Syrian Jihadist Threat
Europe Keeps Wary Eye on Jihadists Traveling to Fight in Syria
'Almost One Million' Syrian Refugees in Turkey
Red Cross 'Appalled' by Rising Violence in Syria's Aleppo
German Rapper Turned Islamist Militant Killed in Suicide Attack
First PLO Delegation Since 2007 War Heads to Gaza for Palestinian Unity Talks
IDF to Send 'Voluntary Draft Notices' to Christian Arabs
Abbas Renews Threat to Dissolve Palestinian Authority if Peace Talks Fail
Firefighters Beaten by Settlers in Beit El
'Israel to Ease Entry of Palestinian-Americans'
Lieberman: No Chance Bennett's Party Will Leave Coalition
Home Front Minister Resigns, Urges Netanyahu to Shut Ministry for Good
Bennett to Abbas: 'If You're Going to Shoot, Then Shoot – Don't Talk'
Uniformed Gunmen Attack Polling Center in Iraq; 29 Killed, 61 Wounded
Militants Attack Balloting Center in Iraq, Kill 10
Iraqi Parliament Candidate Khazali Fought in Syrian Civil War
US Government Unveils an Iraqi Request to Buy 24 Apache Helicopters
Attacks Kill Four Yemeni Officers in Two Days
Yemen Jails Qaeda Man for Plotting General's Murder
Middle East
Iran Protests at UN Committee on Envoy Ban as US Stands Ground
Lebanon Sends Aid to Cut-Off Village Near Syria
Turkey's PM Erdogan Warns Against May Day Protests in Taksim Square
Egypt: Al-Jazeera Trial Shown Video Evidence
Russia Said Set to Sell Its Top Fighter Jets to Egypt
Mexico Arrests 46 Criminals Posing as Vigilantes
Cuba May Revive Paris Club Debt Negotiations
500 Bolivian Soldiers on Strike Over Dead End Jobs
Violence Erupts in Rio Slum Near Olympic Venues
At Funeral, Expressions of Grief and Anger Toward Kiev Officials
Ukraine Says Military Aircraft Hit by Gunfire
Swastikas Sprayed on Rabbi's Tomb in Central Ukraine

In Ukraine's East, Mayor Held Hostage by Insurgent

OSCE Mediator Says Talks With Donetsk Separatists 'Constructive'
Global Ukraine Fallout
NATO Minesweepers Set Off on Baltic Deployment
Belarus Leader Fears for Nation's Security After Ukraine Crisis
Ukraine Crisis Prompts Sweden to Boost Arms Budget
Ukraine's Leading Presidential Candidate Visited Israel in Secret, Asked for Public Support
German Minister Urges China to Help Solve Ukraine Crisis
UK Says World Needs to Cut Dependence on Russian Gas, Calls for G7 Action
'Russian Facebook' Founder Flees Country After Being Pushed Out
Russia PM Says Certain Can Minimize Sanctions Impact
Crimea Tatars Say Leader Banned by Russia From Returning
Putin Calls for Improved Russian Military Infrastructure in Arctic
Afghan Campaign Worker Shot Dead Outside His Home
Despite Joy Over Vote in Afghan District, Reports of Fraud
82nd Airborne Brigade Plays Waiting Game in Afghanistan
Nine Killed in Attacks in Pakistan's Volatile Northwest
Pakistan Is Asked to Shut Down News Channel
German Reporter Target of Possible Attack in Pakistan
India's Modi Slams Anti-Muslim Remarks, Ally Remains Defiant
Filipinos Saw China Blocking Fishermen From Shoal
Obama, Abe Under Pressure to Salvage Signature Pacific Trade Pact
'Piles and Piles' of Bodies in South Sudan Slaughter
Nigerian Christians Begin Three-Day Fast After Schoolgirls Kidnapped
Islamists Kill Second Somali Lawmaker, Threaten More Attacks
Uganda Says Islamist Rebel Leader Has Fled Eastern Congo
Mali Militants Say French Hostage Gilberto Rodrigues Leal 'is Dead'
US Military
Army General Disciplined Over Mishandling of Sexual-Assault Case in Japan
Navy to Award Contract for Marine One Helicopter Despite Previous Failure
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Justin Raimondo
John Kerry, Clueless Buffoon

Ivan Eland
Israeli Leaders Smear Even Peaceful Palestinian Efforts for a State

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American Spring

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Targeting Iran

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Brother Karzai Leaves Election, Joins Another Ticket

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Rand’s Stand

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

Charles V. Peña
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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