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Updated May 10, 2014 - 8:43 PM EDT
Israel's Aggressive Spying in the US Hushed Up
  'An Israeli Spy Hid in Al Gore's Hotel Room'
  Israel Military Broke, Seeks Billions More From US
  End of Peace Talks Restores Calm to Israel's Ruling Party
  Israel Slams US Envoy Over Peace Talks Speech
Ukraine Troops Kill 20, Blow Up Police Station
  State Dept Blames Protesters for Getting Attacked by Ukraine Military
  Ukraine Interior Minister Demands Easterners Back Military Offensive
  Donetsk Protesters Finish Preparations for Weekend Referendum
Amnesty: Nigeria Had Warning of Kidnappings
  Nigeria President: Schoolgirls Likely Still in Forest
  Al-Qaeda Slams Boko Haram Over Schoolgirl Kidnappings
Ex-Blackwater Guard Indicted for Iraq Massacre
  43 Killed, 62 Wounded as Iraq Prepares to Assault Falluja
US Officers Kill Armed Civilians in Yemen
Docs: CIA Rendition Network Through Djibouti
USAID's Days Are Numbered in Ecuador
Obama Directive Makes Citing of Snowden Leaks Punishable
UK Soldier Posed Thumbs Up With Body in Afghanistan
The Fear-Mongering and Hysteria Over Boko Haram  by John Glaser
Bill Clinton and the Bogus Iranian Threat  by Sheldon Richman
Tony Blair Should Be Prosecuted for War Crimes – Not Just Judged by History  by Twiggy Garcia
Hanging Up on the NSA's Phone Surveillance  by Matt Kibbe
Libya Lessons Go Beyond Benghazi  by Scott McPherson
Six Mistakes the West Has Made in Ukraine  by Nicolai N. Petro

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Egypt's Sisi Turns Islam on the Islamists
FBI Wants Easier Process to Hack Suspects' Computers
South Sudan Rivals Kiir and Machar Agree Peace Deal
Belarus Won't Block Creation of Eurasian Economic Union
Ex-NSA Chief Alexander Seeks Post-Snowden 2nd Act
US Military
National Guard Admits It Never Analyzed Effectiveness of NASCAR Spending
Military Officials Raided Marine Law Offices, May Have Compromised Cases
Marine Corps Harrier Jet Crashes in Arizona Desert; Pilot Slightly Hurt
Livni: Israeli Settlements Are to Blame for Failure of Talks
Israel Slams Indyk Accusations on Peace Talks
Rice: Every $1 Spent on Israel's Security Is an Investment
Israeli Soldier to Palestinians in Hebron: We Protect Jews, Not You
Full Text of Remarks by Martin Indyk on Negotiations Breakdown
Syrian Rebel Leader Unlikely to Get Weapons Wish List From US
Syria's Presidential Elections Draw Rivals to Assad
43 Killed, 62 Wounded as Iraq Prepares to Assault Falluja
Iraq's Hakim May Become a Reluctant Kingmaker
Man in Iraqi Custody Confesses to Killing US Soldier in 2008
Iraqi Soldier Official Claims US as Home After More Than a Decade of Loyalty
Yemen's Defense Minister Escapes al-Qaeda Assassination Bid: Security Source
Four Yemeni Soldiers Killed in Gunfight With Militants Near Presidential Palace
Two French Citizens Among Militants Held in Yemen: Security Source
Yemen Expels McClatchy Contributor, Offers No Explanation for Move
New Mayor's Arrest in Turkey Underscores Continuing Kurd Persecution
Scandals Muddy Colombia Election Two Weeks Before Voting
Weekend Reviews
The Dirty History of Habeas Corpus
Manufactured Crisis: the Untold Story of the Iran Nuclear Scare
The Burden of Atrocity
Jack Bauer Was Retired, So Why Is He Back?
In Ukrainian City Under Blockade, Citizens Go to Ground, and Below
US, Ukraine Dismiss Change of Tack by Putin
Will the Donetsk Referendum Matter?
Ukraine Rebels' No-Frills Referendum Fraught With Perils
Man Held in Kiev After Small Explosion in Rucksack
Ukrainians Mark Patriotic Holiday Ahead of Separatist Referendum
Putin Says Others Should Respect Russians' Rights
Amid Tension in Ukraine, Russia Celebrates Victory Day
China Blames US for Stoking Tensions in South China Sea
China, Vietnam, Philippines Collide Amid Escalating South China Sea Tensions
Dalai Lama Urges Outside Inquiry Into Spate of Self-Immolations Among Tibetans
Meet the Monkeys Keeping Chinese Troops Safe
'Election' Massacres of Muslims Darken India Immigration Debate
In Stronghold, a Gandhi Finds the Reception Is More Skeptical Than Worshipful
US Asks Pakistan to Clear Waziristan of Terrorists Before Change in Kabul
Afghanistan's 'Forgotten' Poor Wince as Billions in Aid Go to Badlands
Protesters Descend on Thai Capital Seeking Govt's Ouster
Nigerian Kidnappers Willing to Trade More Than 300 School Girls for Jailed Comrades
UN Refugee Agency Says Thousands Fleeing Nigeria Region
Saudi Arabia's Top Cleric Says Boko Haram Smears Islam
Father: Nigerian 'Soldiers Were Not There' After Boko Haram Raid at Girls School
Nigeria: World's Largest Muslim Body Says Girls' Kidnap Un-Islamic
British, US Experts Join Nigeria Search for Girls
Interpol Offers Help in Hunt for Nigeria Girls
UN Security Council Threatens Action Over Girls Abduction
Central African Republic Rebels Choose New Leader
13 Missing Niger Migrants Found Dead in Sahara: Officials
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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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