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Updated May 2, 2014 - 11:28 PM EDT
Odessa: 46 Killed as Ukraine Protests Spread West
  Many Killed as Ukraine Invades Protest City of Slovyansk
  Putin Urges Ukraine to Withdraw Troops From Protest Region
  Ukraine Brings Back Conscription, Eying War With Protesters
  Russia Urges Ukraine Talks With Protesters Under OSCE
  Injunction Prohibits Air Force Purchases Violating Russia Sanctions
  IMF: East Ukraine Protests Imperil Bailout
Violence Still Rising: 2,034 Killed in Iraq in April
  Iraq PM Demands 'Unity' Behind Him After Vote
  In Iraq and Syria, a Resurgence of Foreign Suicide Bombers
33 Killed, Scores Wounded in North Syria Strike
  US Accuses Syria of 'Stalling' on Chemical Disarmament
Poll: Americans Want Less US Interventionism
Defying US, Tech Firms Alert Users to Data Demands
Showdown at the Foreign Policy Corral  by Justin Raimondo
It's Not Russia That's Pushed Ukraine to the Brink of War  by Seumas Milne
From Havana to Kiev: The US State Department as a Covert Operative  by Howard Friel
The Philanthropic Superpower  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Dirt on Our Hands in Ukraine  by Michael Shank & Daniel L. Davis
Palestinian Unity: Hope and Gloom in the Beach Refugee Camp  by Ramzy Baroud

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Reform Movement May Bolt Presidents Conf. in Wake of J Street Rejection
30 Retired Generals Want Torture Report Declassified
Kerry Calls for More Troops for South Sudan
Israel's Drone Dealers
Fighting the NSA
US and Germany Fail to Reach a Deal on Spying
FISA 2013: 1,655 Surveillance Requests, 0 Rejected
Germany Blocks Edward Snowden From Testifying in Person in NSA Inquiry
South Carolina House Votes to Ban Warrantless Cellphone Tracking, 89-17
Snowden Draws Standing Ovation at 'Truth-Telling' Awards Ceremony
US Military
Pentagon Sees Surge in Reports of Sexual Assault Among Service Members
Cost of Pentagon Weapons Systems Up a Half Trillion Dollars; Delays of More Than Two Years
Why Pentagon Is Spending So Unbelievably Much on the F-35
Lawmakers to DoD: Finish Investigation of F-22 Whistle-Blowers
As Afghanistan War Winds Down, Defense Contractors Face Layoffs, Pay Cuts
General: Military Should've Tried to Rescue Benghazi Americans
Before Ink Dries on Army Rules, Soldiers Rush to Get Tattoos
Iraqi Govt Releases April Casualty Figures As 32 More Iraqis Killed
Maliki's Confidence in Getting a Third Term May Be Premature
Arab Refugees in Kurdistan Defy Maliki With Their Ballots
Al-Maliki Calls Vote 'Slap' to Terrorism
Beautiful Photos Show How Iraq's Army Sees the Country's Most Dangerous Province
Iraq's Displaced Voters in Kurdistan
Hamas-Fatah Truce to Kick Off With Reciprocal Prisoner Release
Kerry Says He'll Pause, Reassess After Israeli-Palestinian Peace Bid
Netanyahu Wants to Define Israel as Jewish State in Law
PLO Official: Netanyahu Using Jewish State Law to Bury Peace
Minister Fires Back at US Over 'Price Tag' Allegations
Israeli Military Officials Caught Off Guard by a 'Digital Rebellion'
White House Says It Has 'Wide Range of Options' if Iran Talks Fail
Russia Hopeful on Iran Nuclear Agreement
Iran Raps US Report Keeping It on Terror List
Politics, Markets Complicate Rouhani's Rescue of Iran Economy
Activists Say Clashes Near Syrian Capital Kill 14
Bashar Al-Assad to Run for Third Term in Civil War
Middle East
Military Says Yemen Offensive Kills 25 Militants
Turkish Protesters Defy May Day Ban; Dozens Detained
Saudis Find 26 More Cases of MERS, Egypt Reports First Case
US Report Praises GCC Countries for Anti-Terrorism Cooperation
Putin Demands That Ukraine Pull Its Troops From Southeast
Pro-Russians Seize Donetsk Prosecutor's Office
Ukraine Detains Russian Military Attaché for Spying
Russia Calls Ukraine PM's Unity Poll Proposal a 'Sham'
Eastern Ukrainian Miners Yearn for Russia, Bygone Soviet Era
Ukraine, Russia, and the World
White House: Putin's Military Request 'Preposterous'
Ukraine Bailout of $17 Billion Approved by IMF Who Warns Reforms Are at Risk
Factbox: Ukraine Wins IMF Deal; Faces $9 Billion in Debt Payments This Year
Russia Suggests Trampolines to Launch Astronauts
NATO Allies Take Over Baltic Mission From US Air Force
Russia's First Shipment of Arctic Oil to Europe Arrives in Netherlands
Russia Stages First Red Square May Day Parade Since Soviet Days
Britain/Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland Rocked by Gerry Adams Arrest Over 1972 Killing
UK Slips Down Global Press Freedom List Due to Snowden Leaks Response
Taliban Suicide Car Bomb Kills 13 in Afghanistan
US General: Corruption, Not Taliban, the Worst Threat to Afghanistan
Pentagon Praises Indian Developmental Assistance in Afghanistan
Pakistan Army Chief Calls Kashmir 'Jugular Vein of Pakistan'
Barbed Wires, Check Posts, and the Kashmir Vote
Twin Blasts Hit India Express Train
Pakistani Taliban: War and Talks Cannot Go Together
China Blames Religious Extremists for Station Bombing
Bomb Attack in Nigeria Capital Kills at Least 16
US Offers to Help Nigeria in Hunt for Abducted Girls
Nigerians Hold Second Day of Protests Over Mass Abductions
Nigeria Film Encounters Roadblock in Nigeria
Al-Qaeda Claims Responsibility for Deadly Algeria Ambush
UN Official: We 'Failed' Central African Republic
Islamist Group Condemns Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Death Sentences
Cuba Calls Terrorism Designation by US Absurd, Manipulative
Mexico Votes to Allow Civilian Trials for Soldiers
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The Kiev Gambit

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Brother Karzai Leaves Election, Joins Another Ticket

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

Charles V. Peña
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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