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Updated May 6, 2014 - 11:18 PM EDT
Dueling NSA 'Reform' Bills Move Forward in House
  House Panel Set to Gut 'USA Freedom Act'
Ukraine Govt: 30 'Terrorists' Killed in Slovyansk
  Ukraine Sends Special Forces to Patrol Odessa
  Reports of British Troops, US Guns Fuel Speculation in East Ukraine
  Helicopter Downed, 12 Killed in Renewed Slovyansk Fighting
  Behind the Masks in Ukraine, Many Faces of Rebellion
US Envoy: No Evidence Russia Involved in Odessa
  Another New York Times 'Sort of' Retraction on Ukraine
Rand Paul Puts Hold on Nominee Over Drone War
  What Happened to CIA Torture Report? Senate in the Dark Too
US to Sanction Both Sides in South Sudan Fighting
Reprimand of Israeli Soldier for Abuse Outrages Hawks
US Recognizes Syrian Rebel Faction as 'Foreign Mission'
The Drone War's Secrets and Lies  by Steve Chapman
Containment Revival's Strategic Shortcomings  by James Carden
Michael Hayden's Unwitting Case Against Secret Surveillance  by Conor Friedersdorf
Is Obama Wrong on Ukraine?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Don't Let the Torturer Play Censor  by Noa Yachot
Beware of Aid Agencies Bearing Gifts  by Linda S. Heard

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Dien Bien Phu: Did the US Offer France an A-Bomb?
NATO's Record 6,000-Strong Drills Kick Off in Estonia
Moldova Puts Borders on Alert Amid Ukraine Unrest
Romanian Navy Conducts Black Sea Drills
Minnesota House Votes to Ban Warrantless Cellphone Tracking, 120-0
Syria Clashes Kill 21 Rebels in Aleppo Province
Obama Administration Offers $27 Million in Additional Help for Syrian Rebels
Report: Syria Expects to Receive First Batch of Fighter Jets From Russia
Is an Address in Highgate North London at the Heart of Syria's Chemical-Weapons Trade?
Turkey Builds Wall in Token Effort to Secure Border With Syria
Iran Moves to Meet May 15 Deadline in UN Nuclear Deal
China Aims to Boost Military Relations With Iran
Hassan Rouhani Clashes With Iranian Conservatives Over Nuclear Talks
Inakba: New Interactive App Documents Destroyed Palestinian Villages
Hamas Official: Unity Deal Forbids Security Cooperation With Israel
Hamas Releases 6 Fatah Prisoners as Part of Unity Deal
Israel Police Arrest Seven Minors Over Hate Attacks
Iraq Forces Focus of Attacks That Leave 36 Dead, 46 Wounded
Low Anbar Voter Turnout Stokes Iraq Suspicion
Al-Qaeda Gunmen Kill French EU Worker in Yemen, Officials Say
Pakistan Forces Kill 10 Separatist Militants in Baluchistan
Pakistan's Hindus, Other Minorities Face Surge of Violence
Lack of Orderly Means to Distribute Aid Is Latest Setback for Afghan Village
This Is Just a Test: Philippines, US Kick Off Major War Games in Pacific
Vietnam Arrests 2 Dissident Bloggers
China Jails Man for Leaking Military Data
The War at Home
US Govt to Study Bitcoin as Possible Terrorist Threat
DoD Personnel Costs Could Force Program Cuts
El Salvador
Salvadoran Authorities Suspect Ex-President Fled
Slavyansk Woman Killed by Sniper Fire on Her Balcony
Buses and Armed Guards: Odessa Jews Ready for Mass Evacuation
Ukraine's Right Sector Offers $10,000 for Kidnapping of British Journalist
Obama Aides Tell Executives to Skip Russia-Hosted Forum
Condemning Kiev 'Neo-Nazis' and West, Russia Details Abuses
Ukrainian Military Helicopter Shot Down Over Rebel-Controlled Eastern Town of Slaviansk
Kerch Bridge to Crimea May Become Russia's Link to the East
Gazprom Says Gas Flows to Europe Via Ukraine Remain Stable
Arrests of Nigerian Protesters Reported After Meeting About Kidnapped Girls
US 'Outrage' as Calls Grow to Help Rescue Nigeria Schoolgirls
Cameroon/Cent. African Rep.
At Least One Killed in Suspected Boko Haram Attack in Cameroon
Cameroon Frees 18 Hostages Seized by Central African Republic Rebels
MSF Halts Most Central African Republic Work as Government Fails to Condemn Killings
South Sudan Army and Rebels Battle Over Northern Oil Town
US Doctor: Sudan Dropped 11 Bombs Near Hospital
Sudanese Police Fire Tear Gas at Student Protesters
South Sudan Govt, Rebels Agree to Consider 'Month of Tranquility'
DR Congo
Soldiers Acquit 13 in Congo Mass Rapes
Two Soldiers Jailed for Life Over Congo Mass Rape Case
North Africa
US Signs New Lease to Keep Strategic Military Installation in the Horn of Africa
Libya Confirms Businessman as New Premier After Chaotic Vote
Egypt's Sisi Says Muslim Brotherhood Is Finished
Armed 'Civilians' Fight Venezuela Protesters
Venezuela Violated Rights of Protesters: Rights Group
Venezuela, Panama to Relaunch Diplomatic Ties
Support for Venezuela's Maduro Drops to 37 Percent
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