That's the kind of dialogue conjured by a recent poll which showed that those who have no idea where Ukraine is located are the most eager for the US to intervene and "do something." It's sad, but true, and it vividly dramatizes the essential importance of's core mission, which is to educate the American people about the realities of US foreign policy and the world we live in.

Very often, people who support the War Party's latest scheme do so because they simply do not have the right information. They just don't know the geography, the history, and the context of what's happening overseas – and that's where we come in.

Each and every day we give you the real lowdown on breaking news from the front lines of our endless "war on terror" – and now the new cold war with the Russians that is the War Party's latest project. If you want to get past the propaganda, the disinformation, and the partisan noise, then you've come to the right place. We've been speaking truth to power since 1998 – but we can't continue to do it without your financial support. Please make your tax-deductible donation today – so we can stop the wars of tomorrow.
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Updated May 12, 2014 - 11:25 PM EDT
'Landslide' Victory in East Ukraine Referendum
  Ukraine's Strategy to Disrupt Vote: Open Fire on Crowds
  Ukraine Troops Seize Ballots Already Cast
Report: 400 US Mercenaries in Ukraine
  US Court Ends Ban on Purchasing Russian Rocket Engines
Al-Qaeda Seizes More Territory in Eastern Syria
  Rebels Warn: Al-Qaeda's Nusra Front May Take Syria's South
US Drone Strike Kills Six in Southeast Yemen
  8 Stories of Civilians Killed by US Drones in Yemen
  South Yemen Suicide Car Bombing Kills 11 Police, Wounds 15
  CIA Agent, Commando 'Getting a Haircut' Before Yemen Killings
Israel Ministers Pass Bill Blocking Prisoner Swaps
  Newsweek Reporter Stands by Israel Spying Allegation: Facts Are Facts
Iraq: 178 Killed as Militants and Soldiers Attack Each Other
Abdullah Gets Key Endorsements for Afghan Runoff
What Does the US Government Want in Ukraine?  by Ron Paul
Prince Andrew Praises Bahrain, Island of Torture  by Patrick Cockburn
Massive Gag Policy Imposed in Response to Snowden  by Kevin Gosztola
Ignorance: the War Party's Strength  by Justin Raimondo
True Costs of Remote Control War  by Pratap Chatterjee & Nick Turse
'We Kill People Based on Metadata'  by David Cole

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Attempts to Stay Anonymous on the Web Will Put NSA on Your Trail
UK Museum Launches Digital WWI Database
Trying to Salvage Remains of Blackwater Case
What Do Rouhani's Hard-Line Critics Want?
Iran Leader Slams West's 'Stupid' Missile Stance Before Talks
Iranian President Calls for More Open, Better-Informed Nuclear Debate
UN Nuclear Watchdog, Iran to Meet Before May 15 Deadline for Progress
Iran Detains Reformist Journalist
Iran Claims Copy of Captured US Drone Will Soon Take Test Flight
Palestinians Hint at End to Security Pact With Israel Unless Settlement Construction Stops
Lapid Says Won't Leave Government Over Peace Process Failure
IDF Reservists Warn PM: Disaster Looming Due to Lack of Training
Calls to Class Far-Right Jewish Settlers as Terrorists After Israeli Soldiers Attacked
178 Killed, 67 Wounded as Militants and Soldiers Attack Each Other
Iraq Army 'Using Barrel Bombs' in Fallujah
Militants Storm Barracks, Kill 20 Troops in Iraq
Ongoing Fighting in Iraq's Anbar Hits Businesses
Looking for Allies, Maliki's Bloc Tries for Thaw With Kurds
Americans in Yemen Shooting Were Getting Haircuts
Doctor: Al Jazeera Journalist Jailed in Egypt Close to Death
Egypt Army: Gunmen Shoot, Kill Soldier in Northern Sinai
In Cairo, Sissi Pushes Stability Over Freedom
Russian Military Delegation Leaves Egypt, Plans Joint Military Exercises for Early Next Year
Venezuela Frees Most Students Detained in Camp Raids
Kiev's Troops Roll Through East Ukraine in 'Bid to Disrupt Voting': Protesters
Governor: New Entity to Be Formed After Referendum in Ukraine's Southeast
Fatality, Injuries in Ukraine's Krasnoarmeysk as National Guards Open Fire
East Ukrainians Hold Referendums in Donetsk and Luhansk
Russian Orthodox Cleric Allegedly Denied Entry to Ukraine
Wounded Jewish Ukraine Mayor: 'I Will Return to Kharkiv'
Russian Official Delivers Petition From Moldova Region to Join Russia
Romania Demands Explanation Over Russian Threat
PM Orban Calls for Autonomy for Ethnic Hungarians Beyond Borders
Greece's Top Court Allows Far-Right Party to Contest EU Vote
British Troops Close Final Afghanistan Outpost
Never-Ending War: Thousands of Afghans Displaced Ahead of US Withdrawal
Vietnamese Protests Against China Gather Pace
Vietnam Fails to Rally Partners in China Dispute
China Waste Plant Protest in Hangzhou 'Injures Dozens'
Nigeria Abducted Girls 'Sighted', Says State Governor
Israel Offers to Help Nigeria Find Abducted Girls
South Sudan
New Fighting in South Sudan 2 Days After Ceasefire
UN Calls on South Sudan to Admit Aid Workers as Hunger Looms After Truce
Saif Al-Islam Appears Before Libya Court
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