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Updated May 1, 2014 - 10:29 PM EDT
Poll: Americans Want Less US Interventionism
  Philippines: US Obligated to Back Our Claims Militarily
  General: Sequestration Would Cut Half of Army Combat Brigades
  A Half-Trillion Places to Find Defense Cuts
Ukraine Says Troops 'Helpless' Against Protests
  Ukraine on 'Full Combat Alert' Against Russia
  Kerry Claims Secret Proof of Russian Involvement in Ukraine
  Germany, Japan Say G7 Won't Waiver on Further Russian Sanctions
Rebels Crucify 2 Syrians, 5 Others Executed
  Syria Air Strike Hits Aleppo School, Killing 25
Afghan Troops Kill 60 Militants on Pakistan Border
  Opium: The Other Failed US War in Afghanistan
  How 'Deluge' of US Military Spending Fed Corruption in Afghanistan
Iraq Vote Sets Stage for Another Sectarian Battle
USAID Contractors Profiled Cuban 'Twitter' Users
UK Spy Chiefs Secretly Begged to Play in NSA's Data Pools
China: 3 Killed, 79 Injured in Xinjiang Railway Attack
Paul Ryan's Phony Budget – Taxes Today for Promises Tomorrow  by Jon Basil Utley
Kerry 'Apartheid' Controversy Shows Limits on Debate Over Israel  by Paul Waldman
The War Party Playing With Putin's Fire in Eastern Ukraine!  by Pater Tenebrarum
The Death Penalty Is as Flawed and Heartless as War  by Lucy Steigerwald
The Snowden Saga: Shadowland of Secrets & Light  by Suzanna Andrews, Bryan Burrough, Sarah Ellison
John Kerry Walks Up to the Truth  by Scott McConnell

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US Warns of 'Evolved,' Decentralized al-Qaeda
White House Sued by Vets Over Military Sexual Assault
Email Suggests White House Strategy on Benghazi
Jordan Opens Desert Camp for Syrian Refugees
Protest Over Drones Draws Big Crowd in Syracuse, NY
Policy Blunders Put US Tech Companies at Disadvantage
Fighting the NSA
Spy Court Hears First Anti-NSA Argument
California Senate Panel Passes Bill to Pull Plug on NSA Spying, 5-0
New NSA Chief Michael Rogers: Agency Has Lost Americans' Trust
Pentagon Says Director and No. 2 at Defense Intel Agency Retiring
Compendium of the Released NSA Spying Documents
Guardian Guide to NSA Releases
US Report: 'Price Tag' Attacks Spread Into Israel, Go Unpunished
Netanyahu: We'll Use Shin Bet to Catch 'Price Taggers'
Hamas: Our Gaza Forces Won't Take Orders From Abbas
Israeli Official: Kerry's Apartheid Comment Calls US Role as Honest Broker Into Question
West Bank Hamas Rally Tests New Palestinian Unity Pact
Lapid: We Won't Quit Coalition Even if Livni Does
Israeli Settlers Storm Al-Aqsa Mosque
IDF, Shin Bet Thwart West Bank Terror Cell Planning Attacks Against Israelis
Six Powers Meet in Brussels to Fine-Tune Iran Talks Strategy
China 'Resolutely Opposes' US Sanctions on Missile Parts Supplier
Iran Wants 400 New Planes by 2025 if Sanctions End
Search Is on for Successor to Syria Peace Mediator Brahimi
Humanitarian Aid Situation in Syria Deteriorating, UN Warns
26 Killed, 45 Wounded Under Heavy Security as Iraqis Go to Polls
Kurds Keep One Eye on Iraqi Elections, Another on Local Polls
5 Soldiers Injured in Ambush in East Lebanon
Lebanese Presidential Vote Delayed as Deputies Boycott
Yemeni Army Kills 5 al-Qaeda Leaders in Shabwa
Yemen Says Arrests Cell Planning to Kidnap UAE Diplomat
US Military Aid to Egypt in Doubt Over Mass Death Sentences
Egypt Islamist Leader Critical of Being Sentenced to Death
South Sudan
South Sudan Sides 'Recruit 9,000 Children to Fight'
Famine Fears in South Sudan; but Leaders Unconcerned
Leaders' Personal Power Struggle Destroying South Sudan: UN Rights Chief
EU Peacekeepers Take Charge at Central African Republic Airport, Violence Rages
Senegal's Casamance MFDC Rebels Declare a Ceasefire
Donetsk Referendum Wording Mentions Neither Ukraine nor Russia
Ukraine Says Military on Full Alert for Possible Russian Attack
Russia Voices Concern Over 'Militaristic Statements' From Kiev
Russia Says Not Retaliating Against Western Sanctions for Now
Ukraine Army Probes Slovyansk Defences
Putin Threat to Retaliate for Sanctions Carries Risks
Putin 'Walks the Walk' Over Ukraine but Not as Obama Wants
Ukraine PM Suggests Possible Government Reshuffle in Near Future
Ukraine, Russia, and the World
Danish Warplanes Land in Estonia Amid Ukraine Crisis
Little Love for Sanctions: Ukraine Crisis a Tightrope Walk for German Businesses
Biden: Russia Can't Alter Europe Borders by Force
UK Drives Hunt for Ukraine's Missing Billions
US Tells Ally Bahrain 'Not the Time' to Do Business With Russia
Putin, Cameron Agree 'Peaceful Means' Only Way Out of Ukraine Crisis: Kremlin
Sinn Féin Leader Gerry Adams Held Over Jean Mcconville Murder
Spain Court Rejects Extradition of Franco-Era Policeman
US General: Corruption Is Top Threat in Afghanistan
India Turns to Russia to Help Supply Arms to Afghan Forces
2 Fort Drum Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan
Pakistan Bomb: Rivals Kill Five Taliban in Waziristan
Journalists Under Siege From Threats, Violence and Killings
Power Restored to Pakistan PM Office in Bills Crackdown
An Uneasy Inheritance of India's Political Dynasty
Indian Kashmir Protesters Try to Block Vote, One Killed
China President Urges 'Decisive Actions' After Xinjiang Attack
Chinese Activist Xu Wanping Freed Amid Clampdown
China to Conduct Naval Drills With Russia in East China Sea
Philippine Military Clashes With Rebels Leave 15 Dead
Thailand to Hold Fresh Election on 20 July
Brunei Introduces Tough Islamic Penal Code
The War at Home
Despite Pentagon Spending Cap, Projects Such as Growler Jet Get Another Chance at Funding
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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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