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Updated May 9, 2014 - 11:26 PM EDT
Ukraine Forces Destroy Police Station in East
  Eastern Ukraine Locks Down as Civil War Looms
  In Visit to Crimea, Putin Hails Annexation
  Eastern Ukraine to Hold Sunday Referendum as Planned
  Mediators Push Peace Talks on Ukraine, But Deal Unlikely
  Putin Keeps Russians, West Guessing With Ukraine Shift
  In Odessa, Home-Grown Combatants Keep Pro-Russia Forces in Check
Syria Military Reclaims Last of Rebel City of Homs
  Syrian Rebels Destroy Aleppo Hotel Full of Soldiers, Killing 50
  UN: Last of Syria's Chemicals 'Inaccessible' Because of Fighting
Israeli Ex-Atomic Chief: Iran 10 Years From Nukes
  Rouhani Move Over Whatsapp Ban Reveals Iran Power Struggle
National Guard's NASCAR Deal Leads to No Recruits
  Ignoring Testimony, Pentagon Insists It Is 'Firmly Behind' Budget Cuts
CIA's Afghan Pullback Criticized by Military Commanders
Pakistan: Fake Vaccination Program Caused Polio Outbreak
Bombers Return to Baghdad; 78 Killed, 100 Wounded
Walter Jones Repels a War Party Attack  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Peace Between Unequal Parties  by Andrew J. Bacevich
Former Israeli Nuclear Head: No Iran Bomb for Ten Years – if They Even Want It  by Trita Parsi
The War Party Makes a Comeback  by Justin Raimondo
Yugoslavia's Lessons Learned  by Nebojsa Malic
How Not to 'Bring Back Our Girls'  by Margaret Kimberly

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Keith Alexander Unplugged
by Glenn Greenwald
The Creeping Expansion of the Border Patrol
US Voices 'Concerns' at Sale of French Warships to Russia
France to 'Deploy Troops' to Fight Sahara Militants
House Approves Benghazi Select Committee
MPs: Snowden Files Are 'Embarrassing Indictment' of British Spying Oversight
Federalists Seize City Council in Ukraine's Donetsk Region
Mediators Press on With Peace Plan as Ukraine Tensions Soar
EU Lays Groundwork for Sanctions on Russian Companies
Poroshenko: 'No Negotiations With Protesters'
Kiev Jews Set Up Self-Defense Unit to Combat Anti-Semitism
Unidentified Assailants Attempt to Seize Crossing Point on Russian-Ukrainian Border
Ukrainians Surveyed Want Country to Remain Whole: Pew Report
Ukrainian Presidential Hopeful, Touring Washington, Says Both US and Russia Inflame Crisis
US Announces More Exercises With East European Allies, Partners
Swedish PM Warns of Nationalist Surge as EU Elections Loom
UK Looks to Allow Women in Frontline Combat Roles
Attacks Kill 10 Pakistani Troops; Missile Tested
Pakistan Bails FBI Agent Detained With Ammunition and Knives in Move to Defuse Tension
One Shot Dead in China's Troubled Xinjiang After Attack on Police
China Blames Vietnam for Sea Collisions, but Calls for Talks
China Journalist Gao Yu Detained in Tiananmen Lead-Up
South Korea Has 'Smoking Gun' Proof North Sent Drones
US Criticizes Racist North Korean Screed Against Obama
Homes Set on Fire, Militants Flee to Bhutan After Assam Massacre: Police
Private Deployed to Afghanistan Dies From Noncombat-Related Illness
Burma Deports Australian Reporter Covering Protests
US Military
Navy Pays 1 Cent to Scrap Ex-Carrier Saratoga
Experts Worry F-35 Stealth Fighter May Not Work as Advertised
Lou Gehrig's Disease Takes Toll on Vets
House Committee Votes to Keep Troop Pay Raises, Benefits
New Names Etched on Vietnam Wall
US Accuses Israel of 'Alarming, Even Terrifying' Levels of Spying
Rights Groups Urge Palestinians to Join International Criminal Court
IDF Facing Budget Disaster; Ya'alon: 'The Money Is Gone'
Rice Warns Against Moves Obstructing Resumption of Talks
Anti-Christian Slogans Alarm Church Before Pope's Holy Land Visit
Israeli Radar Ready to Foil Hezbollah's Non-Existant Navy
Lebanon Deports Palestinians Back to Syria
Lebanon Church Head's Planned Jerusalem Visit Stirs Controversy
Bombers Return to Baghdad; 78 Killed, 100 Wounded
Chilcot Inquiry Into Iraq War Will Not Be 'Very Kind' to Tony Blair
Middle East
Al-Qaeda Expands Influence in Syria's Southern Front
US Journalist Adam Baron Deported From Yemen
Gunmen Assassinate Eastern Libya Security Chief in Benghazi
Libya Says Committed to Rebel Deal, Hopes Two More Ports to Reopen
Residents: 50 Bodies Found in Nigeria Violence
Schoolgirl Abductions Put Scrutiny on US Terrorism Strategy
#realmendontbuygirls and the #bringbackourgirls Campaign
In a Nutshell: What Is Boko Haram?
South Sudan
UN Report Documents Atrocities by Both Sides in South Sudan
South Sudan Rebel Leader in Ethiopia for Peace Talks
Egypt's Sisi Lowers Expectations for Change
Western Ally Against al-Qaeda Faces Few Rivals in Mauritanian Poll
Policeman Shot Dead in Venezuela Protests
Venezuela Arrests Hundreds, Sparking Opposition Protest
US Democracy in Guyana Project on Hold for Talks
Colombian Peace Talks at Stake in Presidential Election
Chilean Students March to Pressure Bachelet on Promised Reforms
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The War Party Makes a Comeback

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Yugoslavia's Lessons Learned

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The Fight for Domestic News Drones

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An Economist’s Case for a Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy

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Targeting Iran

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Brother Karzai Leaves Election, Joins Another Ticket

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

Charles V. Peña
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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